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Writer of many kinks. And if you like futa, whooooo boy are you in for a treat. http://www.patreon.com/Drace

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Barcast Appearance: Saturday 12/4 at 7 PM CST - Call for questions! · 3:25am Dec 3rd, 2021

Hi everyone!

This is a little on the short notice side, but on Saturday I'll be appearing on the Barcast to answer user-provided questions. They can be anything from questions about the smut writing job, what I've observed engaging in fandom for nearly four damn decades, or even just random dirty questions about which EQG is the most cumblastable. (It's Sci-Twilight because of the glasses.)

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Can you write a story set in your everybody's best friend is twilight sparkle about how trixie became fluttershy's submissive?

Really love your fics, Drace, and am always looking forward to more. :twilightsmile: Though I do wish you'd finish crossposting all of the pony and Equestria Girls stories between this site and AO3 - for example, "Principal Celestia's Stable" and "A Little Dash Will Do" are really behind on AO3 compared to here.

On a related note, I expect that due to individual story length, you'd have to create an "anthology" fic here for the relevant chapters from your "Flash Fiction Fuckings" and "Chip Fics" collections, but that's no problem.

Also, for the ongoing stories where characters get pregnant, do you have names planned for the babies yet?

What are your commission prices?

Hey there! I really liked your works but I saw that Canterlot High's Cool New Nurse has not been updated yet and has only one chapter. But after reading it, my mind was buzzing with ideas in terms of expanding it. So do you mind if I use it for my second work of art? (Don't worry, I won't copy your first chapter and do one on my own, though it may take a while since it will be my very first porn related story.)

Please reply to this soon, okay?

A question for you, driven purely by curiosity: what is it about futa that appeals to you? (I would like to stress there's no judgment meant.)

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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