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A small 'fan group' to this disturbing trilogy of creep pasta's involving an abandoned Disney resort, an elchrich Mickey costume, strange park patrons with 'Disney gas-masks', kids with "blank faces", and a dark conspiracy that haunts Disney. After watching two dramatic reading in the series and reading the prequel on my own, I am tripping balls.

That's why I'm breaking this group, so that we may study these stories and find out what is going on. What how "Does Room Zero" relate to Moglies Place. What deminc force as Disney set into motion. Who are the no face kids?

Since this is a creepy pasta, I know that alot of these questions were intentionally unanswered to add to the fear, but my mind won't rest until I know what the hell happened.

For those don't know about this story about it, here's a link to the the original. Abandoned By Disney

For those of you who are feeling adventurous, look up MrCreepyPasta's readings of ABD and Room Zero. Find the prequel if you can called A Few Suggestions.

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