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Dying Livion

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🐮+🔪 = CowChop

2433522 Thanks... They're what I spend most of my time on...
I love art, though I don't think I'm great at what I do...

2433509 Hey, I looked at your artwork, and they're amazingly awesome!!

2433507 Hey, at least the other half is free!!:pinkiesad2: So yay!:yay:

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My Quotes · 12:47am Mar 6th, 2016

"Ice and fire make the world go round
Two different elements of two different genders
One burns with a heart and passion
The other cools with love and compassion
When they combine they form a new element
One that will last until the end of time"

"Insanity take over your body
You have nothing left
But it good to enjoy it
Once you enter it
There is no light
To bring you out
Except the light
In your heart"

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