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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."—William Shakespeare.

This story is about the latter. Alan Williams, a man trying to take a peaceful camping trip, finds himself in Equestria. Forcing to accept the idea that the show he has watched is not, in fact, fictional has taken a massive toll on his brain, torn as he is between the awesomeness of the situation as well as it's absurdity. What's worse, it seems he is not the first human to be teleported to Equestria, and now he has some big shoes to fill.

Greatness follows.

[...]To those just finding this 'un, ya found genuine gem. Keep your heads inside the respective chapter-comments. Watch out for spoilers. Buckle your seatbelt, fillies and gentlecolts. It's gonna be a wild ride.--Runcible Spoon

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Book 1 of the Harmony for All Trilogy

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Very nice, I'll be following this.

Thank you, the chance of someone seeing this through is appreciated.

Interesting, and managed to avoid several of the most common "roll your eyes at the cliche" er... cliches. Celestia seemed pretty in character, and she's a hard gal to pin down. Definately worth a look. I shall be following this with interest. Do try not to screw things up. :twilightsmile:

Gonna try, no pressure though, just trying to reinvent an overused story plot is all.

awesome! Nice to see someone who doesn't make the character go fanboy for being somewhere he likes. Definitely going to be following this! Also, please don't follow the whole "Humans are bastards" cliche. I've seen it one too many times and I'm absolutely sick and tired of all of the misanthropy.


Well, as for that one, we do tend to be jerks, however I am going to do my best to make sure Alan behaves himself.

All I ask is that you give BOTH sides of the equation. We do tend to be jerks I will admit, but we also can have a heart of gold.

If you need help with it, I'd be more than happy to offer it.
So, no misanthropy!
Besides, you have to admit, it's stupid to hate on what you are and say you're the exception.


Well then I guess it helps that I know I'm an idiot.

I'm not saying you're an idiot, I'm saying that it makes no sense to hate what you are and say that you're the only one that's good. Mostly everyone is just neutral and capable of both extremes of their moral compass. I'm a nice guy, but when you fuck with either my friends or anyone I love, than I'm going to want to beat the person senseless!


I wasn't saying you were saying I'm an idiot.
I'm saying I'm an idiot. Seriously. I can be a total moron.

...okay I'm confused. Explain how you're a moron.


I will, however, I think we should move this to the realm of PMs, lest my comment section becomes a war zone when everyone decides to add their two cents.

Prepare the anti-comment guns men!

My exact reaction to finding out about King arthur:


That was a pretty good idea dude!


I aim to please, and to do that, I need to shock.

I get the impression that the ponies, Celestia in particular, expect Alan to be well versed in medieval combat techniques, such as the usage of a sword. The fact that they keep calling him "Sir" Alan is a bit concerning; they seem to already presume that Earth has not changed much since the days of Arthur.

I can just picture it:

Celesita: Here's your armor, sword, and shield! :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Alan: ... So... what am I supposed to do with this? *clumsy shenannigans ensue*

damn my poor eyesight! i thought it said "greek and a camper" thinking this waqs a super speacial awesome percy jackson crossover:applecry:


I wasn't too impressed with Percy Jackson, but a Greek Myths crossover would definitely be cool.

:facehoof: chapter name is misspelled.

891479 :pinkiegasp: "NO! Not the Chapter name!"

Pinkie, stay in the story. Noted and fixed. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

good chapter btw nice w/vinyl :rainbowlaugh:

All hail commander pinkie pie!

Wow, you went where no one has ever dared travel: the mind of Pinkie. Wow, I just...wow.... I really love how you portray her deeper psyche. She is all kinds of deeper levels of awesome than Hasbro lets on. Thank you for the deep moment she shares with Alan! Not too sad, not too sappy, not too introspective. And with just the right amount of d'aaawwww and Hug. That part of this chapter is what really got me the most. Kinda makes me think of Pierrot the sad Clown or the meaning behind the tragic crying clown.

"laugh, clown, so the crowd will cheer!
Turn your distress and tears into jest,
your pain and sobbing into a funny face – Ah!

Laugh, clown,
at your broken love!
Laugh at the grief that poisons your heart!"



Thank you, Pinkie has always fasnitanted me like in just such a way, as such, I felt that I had to do her justice. Thanks for reading so far!

Well this story has been a lotta fun so far.

Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Hm...It makes sense that Fluttershy would be the first to admit that maybe a species that can eat meat, and has been doing it forever, isn't quite a complete monster for killing a non-sentien/sapient animal for food. As she does take care of some carnivorous animals.

I like this.

Well, now that was a really good chapter. Enough changes in the episode to include him but still left enough in there for Fluttershy to still grow as a pony. Clear, descriptive, and kept my attention and entertaining. Thank you very much for another really good chapter. It also kept making me go d'aaaww at Fluttershy the whole time too. I still look forward to many more chapters.


Oh, thank heaven...Honestly I felt that this chapter would have been a disaster, it felt rushed among a few other things, glad to know it was entertaining.

Bleh, this story still does not have enough thumbs up for the quality of writing. Good chapter, I'd have a hard time not messing things up with foreknowledge myself. I suppose there's plenty of time for that though, what with butterfly wings and hurricanes (wait, aren't both of those things Fluttershy?) I'm guessing the timeline is going to slowly get more dissimilar from canon as Alan keeps making more minor changes? I'm looking forward to it.
On that note, are you going to use the episode "it's about time" for one of your chapters? That could be amusing, and fits in to this line of thought.


That was actually the whole point of the first part of the story.

And no, we won't actually be seeing too many season two episdoes, due to "SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER" so it's about time won't actually show up.

I liked the eagle's POV. It was pretty funny.:rainbowlaugh:

F.inaly I. R.elish S.itting T.hrough
this fanfic:trollestia:

Man I can't wait to see how Alan handles the likes of Discord and Chrysalis.

i hope he doesn't tell them its in the library


Alan hasn't seen season 2, at all, he doesn't know about either of them.

damn that wud have been awesome to see the look on discords and chrysalis's faces XD

1018183damn that wud have been awesome to see the look on discords and chrysalis's faces XD

No Discord showed up at the last two episodes of season 1.:derpytongue2:


Those were the first two of season two.

Dang it! You almost make me angry at Hasbro. I'm all like: "Why isn't the show like this?!" When ever I next see that episode, I'm gunna have a hard time trying to keep myself from looking at the background for an awesome dressed human. Now where can I go to get a big leather duster too?!

Oh and for the rest of you wondering about that song, lookie what I found:

Marty Robbins - Big Iron

Bravo, my good man. Arthur got around back in the day, huh? I wonder what else he influenced in pony history. Will Diamond Dogs have boogie man stories about him, or maybe he led a war against the Griffons. Griffons seem like the kind of people he would fight. The only two in the series so far have been a jerk and French. I'm not sure which one is worse.:duck:

Epic French Burn.

Yeah, he did have lead war against griffins, and also Ligers (Just because I thought, let's put another hybrid animal in there) It's mentioned in one of the earlier chapters, Remember Arthur's horn?

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