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Bad news, good news, and more bad news · 11:17am November 16th

The first bit of bad news is that I find myself in a bit of a rut. No ideas have come for a few weeks and I've barely been able to write anything. Probably the result of recent life changes messing with my equilibrium. Oh well. Anyway, you guys got any ideas for stories? They can be related to horse people, or just whatever.

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That is so sweet and terrifying. Thank you.

*Pinkie pie jumps out the bushes from behind and gives you a hug. Her heated breath whispers in your ear.*
"You're an awesome pony."
*Then she falls back into the bushes and disappears.*


Alright. So how do we do that?

I wanted to suggest we say in contact via that, since it'd be more convenient.

Yeah, but so far I'm not really seeing the appeal. I only talk with one person and it really isn't anything more than what I get from this site.

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New Patreon Stuff · 6:19pm Mar 3rd, 2016

While I'm still fumbling around with the site, I have decided to start a new rewards program for my Patreon. For just one dollar a month, you get to see me post chapters early. Keep in mind that many of these will be rough drafts, likely out of order, and I might miss a few posts but will hopefully be able to do so every week. Also the content I post might not necessarily be related to Horse People.

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