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Derpys Muffin Dealer

So Ya want a buy some muffins ...I Grantee you'll come back for more

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Hello creatures from far and wide
At Muffins' muffin emporium
We have muffins of all types , shapes and sizes
So come on down
First one is Always free


Name : Ebon Heinkel
Age : 32
Occupation : robotics engineer , astronomer, philosopher, writer, baker
Hobbies : restorations of antiques , automotive and motorcycle racing

USNC CLASSIFIED Spartan file 084

Spartan file: Ebon-084
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Subject 084 of
developed by RKD,
year 2536,
UNSC Ordnance Committee authorized testing of prototype -200 gravity matrix
shadow camoflage matrix.
Designated construct Prototype Eva 02 modified copy version of consrtuct Cortana 01
Spartan shows unique ability to duel wield energy swords without difficulty
Consrtuct has managed to keep Subject 084's humanity intact
Subject 084 has advanced piloting skill not seen since testing of subject 117

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It's 35$, to be exact.

And to this day, he still hasn't paid me...

I hear you can't be trusted, laddie.
Stealing from others ain't no way to be.
And now you have left FIMFiction judging by your offline time.
One day you will wrong the one person and it might turn really bad for you.

Reaaaaaalllly bad.

You have the best fimfic name

Well, I guess you've proven me right: you are a thief.

You know, on a site like this were people make friends with other like minded individuals and everyone is essentially faceless, a person's word is everything. And you, well you've proven that yours are worthless. It's clear that you never had the intention of paying me for my work and I was a fool to ever think otherwise.

You had me spend considerable time and effort, all in the hopes of earning some money that I could really use, and wasted it. I could have been working on my other stories that I try to provide my followers with, but instead, you had me work on yours with nothing to show for it. And worst of all, you, Derpys Muffin Dealer, in one foul action, made me lose faith in this community. And for that, that I cannot forgive.

Here's hoping that you don't make a habit of stealing from other writers and artists.

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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