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I'm an erotic writer that's been on the scene for several years now. Happy to write all gender pairings, and I deal in many kinks. And if you're a fan of futa, whoo boy are you in for a treat!

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Important Notice if you follow me on tumblr! · 6:17pm 6 days ago

As some of you may know, tumblr is killing all NSFW on December 17th in a profoundly stupid move.

If you're one of my tumblr followers, PLEASE follow me on Twitter. Moving forward it's going to be the closest thing I have to a feed to let you know about new stories across the various platforms. I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to give me a follow!

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Hi there! Glad you like my work. :) And I hadn't even noticed, but that's awesome! Now it's only gonna make waiting for it to happen super long, hehe.

Hi there! Wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your stories and also give out an early congratulation seeing as you soon will pass the 1,000 Follower mark. I hope to read many more of your beautiful smutty stories in the future! :yay:

I would pay, if i had any money.

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