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I periodically check this. Don’t like ponies anymore, I think it's weird as fuck I used to like that shit

These gif's show all my phases. I'll label them one day.


Alright. It's time I address this · 10:45pm Dec 9th, 2018

I am leaving this site. I'm never really active anymore and all my friends have already done the same. I am not really into ponies anymore, I've grown up. It's been 3 years since I started this adventure, it's time for me to finish it. Plus, I am very busy. Busier than I used to be. I have really changed, physically and mentally. I'm glad to have made such good friends here, and while I still may be active from time to time, I doubt I will ever write much ever again. I also went from being

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hey man, i'm aware we weren't ever directly acquainted if my memory's correct, but we did both know the user gotrootbeer/r-ootie and i have some shit i wanna ask in regards to the guy. not sure if you remember him at all, fine if you dont, but if you do, would it be possible for me to get your discord tag if youre still using it? i know neither of us use this site anymore but yknow. totally fine if not im just looking for closure on things

I miss u Hoops :duck:

Lol, I gotcha.

Been trying to write something original and using comments on my fics as motivation. 🤓

Yes! I am extremely happy and satisfied with everything that has happened in my life. I just don't ever come on here, unless I want to cringe at my old fanfictions, haha.

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