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A group for stories in the Reverse Gender Role Equestria universe, where, as the name says, the traditional roles of males and females became reversed.

How did this happen?
All up to the story writer. The most common route is to say that the mare-favoring gender skew turned stallions into the softer and more protected gender.

Where did this come from?
It's hard to pin down. The concept sprung up and remained a niche for a long time. Recently, it's gained a bit more traction.

What will be posted here/What can I post here?
A common theme is to have a human character featured somewhere to shake up the established roles in Equestria, however, this is NOT a requirement. So long as a story features RGRE elements, it's at home here. It does not have to be limited to Equestria, either.

It's both an amusing concept and allows dialogue about subjects that are touchy in the modern age, but with pony flavor.

Credit to BGF for the icon

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Hey, I'm a bit new here and wouldn't normally want to stir the pot or anything, but uh... I noticed my story got added to the incomplete folder under "Everyone", when it's a T-rated story. It should probably be removed...? It's already in the teen section. I also noticed the everyone - complete folder has some mature rated stories.

Thats it. Thank you!

I think this is it, it’s called Logi.

Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Aug 28th, 2021

Kinda wish there was more eqg rgre

Comment posted by Hilord17 deleted Jul 18th, 2021

The fic you are looking for is Logi.

Embedded to comply with mature content linking.

RGRE Story: A brutal dictator has risen up from the shadows, and the heroes step up to take down the mare in charge. Only there is no mare, rather a male holds the throne, something they can't seem to wrap their head around.
SCP Pinkamena · 2.1k words  ·  493  82 · 11k views

It can be found it in the main folder, around the third page. The description fits in nicely with what you requested. :twilightsmile:

Ok guys, let me pick your brain. Who knows the Name or Author of a very short one shot RGRE. The mane six is sent to the castle of some monster that took over a small country. Sent to overthrow her, only to find the powerful warmare they were expecting was a human male. I've been looking all over for it.

Again, it's a very short story, basically focused on the confrontation scene.

Thanks in advance


I'll gladly volunteer!

We need a lot more rgre story’s with a strong male to shake things up in the best way!

Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Apr 17th, 2021

This group really needs some folders to organize things. Ratings of E, T, and M would be a basic start, though maybe you could also go by relevance. Exactly how much does the RGR come up in the story, assuming it's at all relevant? Is the story trying to be realistic, or is everything absurd and just a flimsy excuse for clop? Just some thoughts to make it easier to navigate.

sorry accidently addd a story that dosent fit in the group how do i remove it.

nevermind fixed it

sorry 😅

Yeah someone else commented on that on the story. And I told them honestly it didn't exactly reverse them all, but in one chapter the male character had to come to grips with a world where females didn't fit his flawed idea of femininity or feminism, and how it related to masculinity.


I joined based on the fact that I see bits of it arising in my own story, some without meaning to. I have a semi-typical male from earth come to a planet filled with so many females who simply don't need saving. Wasn't the goal but I'm seeing it more as the plot unfolds. Not that they'd begrudge him saving, but his abilities aren't needed. He may add something to the whole, and in little matters may do some real good, but he's not coming and saving the little cute ponies from terrible monsters. On the contrary, he is saved by one of them. Not that this it needs to be a "weak male" with "strong female" overpowering him, but he's not yet in a position of strength. All the others have lived fine without him, but if he can do good he will. It seems to be more about how he changes as a result, though he may change those around him, if it needs to happen. Can't force this crap.

(Oh GOD, I just realized I just vomited so much of my story like a childish promotion! I was more trying to put out ideas that have been running through my head. Oh well, I refuse to take down my own idiocy, rather learn from it.)

Holy shot did RGRE explode all of a sudden.

Joined based on MrNumbers's recommendation.

Respectfully It can be the same said for women in this day an age too. I don't mean the women that simply see it as sexist or chauvinistic I mean the women who genuinely see it as a bother.

Honestly I prefer women who are completely independent but enjoy the little gestures of kindness when I give them. Just as it would be nice for you to accept the occasional gesture from a kind woman every now and then rather then at all. You know?

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