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Pretty much a writer of almost anything. Lover of RariDash and background ponies. Patreon.

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Favorite Ponies

1) Rainbow Dash/Spitfire/Rarity/Twilight Sparkle/Windy Whistles
2) Fleetfoot/Sunset Shimmer/Night Glider/Starlight Glimmer/Twilight Velvet
3) Lightning Dust/Sonata Dusk/Daring Do/Berry Punch/Stormy Flare
4) Fluttershy/Lyra/Cloudy Quartz
5) Trixie/Maud/Chrysalis
6) Vinyl/Bon Bon
7) Octavia/Chrysalis
8) Colgate/Limestone
9) Cloudchaser/Flitter
10) Raindrops/Marble


Lunar Republic/ Princess Luna
Solar Empire/ Princess Celestia
Magictatorship/ Twilight Sparkle
Lovelist/ Princess Cadence
Loyalist/ Rainbow Dash
Charitable Empire/ Rarity
Fluffy Kingdom/ Fluttershy
Party Palace/ Pinkie Pie
Honest Capital/ Applejack
Changeling Horde/ Queen Chrysalis
Molesting Harem/ Princess Molestia
Moon Republic/ Nightmare Moon
Troll Bridge/ Princess Trollestia

These are some kingdoms that a friend and I made that included the two that already existed.


Update · 4:34pm March 7th

So pretty much this is a quick update as I wait for my next class to begin. I haven't done much in terms of writing, a few personal things getting in the way (namely depression and then having to put down my dog), but other than that, I've stayed focused on school. Although, Spring Break is about to begin, so during that time I will get some writing done and hopefully get 1 of 2 things posted while on break. The 2nd thing would be dependent on how quickly the story can be edited. That's pretty

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Well hi there, thanks for the follow

I'll try, but I sometimes have to make other things a priority.

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