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A Week of the Girls! · 5:25pm Dec 11th, 2018

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that as part of my December Debauchery plan, this week we're doing all Equestria Girls stories! A new story every day, starting yesterday with a fresh chapter of A Little Dash Will Do. This'll run until Sunday, so buckle in and get ready to see what those sloots at CHS get up to!

And make sure to follow me on my brand spanking new Twitter!

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One other question:
Do you solely do commissions, or could I send a fic idea that could eventually be incorporated into a later one?

I pretty much know the answer already, but I figured I'd ask it anyway.

That's fine! Everyone has their own budget for this kind of thing. Thanks for inquiring!

...That is honestly a lot more than I was expecting

$120 for a 3k, $200 for a 5k.

I frequently run character specific sales that takes it to $90 for a 3k. Keep an eye on my Twitter. :)

  • Viewing 157 - 161 of 161
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