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The bearded teddy bear

Tall, broad shoulders, short dark hair, or no hair, light skin, a bearded mountain man to be frank. That or a teddy bear. :3

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Welp... restart i guess. · 12:27am Jun 3rd, 2016

For those who might feel they need this information.

My computer has taken a pretty hard hit as of late, and i've lost a lot of material. So i'm kinda forced to start a good deal of things all over again, which annoys me and will add even more time to my already pretty long production time of the squeal to the Soft love fic.

Don't feel down, I am planing to release it... just... It's gonna be a while... A long while. Since there are a lot of other factors i have to deal with.

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here is my rule : follow me, and you gain a follower


Well I am a infrequent poster, and shorter chapters means i can poste a little more frequent. Though that is something i regret and am working on improving, getting a schedul down with work and writing is a bit of a balancing act. But I'm glad you wanted more, I'll take that as a compliment and I'll see if i can't make them a bit longer. :scootangel:

Thank you again, and i wish you a good day my good sir or mam.

what intrested me about von is the concept and the first chapter was good but it could be longer (thachapters)

Comment posted by Orudios deleted Oct 19th, 2014

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