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Pretty much a writer of almost anything. Lover of RariDash and background ponies. Patreon.

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Favorite Ponies

1) Rainbow Dash/Spitfire/Rarity/Twilight Sparkle/Windy Whistles
2) Fleetfoot/Sunset Shimmer/Night Glider/Starlight Glimmer/Twilight Velvet
3) Lightning Dust/Sonata Dusk/Daring Do/Berry Punch/Stormy Flare
4) Fluttershy/Lyra/Cloudy Quartz
5) Trixie/Maud
6) Vinyl/Bon Bon
7) Octavia/Chrysalis
8) Colgate/Limestone
9) Cloudchaser/Flitter
10) Raindrops/Marble


Lunar Republic/ Princess Luna
Solar Empire/ Princess Celestia
Magictatorship/ Twilight Sparkle
Lovelist/ Princess Cadence
Loyalist/ Rainbow Dash
Charitable Empire/ Rarity
Fluffy Kingdom/ Fluttershy
Party Palace/ Pinkie Pie
Honest Capital/ Applejack
Changeling Horde/ Queen Chrysalis
Molesting Harem/ Princess Molestia
Moon Republic/ Nightmare Moon
Troll Bridge/ Princess Trollestia

These are some kingdoms that a friend and I made that included the two that already existed.


Update · 12:21am December 8th

Just a quick update for anyone interested.

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I plan to have at least 1 update to come out before my next semester starts.

Not going to lie I'm hoping once all is said and done you'll come back and do some more Fleeting Flames. But in the meantime, good luck with your exams and such! :twilightsmile:

I have no idea what this is for, but I'll take the cookie.

Thanks for hopping on board the Crazy Train, Duelist.

  • Viewing 544 - 548 of 548
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