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Retro VR · 12:56pm August 31st

We all know VR is inevitable and games like Sword Art Online, .Hack, and all other derivatives will be soon to follow. But you want to know what would be super awesome? Retro VR. Why play SAO when you could instead go back and play a universally acclaimed classic from our collective childhood, like Jak and Daxter? You'd be able to collect orbs, channel eco, and punch boxes! But more than that, what if you could do all that and more? What if you felt that Sandover village was too small and in

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I wanted to respond to you in private, that is why I used private mail. I didn't want everyone to read what I said to you.

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yo, i remember you talking about a book. what was the story?

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New Patreon Stuff · 6:19pm Mar 3rd, 2016

While I'm still fumbling around with the site, I have decided to start a new rewards program for my Patreon. For just one dollar a month, you get to see me post chapters early. Keep in mind that many of these will be rough drafts, likely out of order, and I might miss a few posts but will hopefully be able to do so every week. Also the content I post might not necessarily be related to Horse People.

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