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Orion Light

[Retired]Hello and welcome to my page. I am blunt and honest, but also very critical. I normally keep to myself, but I do like to chat sometimes. Just don't say anything that would upset me, please.

My Favorite Princesses (Celestia is still top #1.)








New Story · 2:32pm Jul 17th, 2019

So I made a new story. However, it has not been submitted, and won't be indefinitely.


Go on and click on it, then message me afterwards if you want the code.

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About My Stories (Important)

If you are reading this post, then you must've started reading one of my stories. Before we start, I wanted to thank you for taking your time reading my stories. Anyway, I'll get straight to the point and make this quick:

As the title of this post aptly implies, it is important to read this because there are things I need to tell you. For long since I started out on FiMfiction, I've been dealing with my inner demons about whether or not I should start making my own stories. As such, I must ask that you have patience and not pester me about updating my stories constantly. The reasons because of this is...

1. Nothing is more important than life and family.

2. I am busy most of the day everyday and there are times I feel too tired to write. I'll still get some writing done even if only a little. The only possible exception is the weekend, and I may be lucky if I can get a chapter published once a week. If there is a much longer-than-normal delay on my stories, that means either I am on a short break, really busy with family matters or fighting writer's block.

3. There is no set schedule on when the new chapters will be published. It will be random, and I would appreciate it if you do not pressure me and allow me to work at my own pace. I may or may not post a story blog about my progress on chapters. Not only that, my family made it crystal clear that I can only be on my games/FiMfiction for 2 hours per day (which is kind of stupid, I know).

4. I will not be taking any requests unless I ask for it. When I work, stories will be set in stone (to a certain extent depending on the story I'm writing).

5. When you read my stories, expect the protagonist to be either my OC, Anonymous (or John Doe [not a deer, you moron.]), but most of them will have self-inserts. Same character, but different personalities and universes.

6. My page will remain online because I have it stayed logged on. It doesn't mean I am on or not, but I will still read your comments, PMs, etc.

Now you know my reasons and I hope you understand my plight. So in concluding this message, I hope you will enjoy my stories as it continues to update sometime in the near future.



My OC, Orion Light, created by TipTopEquestrian.

Gender - Male

Race - Pegasus

Birthyear - 1991

Birthplace - Manehattan

Cutie Mark - Shield with a Sun in front of a winged blade, earned for his efforts protecting the the Royal Sisters and Princess Cadence while trapped in Tartarus. Before then, he was Cutie Mark-less.

Occupation - Special Royal Guard Service (Princess Celestia's personal guard)

Romantic Interest - Princess Celestia, though he refers to her as a friend than princess in private.

OC Bio:

Orion Light is calm and collected, yet kind and very loyal to everyone and his superiors. He has joined the Royal Guard when he was 18, and is currently the Princess's Personal Guard at the age of 23 after the Tirek Incident. While he detests fighting and likes to settle things diplomatically, his skill with a sword is unmatched on both ground and air. His tutors for ground training and flight training were Ex-Captain Shining Armor and Wonderbolts Leader Spitfire respectively, though his promotion to Princess Guard made his training more rigorous and intensive. Not that he complained, Orion says in an interview after his promotion.

The sword revealed in the picture is called "Lightbringer", gifted by the Princess herself for his service in the Guard and key to his promotion. It is light and swift, and the blade is magically enchanted to deflect light offensive spells. In combat, Orion prefers to exploit openings of his opponents by using parries and counterattacks, both on ground and in air.

My Stories


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It got my interest and I will read it soon when I have free time.

Thank you for adding War Mages and False Prophets to your tracking list :twilightsmile: I also thank you for the watch

Would you like to see what the whole horse look like?


You might need to have a Facebook account in order to see it, though, as the owner of the page has set the age restriction to 17+. Guests and users under 17 cannot view it.

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