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Pretty much a writer of almost anything. Lover of RariDash and background ponies.

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Favorite Ponies

1) Rainbow Dash/Spitfire/Rarity/Twilight Sparkle/Windy Whistles
2) Fleetfoot/Sunset Shimmer/Night Glider/Starlight Glimmer/Twilight Velvet
3) Lightning Dust/Sonata Dusk/Daring Do/Berry Punch/Stormy Flare
4) Fluttershy/Lyra/Cloudy Quartz
5) Trixie/Maud
6) Vinyl/Bon Bon
7) Octavia/Chrysalis
8) Colgate/Limestone
9) Cloudchaser/Flitter
10) Raindrops/Marble


Lunar Republic/ Princess Luna
Solar Empire/ Princess Celestia
Magictatorship/ Twilight Sparkle
Lovelist/ Princess Cadence
Loyalist/ Rainbow Dash
Charitable Empire/ Rarity
Fluffy Kingdom/ Fluttershy
Party Palace/ Pinkie Pie
Honest Capital/ Applejack
Changeling Horde/ Queen Chrysalis
Molesting Harem/ Princess Molestia
Moon Republic/ Nightmare Moon
Troll Bridge/ Princess Trollestia

These are some kingdoms that a friend and I made that included the two that already existed.


Signal Boost and Update · 7:30pm October 16th

So firstly, to start off, I'm going to post a couple of links and then explain them after the break.

1) Movie Night Blog Post

2) Movie Night Group

3) Clopficsinthecomments

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Hey man, just recently came back to the site after a 4 year break. Since I missed your ‘retirement’ from writing I just wanted to say thanks for the quality stories.

Honestly thought I did a long time ago, but since I didn't, I had to fix that.

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

I'm sorry, but I don't take requests and I have also stepped down from the writing scene.

  • Viewing 554 - 558 of 558
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