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This story is a sequel to Horse People Go Naked

After a few disasters involving the resurgence of old enemies, the Princesses have seen fit that Equestria needs a bit of a reprieve to take their minds off of things. To that end, they have taken the suggestion of the resident human and introduced a new sport to the land.

Keijo, based off of the short lived anime, is a sport where women in swimsuits strive for dominance by knocking one another off of floating platforms and into the water. The catch? They can only use their boobs and butts!

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This story is a sequel to The Wheel and the Butterfly A Dan X Pinkie Pie Saga

Dan’s already extraordinary life has grown even more fantastic ever since Pinkie Pie came into his life, home, and bed. The human and humanified pony have brought out the best/worst in one another, bolstered the ranks of the Dan Army, evaded enemies from petty criminals to extra dimensional horrors, and gone on countless adventures to clothing stores together. Even Chris and Elise, after adjusting to the changes, have grown much happier and closer thanks to Pinkie’s presence in their lives. Ignoring the odd doomsday calamity, all seems right for this bunch of oddballs.

But now a new stranger has crossed the dimensional barrier. Suave and suspiciously charismatic, he wields intimate knowledge of the pair that defies explanation, possesses dangerous abilities, and yet claims his intentions are purely benign, at least towards them and their friends. Is he telling the truth? What is this ‘significant event’ he has prophesized? How many characters in this story actually wear underwear?

Only one way to find out.

Based on the beloved The Wheel and the Butterfly by Justice3442 https://www.fimfiction.net/story/131002/the-wheel-and-the-butterfly-a-dan-x-pinkie-pie-saga As with many of us, I loved the story so much that, in my impatience for its continuation, I ended up making my own. I tried to make this story as self-contained as possible, with only teasers here and there of this wonderful world Justice3442 has built, so reading the 200+ chapters of the original should not be necessary to understand what I’ve written here. However, I absolutely recommend you go and check out the original for your own sake. You won’t be disappointed.

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In Danville, Equestria, an unassuming pair of colts named Phineas and Ferb have decided to make the most of their summer vacation by doing extraordinary things each and every day. Let’s follow these boys, their friends, sister, and pet as they take part in miraculous feats of ingenuity, daring, and improbable contrivance.

This is the retelling of one of the most beloved cartoons of the last decade, as told with the cultural norms of Equestria.

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Aliens have come to Equestria, though not of their own choice. Known as a tyrant, a champion, a bully, a father, and even a murderer in his home world, Fel, along with his companions Isaac and Noel, have not only been stripped from their world but of their forms and forced into the shape of ponies. These beyonders have only ever lived in the harsh and unforgiving environment of their home, Felarya. However, to get back, they must do what they can to adapt to the seemingly peaceful land of pastel talking ponies with tattoos on their butts; a jarring transition to be sure. Will they be able to find a way back home peacefully, or will Fel’s diminished state force him to give in to his less pleasant urges?
To make matters worse, strange omens have been observed by those who know what to look for and whispers have been heard in the most unsettling of places. If Felarya is a world where Fel, at best, can be called one of the lesser evils, how will Equestria fare if he wasn’t the only one to cross the veil?

I'd also like to credit DFatman for proof reading.

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