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I'm sorry... · 5:21pm Jan 18th, 2017

But I have decided that I shall not be continuing "The Zerg of Equestria" do too not having either the writing skill, or the time to write anymore. In about a year or two I'm heading off to Collage, so I have been studying hard for the last things here, which has taken all the time I have for writing my own stories.

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Your favorite of Shattered Souls is the fire that will keep me warm in the dark winter!

You have added A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake to your favorites! I thank you for this bright spot of my day!

Ty for the shelve-spot:twilightsmile:

Ok cool for both tho i will admit avatar was just a cool image from google so props to who made it

I recognize that avatar, and yes it is.

so i would say zerge of equastria is on hold for a few years as you do collage

2436584 I'm sorry to say, but "Droids of War" never proceded past the planning stage, therefore, it does not exist.

hey marsara where's your droids of war displaced fic or fan fic?

Where did all the filly blood on the black marked go? I have a big ritual planed and I really need it and it is not cheap. And if I take to long the Royal Guard will take me in for this.

  • Viewing 116 - 125 of 125
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