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Thank you so very much for the favorite on Rainbow's Horn!!!! I very much appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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About "Odd One Out"

-It was originally planned to have all the mane six find Emerald, but decided that it would be better if one found her and decided on Twilight, but as you know, it was later changed to Rarity.

-I had planned for Emerald be found asleep behind a crate curled up with a cat, but decided it would be better if the cat attachment happened later.

About "Mixup in Ponyville"

-Origanally Mixup was going to encounter Fluttershy then be introduced to Discord. It was later changed to meeting Twilight, but I finally settled on Rainbow Dash.

-When I first wrote this story, Sweetie Belle, Pipsqueak, Rocky, Zavier and Dinky were the ones who disliked Mixup. I decided that Sweetie Belle leaving the CMC was a bit out of character, so I switched her and Hawk-eye's lines.

About "A Bit Buggy"

-I had planned on the reason of Rainbow's transformation being because of a Changeling attack, and for Twilight to be suspicious, but found that it was already used in the story "Smoke and Mirrors".

-I had planned on RD to bump into Pinkie Pie, but couldn't quite get the encounter to fit into place.

About "Half and Half"

-Skieflyer was origanally named Skyflier, but was changed to make it more original

-Nyx was not going to be included in this story, but my little brother begged me to

-Skieflyer's eyes were like a normal pony's when the story was first written

About NyxIsBestPony

Hi, I may seem just like a fellow fan of FiM, but really at first, I was disgusted with the animation. I had watched part 1/2 of Runaway Rainbow (Gen 3) on YouTube, but couldn't find part 2. I saw a lot of FiM and thought to myself, "What kind of animation is this?" I actually thought it was Fan-made. I search for Runaway Rainbow on Netflix, but the only MLP thing that popped up at the time was FiM. I'm like, "Fine I'll watch some of this crap, because I can't find what I want." (don't ask me about my logic, lol) Halfway through S1E1, I start thinking this is eh, but I continued watching it. Eventually, I ended up finishing both season 1 and 2. I went on YouTube to see if there was a season 3 and there was. The day after the Magical Mystery Cure aired, I watched it on YouTube, as I don't get the Hub. :applecry:

I watched each episode of season 4 the day it was put up on YouTube.

After Season 4 was done, I was sad, I was bored, so I was clicking random page on the wiki, I ended up at FiM villains. I was reading about Discord, when for no reason at at, I thought, "Nothing can stop the Smooze." I stopped reading and tried to think of what Smooze was from. (this was about 8:30 am) by dinnertime (5:30ish pm) it had driven me up the wall. I asked my mom, she recognized it, but could't remember what from. I got irritated, and finally Googled it. My reaction was a face-palm and saying, "Of course..." The Smooze was a Gen 1 villain. I searched up the movie, watched it, and at times, even remembered what happened next. I do believe we had borrowed the movie from the library when I was about four. (I watched the movie about May 23, 2014, I was four in 2004, so about 10 years in between the times I watched it.)

In my spare time, I like to sing, draw (mostly MLP and cats, but I doodle random things sometimes), read (mostly Warriors and FiMfiction), watch MLP (mostly G1 at the moment, brings back memories. Even though when I was younger the modern generation was G3, lol), write fanfics, and write poetry.

The ideas and characters in my stories are inspired by many, PenStroke among them, great writers and their stories. Also, I am more of a night-owl, so when I can't sleep and can't think of more to add to my stories, I do my own version of brainstorming. I actually find it easier to come up with ideas [and characters] and write stories after I act them out (quite literally XD) I really don't think while doing this, I just act and the ideas just come. If I act out an idea, but think it doesn't fit, I keep it in mind, but don't use it right then. I also am inspired by dreams I have (If I can remember enough.)

Some might call me psychic, most call me weird, but the dreams that I remember completely, more often then not, in a way come true.(sometimes I don't remember the dream, and I remember it when it comes true. At these times, It is exactly what happend in the dream.) Usually not in the way I expect and almost never happen exactly like in the dream, but often do in some way come true. Only twice has a dream I completely remember happened in real life exactly like the dream. I won't go into detail, but if your interested, message me and can tell you a bit about some.


I have had many dreams that in a way came true, if you ask about them, I may ramble. If you do not wish to read a whole, mile-long, explanation of the dreams and how they came true, ask to hear about (at most) 4.