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Revised as of 06/06/2013
Felix Jackson died saving a little girl from a train. Fortunately, it wasn't his time to go and Death was just about to send him back. But Felix pulls a fast one and tricks Death into sending him to Equestria. And Death is none to pleased about this. It's tough enough to avoid death on earth; but when you're the only human in a world of miniature technicolor ponies, hiding becomes all but impossible.

Revision editing done by HoovesMcCoy, AuthorGenesis, and Anonymous

Pre-reading done by Hortense, Wazaga, Fantoche the 13th, Sallythemanatee, and munomana.

Chapters (8)
Comments ( 437 )

I've cheated death before!:ajsmug:

859080 me too all I had to do was beat him in a game of limbo and now he is my best friend

Who would have known death is a brony. Now i feel a bit better when i die :pinkiesad2:

But anyways, the main character is hilarious, death was hilarious, the story its self is hilarious, so god sir, keep it up :pinkiehappy:

Dear Felix Jackson,
- FlowerGirl3765

Hey if you had to handle all the deaths of multiple dimensions you would definitely pick favorites. XD

Excellent story. Kinda reminds me of Final Destination.
Nice reference to Don't Fear The Reaper.

HA! Someone got the band reference! Excellent my good man.

Oh wow this is actually very hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait my man! I though hope that it isn't final destination like. With threats at every turn. :flutterrage:


So far it's excellent :pinkiehappy:

Favourited and liked.

“Whaaaaat? Sorry I can’t here you over all the fucks that I give.”
That immediately reminded me of both of these memes...

was it worth it, living a life time in equestria, the price being eternal torment when you die? oh hell yes it was totally worth that shit.

FUUUUUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Great chapter there dude and or dudete keep it up!!!


Please update this as fast as you can. I'm enjoying it greatly.

Omg finally! Ive been waiting forever for this to update! Keep up teh good workz:pinkiehappy:

sounds like accidentally dieing was worth it:scootangel:

Lol. I just found this story now. This is awesome.

It's like... Yu Yu Hakusho meets Final Destination, with a side order of Bill and Ted... only with ponies too. What could be better?

... I'm just waiting for him to get overeager, and come across as a bipedal Molestia with no magic or inhibitions. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowkiss:

Found a typo:
...The way Death refused to use contractions was starting to get to me.
“Well everyone sees my office a little differently, its usually a representation of the persons soul...."
Its, in this case is a contraction between it and is.


Man, this is some final destination crap we got here. Hopefully it won't end so predictably.:trixieshiftright:

I like the cartoony elements you kept though, keep it up.

HA! I love that interpretation of events! Good point sir.

DOH. Thank you for pointing that out, I have fixed it now. ^^

Well this isn't Hades actually, Death in this story is moreso a modern interpretation of the grim-reaper. Cloak, scythe, snark, the usual.

make it so that when he finaly berfriends a pony he chokes on some stupid food then turn this story in to yuyu hakusho

You also had another mistake.

'The current was quite strong and I found myself moving more to the side then to the shore'

If i'm reading this correctly, you're saying that you went to the side, more than you did to the shore. If you did, then that would mean that you meant to say than, not then.

I forgive you though, as not only is that one of the most common grammatical mistakes in the entire english language, i also didn't see any other spelling, grammer, or punctual errors.

I also liked this read. Keep it up :twilightblush:

Ha! Screw you, Death! Felix (that is his name, right?): 2 Death: 0

Good chapter. My favorite by far ! :pinkiehappy:

lol poor death he just got flipped a bird by a mortal

inb4 subtle Yusuke Urameshii cameo.

I was amazed at what I was watching; it was like if National Geographic teamed up with the Sci Fi channel to deliver a mythical version of Deadliest Warrior.

That was the greatest line ever.

Awesome story bro. :rainbowkiss:

I love it.

Seriously, I want to see that now.
Manticore Vs. Dire Wolves, Eastern Dragon Vs. Western Dragon, Kracken Vs. Megalodon, T-Rex vs Sphynix, Medusa Vs The Bull of Heaven...

Okay, about the actual story: Really intrested, our leading man is reacting in a pretty helariusly realistic manner. Also getting a huge kick out of the Final Destination feel of Death trying to get him back. Will be looking forward to this continuing, especially since he doesn't operate on cartoon physics, so getting tackled by (say) :rainbowdetermined2: could kill him, and Death is kinda out to get him...


Actually, I can't help but feel it was less Deadliest Warrior and more Jurassic Park :)

I like this, but i have to wonder... shall Felix ever meet ponies?

When I read the last line of the previous chapter, I knew that this was going to happen :fluttercry:


wouldnt rather it any other way

I knew that was going to happen when the accident came. Poor Felix... Poor Sophie... :ajsleepy:



Anyway, this story has an interesting execution - Death reminds me of the way he's portrayed on Family Guy.

Have a fave, good sir.

Why would you do this :fluttercry:

You are an evil, evil author that makes me cry.

Poor guy. I hope someday he cheats Death enough to get his sis back.

I lol'd way too hard at the Bohemian Rhapsody reference you snuck in there

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