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I write Hopepunk stories (the opposite of grimdark), the world has felt too dark, too cynical, too jaded. Time to bring some light and hope into this world and make it all seem less bleak


Reason for no update · 3:50pm Apr 13th, 2016

Hey everyone, as you might have noticed the story is back on Hiatus. The reason why is for a few things.

First thing is Writer's block as per usual, but I was starting to work past it. For about a week or so I had been doing really good about writing at least 300 words per day, I was on a roll and was starting to work my way up from there to even more words per day.

Then the second thing happened...

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Thanks so much for favoriting "I Feel Beautiful"! :pinkiehappy:

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I hope you continue to enjoy it as I release new chapters.

Hiya, thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Good to see the Courtship Rituals pair on that list too :pinkiehappy:

Also it's really nice to see your bit below about Princess Celestia, she's often overlooked but I think she's wonderful.

Thanks for deciding to fav Dealing in Harmony :heart:

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Princess Celestia Love

I have seen that Princess Celestia doesn't really get as much love as Princess Luna in the brony/pegasister community, in which there is nothing wrong with that, in all honesty I am part of that group in which i hold more love for Luna than I do for Celestia, but I still feel we should show some appreciation for our beloved Sun Princess, for 1000 years she had to be alone and deal with all the pain and grief of not being near her sister only partially dulled by the fact that she had her kingdom to rule and her kingdom to love her, but also keep in mind while she was never far from her ponies she was still Alone, that is why I always feel so offended when I see videos of her being called a Troll 'cause of sending her sister to the Moon, I digress from the point of the reason I wanted to write this though, I wanted to share with you a song I am right now listening that to me speaks a lot about how Celestia feels about her sending her sister to the Moon.. I hope you enjoy

Princess Luna Love

I made one of these for Celestia, so I thought, why not make one for Luna too -giggles-. We've known her from the ending of the first episode in season one and she never really made another appearance until the Nightmare Night, but it seems in-between those 2 episodes, she gained an incredibly large Fan-base. Which only grew bigger and stronger after Nightmare Night.

In all this fandom though, it begs the questions. What caused Nightmare Moon? Was it some seperate entity that possessed her and increased her anger and rage to the point where she wasn't herself anymore? or perhaps it was her own mind that created the persona Nightmare Moon as a sort of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) to help her with the emotions that sprung up from all the ponies of equestria shunning night? Was it an over-night thing, or was it something that was gradual that built up more and more until it just boiled over? Was the War of the Sun and Moon a long and tiring battle? or was it only a Day long battle between two Goddesses and just called a War since it was a dramatic turn of events. Did Luna even try to show the other ponies the splendor of her night or did she just sequestor herself in her room moping about how they don't love her night? and so many, many more questions.

I would tell you my own speculations on what happened on that day, but then you would either just blindly agree or disagree with me with bias in your eyes, so I ask you to think hard on these questions and many more and make your own decisions on why Luna did what she did. You can keep this answer to yourself or you can tell it to everyone you meet when the subject is brought up, or you can do what I'm doing and make a post on your page or a blog post.

Oh and before I forget here is a song you might enjoy, its also from PonyPhonic and I believe it very nicely shows the "Gradual build to the endless night" side of the story. Hope you enjoy

The Relationship between Luna and Celetia

I've made one for Celestia and I've made one for Luna, so i'm going to make one for them both and their relationship.

I've seen the fandom with the relationship between the two sisters. They range from simple sisterly love to complete and utter clop-fic debauchery. Both of which are fine, I don't judge if you are into Lunestia pairing (mainly 'cause sometimes they are just so cuuuute together but i digress). The point of this post is not their CURRENT relationship, but what their relationship between each other was during their childhood, and during their reign up until the point of Celestia having to banish her sister to the moon.

Now this is fully speculation on my part, so keep in mind this is NOT Canon in any way shape or form (Unless the writers of the show agree with me and actually make it Canon, if so /)^3^(\ )

When they were but foals Celestia and Luna were the greatest of friends and best sisters. They did what any other child would do and just explore their world to their hearts content. At some point in time they met a Tiny draconequis (however you spell that word) named Discord and this was well before Discord ever had any crazy loco problems, for years on end they had fun until something happened... but that is for another time when Discord gets his own post.

Fast forward into the future, and Celestia and Luna are new to the throne, Discord was turned to stone not even a week ago and they have just been crowned Princesses of Equestria, and things are putting a big strain upon their relationship. Celestia, being the elder of the two, has been taking on the bigger workload of paperwork and politics so Luna wouldn't have to do so much, things are stressful but not overly Complicated, as time went on things mellowed out as they solidified control over their doman that is Equestria. But things were not all well in with the citizens of Equestria when it came to the two princesses, While the epic clash between the sisters against Discord is now but a distant memory. The stories of the creatures that came out during the night has been passed down from those who survived Discord, making those who heard these stories wary of the night, and as time went on and people forgot all about Discord causing these evil creatures to come out at night, they shifted the blame slightly to Luna and her Night. So whenever she would try to see why the ponies didn't love her night she would always be met with closed doors and windows or if some unlucky pony was out at night, with the sight of a pony running away in fear of her. While in the Daytime they would be out frolicking and laughing without a care in the world. Now Luna could handle these things, she doesn't need her subjects to love her, as long as she had her Sister loving her she would be content with that... but sadly Celestia was too wrapped up in the politics and work of being Princess to properly notice her Sister, and just kept pushing her away. The final straw was when Luna made one of her best night skys yet, and when she went to show Celestia... All she did was say "its just the night sky"... and thus began Luna's descent into anger and darkness, as Nightmare Moon was born that night inside her mind.

And that, my dear little ponies.is my fanon of the relationship between Luna and Celestia, from Foalhood to the day in which Nightmare Moon was born.

I hope you enjoyed my unintentional storytime, I honestly did not mean to do so in the least, it just... kinda popped on out ^^;