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Icy the Charmander

You can only move forward. Forget about the past, and then the pain from yesterday will drop, like dew from the leaves. :heart:


Well, not much to say. I'm an every day Captain Falcon/Guile main in my two favorite fighting games ever, Smash and Street fighter, I kick MAJOR tail with them both, and I'm going to call myself a man of many passions. I believe that fate rules over free will, and I've got plenty of reasons to believe this. I'm typically open and honest, and I don't let things that bother me fly. I don't like lying because of how much of it has happened to me in the past, I've grown fond of quite a few ponies on this site and have no intention of leaving them, however, I'll be rather slow to respond here at times, honestly.

Bluntly, I don't like the site much, but you know who you are and I love you all, so guess what? I gotta sit tight and love it here for you. <3 Anyways, my favorite color is dark, royal purple. After that comes black. I know right? Edgy as heck. Anyways, my favorite food is of the Greek variety. I hate messy food. So...lots, pretty much all American. I like a good burger though, only if it's small and not messy...hmm, what else...

I'm a big music man, I love A7X and a few other bands of the sort, I also like EDM a lot and my favorite music producer is and will forever be Virtual Riot. That guy...love him. I always enjoy his works, I haven't not enjoyed them. Highly recommend him if you like EDM at all. Even if you don't as well. He's just that good. ^3^ Anyways, moving on, I play the harp, I have two of them, both Parisian. I named them Rachel and Jenny. Jenny is an 8-Stringer, so she's teeny weeny. <3 Rachel is a decent sized 22-String. I wish I could afford a big, full-size one. If I could, I'd get a silver grand pedal harp. I also play the piano. I named my piano Mahogany. She's beautiful dark brown.

My favorite ponies go as listed: 1. Chrysalis (IKR EDGY EMO LOL NICE MEME) 2. Celestia. (I adore Celestia. I won't tell you why unless I trust you with my life.) 3. RaRa. 4. Rarity 5. Cadence 6. Pinkie. Those are my top six.

Anyways, moving onward. I play a few fighting games, I have to watch others because I am not very wealthy. These include Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Blazblu, Tekken, MvC, and Killer Instinct. I'd totally main Sub-Zero in MK, though. Cause Icy. <3 But I also wouldn't, because from what I've been able to play so far, I love Reptile's play style. Uh, I would love to play Smash 4 or SFV with anyone here, if you're able and brave enough to face me, my Captain Falcon is a vicious disrespect machine, so, be careful...also, my Guile is an iron wall, so you better be careful if you've got Street Fighter Five and want to challenge me. I also play Nash, but...I haven't played as him in a while. I'm pretty alright as him though. Enough about my position in the FGC.

I am dating The Lovely Goddess, Vanilla Mocha, and I love her endlessly. Nothing will shake this from me. No matter what I lose, no matter who rips what from me, I'll always have her love, no matter what. Through Hazel's absence, through the abuse I've been put through by others on here, through the admitted abuse I gave back, through anything positive, negative, thick or thin. Through cold, through dark, through burning hot, and beaming bright. I believe that this mare that I have linked you is my destined partner for all my life. I cannot shake such feelings I have given myself, nor would I ever want to. I love my Coffee Mare. <3 While I'm all mushy and passionate, I'd also like to talk about just one other pony. Hazel Bell, my adored best friend, I think of you the same exact way. But not as my star-crossed lover, as my destined partner, in the sense of friendship. Through terrible times, depression, crippling self and life-hatred, self harm...even though you're gone and have been for a while, I can't and never will forget you. Even if you come to hate me at some point. No matter what I did to you, no matter how badly some problems boiled...no matter how bad or cruel I could have ever looked....I loved you. You are my little sister. We have more in common than anyone could have thought. I have laughed and cried and bled with you. Nobody will ever replace you no matter how you feel about me. There are many a situation I wish I could have removed from our past...our fights, our separations...but that, in turn, grew us. We came back. Other family of mine have not. I in no way can blame them, but you did, and it meant the world. You were my iron wall. Nopony else then could have stood in front of me and said: Don't jump, Icy. Don't you fucking jump. Nobody else would have worked. The odds of us meeting were one in over a million. And guess what? We did. It's God's work, truly. And it's remarkable. How He saved one life by using another, tying binds so strong that they could be worth more than millions of dollars, years of happiness, and life alike. Such ties and bonds are what keep me going and keep my passion LIT. And that is what I am. A man of passion. The candle burns because of you. Mocha will keep me burning now that you're gone Hazel...I'll never go out! I'll protect this life you worked so hard, shed so many tears to save!!! I'll never forget you, I swear it on my life, I swear it on my everything, on everything sacred to me! You have my word, Hazel...

I'm running out of things to talk about. So let me just explain a few simple things quickly. My favorite sport is Chess, my favorite kinds of movies are horror, my favorite kinds of games are obviously fighting, but when I'm not playing them, I love character-heavy, story based games like the almightily beautiful Fire Emblem series. My favorite console is the PS2 or the Xbox 360. Too many memories. My absolute favorite game of all time is The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. But I love all games in the trilogy so much. I am part of the TLoS fandom as well, we're a dying race. I have a bunch of OC's. I think I shall give them their own little section in a few days as well.

The name Icy the Charmander comes from a long time ago. I can't even tell you how old I was. My first competitive Smash game required you to have a competitive title, something to call you. Everyone chose cool names, so I chose the coolest thing my young mind could think of. "Icy the Charmander" came to my head almost immediately. I've gone by that, "Scythea", or "Catlana" online for a long time. You will rarely see me as anything else.

I got into MLP some six years ago, and, well...here's to many more! Being a brony is awesome! Sure, we're the epicenter of cringe, but I don't care! I love the show. I love the community for the joy it's brought me with Hazel and Mocha and everyone else I need not mention for a personal reason that fills fear in my heart to have their names heeded on my page. I love ponies, they're so cute and charming. I don't know how you would find them sexy like some do, but...good on you! Find the positive where it exists, if you will. <3 I don't give cloppers crap, but I am not one and I can't understand why it's a thing. Just do you. :) Let nobody's envious gaze infiltrate your heart, be who YOU want to be. The world is yours, and it will be what you make of it, each of us has our place, and each of us can make a difference big enough to change the world. <3 With that, I close. I really do talk too much for an edgy introvert, but I'm okay with that.

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Comment posted by Hoops deleted Dec 19th, 2017

“You can only move forward. Forget about the past, and then the pain from yesterday will drop, like dew from the leaves.” I like that. <3 I like that a lot.

Happy Valentine's Day~ :heart:

Happy New Year's :heart: I'm so excited to take the next step in my life with you. I love you so much... *Squeezes tightly and kisses*

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