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I'm fully aware that there is already a group for vore. But the fact is, there are other genres of vore they don't cover. That is where this group comes in.

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I found this my little pony interactive vore story. However it is only 67 pages long. Why don't we give it some love?

:derpytongue2: just thought i would help misty

366802 ub also known as unbirth is a female only vore where a woman takes prey through the pussy
cv or cock vore is futanari and male genatalia vore
and av or anal vore is taking prey through the ass :twilightsmile:

they are in order: anal vore, cock vore, and unbirth. they are exactly what they sound like.

366792 Yes, please elaborate a bit more.

366792 Could you define them more thoroughly. I'm unfamiliar with AV, CV and UB.

To sum this group in a nutshell, It covers everything from normal vore, to AV, CV UB, and any other kinds of vore you can dream up.

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