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'What is it about humans that urges them seek out so many endeavors in order to feed their desires? Greed, power, family, friends, philosophy, knowledge; infinite goals and infinite reasons behind them. Whoever or whatever created these beings are either cunning; to create self motivating creatures that will constantly push the limits of what's possible, or downright cruel; never truly allowing them to feel true fulfillment or satisfaction. The point is humans were created with a void, a missing piece left intentionally empty never to be filled, an undying hunger.'

A bit grim right? The names Rodney, and in case you're wondering, this is the story of my life. A life of Magic, Gods, and regrettably, Ponies. Yeah, freakin-multi-techno-collored-goody-ponies.
But it's not all bad really, got way healthier with a more green diet. Though the lack of meat can be painful at times, that one landed me in less than desired situations. I get to screw with innocent ponies on a regular basis. Didn't kill myself or everyone else with me either. So not a bad deal really, even ended up retiring as teacher.

Teen for language and some adult themes.
This takes place before season 3.

HIATUS: Currently at a programmer's boot camp. Will be done late June 2015.

AN: If you can see past my cruddy writing skills there's plenty to tickle your funny bones, I hope. First attempt at writing a fic.

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interesting thus far

Didn't read the story but I did read the description. You said your healthier by not eating meat that's false meat is healthy for humans it IS part of our diet.

You know that "Aliens" pic? Yea... only vegetarians.

People who reduce meat in the diet are fundamentally wrong in nature. Our so called "intelligence" sky rocketed when we started cooking meat, because the extra metabolic processes that went into digesting raw meat went into forming more muscle and brain mass.

Interesting, but your grammar is atrocious. I've seen worse, however, but you do need an editor.

891388 Yea thinking it over I should rewrite that.

891786 I KNOW! Sad thing is I actually proof read chapter 1 a couple of times already. Please be patient, I can only hope I get better by experience, this is my debut.

I Love it! by far, the most entertaining fanfic so far. Easy to read, loved the whole "Dafuck?!?!"Scene. Hoping to see more. Brohoof to the author.

892175 Brohoof accepted! Plus ur the first ever to follow me. Another Brohoof!

I did not realize that they were called Lunestia when they merged there minds.


892395 Did you mean you got confused because of my writing or just your opinion? At first I wrote them as Celestia/Luna but that just looked weird so I decided to play around with their names.

"even her mane has lust it's trademark puff"

....... Pretty sure you meant lost. Dear God, I hope you meant lost.

Also.... I think there might be a group of pre-readers that authors can go to and find an editor. Would you like the link?

892447 Bwahahahahaha! Thank you so much for pointing that out man. Imma change it right now. And yes please send me a PM with the link, need all the help I can get with my writing.

891664 You may be right about that part, but meat has alot of fat in it. That fat clogs blood vessels and screws with hearts, thereby reducing lifespan. So, eating meat may help future generations, but if you want to live longer, avoid meat.

Im not a vegitarian btw

Yeah, no offense's meant to vegetarians, but we humans eat meat for a reason. Of course, we are also omnivores for a reason. We don't have to eat meat, but we aren't exactly doing ourselves any favors by not eating it.
Balance and moderation in all things my friend. Plus, I make an effort to not eat meat that has lots of fat. Chewing fat is sickening :pinkiesick:

Into my read leader pile with you!

Fat is also part of our recommended diet. A small part, but there.
We don't HAVE to eat anything, but that's simply because our "intelligence" is stupid enough to allow us to starve ourselves as well...

Meh, here I go about human stupidity, I should at least give the story a read through, lol.

OK, I like it, I can see it going far. I'll track it to see how it goes. And if you want an editor, read my story, Abandoned Hopes, as I edit and proofread myself, and let me know what you think.


893496 I'll look it up and see what I think of it, I'll probably shower you with praises in hopes you do the same huehuehuehuehue

And here I thought I was shameless! :rainbowlaugh:

Executed without a hitch. :pinkiehappy:

dude, you gotta stop being hard on yourself. this is pretty good, besides the few spelling/grammar errors.
i shall track and expect more, good sir.

895044 Due to my life experience I've learned its best to be meek and humble against the unknown, there's really very few situations where it could actually hurt you. But thanks anyways I appreciated the comment :pinkiehappy:

895065 meek and humble against the unknown.... hm. how does that work????? :rainbowhuh:

895105 Basically be cautious when trying out new things, for my example this is not only my first fic but my first ever attempt to actually right a full fledged story. Plus I'm posting it up to the internet which is one of the most chaotic places in existence. Had I approached it like Rainbow Dash I could easily get burned and that would kill my motivation to continue on. I'm a very sensitive guy :fluttercry:

.... i have the sudden urge to hug you... anyways, you my friend shall do stupendously awesome with your story!!!!!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:
oh, and at what rate shall you be dishin' out chapters??:unsuresweetie:

895294 I actually posted it up on my blog page. But in case ur lazy I was thinking a chapter every 2 days maybe. It really all depends on life, plus some chapters will be huge as I don't enjoy having intense epic moments butchered up to pieces. In those cases it'll take longer as I'll pile it up together. Though considering that I've never done anything remotely similar I'm not used to it yet, hell I'm still trying to figure out the technical side of the website. So please be patient if a chapter didn't come out on time.

895325 sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet:pinkiehappy: i shall await the next chapter with much enthusiasm :raritywink: Dueces.

Dude i cant believe you slapped Celestia!! Dat shit was fucking HILARIOUS!!!
Keep up the good work


Rodney, the pony slapper

He has got to realize that this is real now.

896723 The HELL did I just watch!? :facehoof:

896854 I don't know why either, its not like I hated Celestia but I sometimes entertain myself just messing with her a lot. I dunno maybe I got problems with royalty.

And thx for all the positive feedback, I was a bit worried since this chapter was written differently from the first so I thought some of you guys might not like it. But so far I've gottennothing but awesomeness from you people. OH and 34 favs for the first chapter in one day?:twilightsmile:*squee*

898880You just watched a true gentleman suggest that his comrades assault his posterior.

900060 The screwed up part is afterwards I imagined Luna asking Celestia to do the same in the exact same voice and manner as the spy. So thank you for that nice image. :trixieshiftleft:

LOL that would fucking hurt your balls

Hillarious so far, keep it up.

....... I cant stop laughing!

907590 And that is why I do what I do :ajsmug:


That chapter title, the everything within it, you have an amazing sense of humor.

907776 I actually had a hard time trying to keep it lively and simple, had to re-write a few parts to keep the flow going. But I'm glad you like it :twilightsheepish:

Lol, I am physically laughing, and there are not many stories that have been able to do that. Great job!

Fun Fact: This story is one of the few that I have bothered to send to my brother (Also a Brony)

907892 I was actually worried that there was too, well, dirty. Not clop dirty but still the entire chapter was nearly about Rodney's thing :pinkiesick:, I should've counted how many times I brought it up.

907923 Don't worry, I didn't get a dirty vibe from this. If I did, I wouldn't be reading it (Personal beliefs and all that) :pinkiehappy:

Your humor is well-developed and tasteful :twilightsmile:


Beautiful man, just beautiful

WOW i loled so hard and so long keep it up!!

909926 As long as people love it I don't see myself stopping.

910260 Yes I admit I was quite proud of that one :yay:

Hillarious, just freaking hillarious!

Love it!

And by the way, I noticed the latest part of 'Whats love got to do with it?'
The idea for the CMC was brilliant! How much of that did you come with I wonder.

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