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Radiant Dawn

Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.


So...life hits kinda hard, sometimes... · 12:13am Jan 24th, 2016

For those of you wondering where the updates are, there are a few reasons that kinda coalesced into a giant wait.

First of all: Christmas is crazy in general. The holidays, as a rule in my household, are spent off of the net and with family (my idea, actually, so don't think families suck, or something like that).

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I'm from Fremont, CA of the United States. I got into writing when I was eight, and this humble beginning went on to form a deep passion for writing as my skills improved. Romances are my strength, though in honesty, I haven't tried to write anything else. I'm always open to suggestions as far as new romance stories, so don't be afraid to drop me a line if you've an idea that you wish to see come to fruition. If it's interesting enough and I'm feeling it, I'll start up a story about it.

A word of caution: I am a very fickle reader and writer. Expect honest criticism, because I'm going to give it to you. I am very picky about grammar (as any decent writer should be) and will bring any instance of it being incorrect, no matter how small. I don't look to take feelings into account when offering criticism, because I see far too many decent stories ruined by bad grammar or spelling, as well as lack of adequate information regarding plot lines and such.

As many of my readers already know, I'm not in this for popularity. I don't do lemons in my stories, and nor am I going to "follow the path" as far as my romance stories. Be ready for new ideas (some of which may be hard to follow) as well as a wealth of different views, perspectives, and life values presented. I am a realist, and my work will reflect that.

Lastly, I tend to take offense to readers using my comments section on my page or stories as a way to market their own works...so if I see it happening, you will be reported and blocked. Also, and this is a request for any who decide to read my stories for one reason or another, if you're going to give me a downvote, at least have the balls to tell me why you disliked it. Much of it may be opinion, but if I'm doing something truly wrong, please let me know.

Now, as far as my works, all of my MLP works can be found on here, of course, but I seriously doubt that's all the readers on here are interested in. So, if you feel so inclined to read something interesting, I have other stores on my fanfiction.net account that may be to your liking. Check them out...you might find something you like.

Pieces of Me

  • Trans-Cosmic When two universes collide in a not-so-hypothetical scenario, what will happen to the people within them? Will mankind perish, or will new friends and allies emerge amongst the chaos? by Radiant Dawn 78,340 words · 2,614 views · 128 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Rise of the Elements: Journey to the Old World A new adventure for Frost and the gang has come from the need for some downtime. How will ponies get along on Earth? by Radiant Dawn 32,379 words · 957 views · 76 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Molded to Love They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if all who behold you see naught but a monster? Given the chance, can this conception change? Sometimes, it just takes one person to reach out...and help. by Radiant Dawn 41,921 words · 8,448 views · 642 likes · 15 dislikes
  • To Live this Life Princess Twilight Sparkle is as eternal as time itself, and yet holds a mortal heart. She knows loss, for she has lost. She knows love, for she has loved. What then, is there left for one who will forever remain? by Radiant Dawn 23,056 words · 2,170 views · 196 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Their Knight of Scales Spike spent much of his young life trying to find his place in the world, only to realize it was with those who had become his family. Now, he must decide what to do with new emotions and desires. by Radiant Dawn 73,858 words · 10,935 views · 559 likes · 45 dislikes

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Just dropped by to say how much I love your bio! Inspiring stuff.:eeyup:


Story Approver

Pops head in Hey.

Thank you very much for following me. I do hope my narratives are to your taste! :twilightsheepish:

I'm also glad to know that the stories will continue, as i'm highly invested in them. Keep up the good work and keep on keeping on.
P.S. Good luck at school, and don't let work stress you out. :twilightsmile:

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