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I periodically check this. Don’t like ponies anymore, I think it's weird as fuck I used to like that shit


Thorax decides to stay in Ponyville for a bit longer, to really spend a good amount of time with Spike. They agreed to meet in the map room.

Spike should never had agreed.

Takes place after the events of Triple Threat.

Read by Bringiton6611

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I like it. Funny, random, and from what we learned of Thorax in the last episode, fits well I would say. Sure might be the 1am type of stuff, but for me, that can often be the stuff I like better.:twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for reading this. I can express how happy I am people are actually liking this story xD

You're welcome!:pinkiehappy: And I know the feeling, posting something you are not sure about, then everypony seeming to love it, is a Wonderful feeling!


Thorax shouldn't shut up. He has a dead sexy voice.

Very random story. Random is good! So feel free to continue, and such :rainbowdetermined2:

I prolly will make a sequel!

A good story. I'm really liking the fics that are diving into discussion for this episode. Spike manage to at least get in some advice once he wasn't be overwhelmed. Poor Thorax, his rant was great.

Twilight shutting Spike out like that felt kind of random as she's never really minded before.

You'll se why. I'm prolly going to make a sequel

Thorax Senpai~


Thats a lot of notifications

Yeah LOL, that's what the cutest changeling in Equestria gets! XD ;)

Your story has been accepted into the Good Grammar Directory.

Congratulations! :twilightsmile:

The ending was funny. Not bad for 1AM.
Just one question for you.

"Yeah yeah. Renegade changeling group. You told me a couple days ag-"

Is the name of the group Renegade, or Renegade Changeling Group?

In the episode, Thorax calls them "a Renegade changeling group" that doesn't listen to him.

In that case then Renegade should be in lowercase since its not the name of a group, but a description of a group. Woul you agree?


Edit: It's the beginning of a sentence.

So I have no idea what I should do! I just want someone to be telling me what to do! I need a leader... But that's not how it works."

You, my friend, don't need a leader, you need a dominatrix.

Erm... Okay?

Don't mind me, I was just in the mind for a dirty joke.^^
You are one of the few who seem to have seen how Thorax not getting to the point already and babbling and babbling made Spike's problem very much worse during the episode.

Yeah. I guess. I wrote the the day of a solar eclipse, at like 1 AM.

I am still surprised this did so well.

I love the story, and you'll have to change your profile pic soon. StarSwirl is going to be featured in the season finale this weekend! XD :D I'm excited! :heart::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

You don't really HAVE to, it's just that Starswirl looks different in the official trailer for the season finale than your profile pic, but you can leave t as it is, it was just a suggestion! ;)

Is that a female changeling with Thorax on your cute profile pic, or is that a genderbend of Thorax?

It’s Pharynx and Thorax.

Oh, XD! Oops, I'm assuming genders again LOL! Where did you get the profile pic from? It's cute! :'3


I loved the story and how Thorax kept on interrupting tbh I didn’t laugh but if I was in a good mood I would be laughing all the way through the story. You’ve done good writing this early in the morning this story wasn’t horrible at all!

Nice new pic! Now I can see it's the changeling bros!

LOL. He has to TELL the changelings to mate? They must not be very interested in...mating. I guess that explains the small amount of baby changelings.

So he tells them to either eat or have sex. Okay then.

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