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Misty Dolphin

I joined the fandom sometime between seasons 3 and 4. An online friend actually got me started, and i havent looked back since.

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I also have a youtube channel · 5:46am March 29th

I just wanted to say I do have a channel on youtube if anyone is interested. I'm mostly a gaming youtuber, playing a different game for each day of the week. Having a wide range of tastes, the games I play range from as tame as lego, to as extremely violent as outlast, so be aware. Here's my current schedule: (Will be updated as it changes)

Sunday: Dark Souls 3
Monday: Assassin's creed valhalla
Tuesday: Star wars Jedi fallen order
Wednesday: Doom eternal

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Pfp, profile pic? Uh, honestly it's been so long, I can't remember where I found it. Plus, I kinda had to crop it a bit to keep it shall we say tasteful.

Comment posted by Misty Dolphin deleted July 6th

What's your full pfp?

Thanks for the favorite!!

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