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Writing brings me genuine joy, though I'm not great at it!



Anon has been forced into Canterlot's throne room. Even worse, Princess Celestia is inside of it. Crying silently.

Welp, there's only one real solution here.


Now's the time to hope this isn't a crime of any sort, and that he isn't sent to the sun anytime soon.

First publicized story- would definitely appreciate criticism.

And being completely honest- this was made in under an hour. A product of sudden inspiration.

Edit 5/17/19: Christ, featured less than an hour after it was posted and generally liked- i'm honoured. Glad you all enjoyed my silly little story!

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B_25 #2 · May 17th, 2019 · · ·

You do good work.

Nice story. Short and sweet. Don't worry Anon, I'm sure you're in a far better position than whomever made her cry. They'll get the most wicked sun burns for years. That or woken up at the crack of dawn by a ray of light each day even if it has to do the mirror bs like in The Mummy.

…..princess twilight im sorry to say that bestinDworld has contracted...….adorabeties….

is there anything we can do nurse fluff? twilight looked at my sorry state somewhat looking like I had a stroke ,with a dazed look on my face and twitching at certain intervals.

yes. snuggles.....and lots of it

cue twilight hugging me her soft c cup breasts in my face and a shapely soft stocking leg wraps around my waist giving me sleepy bye cuddles

that was adorable. good job, ab!

Booping? yes please :pinkiehappy:

But you were scared out of your wits when that one cow said hello. There was no going back after that.

yeah i'de be scared as well if my jerky said hello to me as well!:pinkiecrazy:

Congratz, ya got featured. 5/17/2019


He's a keeper, Tia. Give him a permanent job in the palace, booping the maids and guards and tour groups to keep morale up.

Floofington the second

Anon just got my instant respect.

Also fluffy and cute as hell. That's a doom sentence at the end though, that's for sure :rainbowwild:l


L-N #14 · May 17th, 2019 · · ·

Christ- thank you all for the kind words, honestly surprised this is doing as well as it is.

and instantly featured nice dude

Before me even read the story, The pict tell us all...
First story and got featured...

bit break-happy, but otherwise alright

How sweet. Do we ever find out what she was sad about?

Maybe she stumbled upon a bunch of Molestia memes...

No, she would be drinking and crying.


I'm considering it in the future- but for now i'm going to let this stew for a bit.


Though this works too

More ehh? Well I’d definitely want to read that.

(Pulls up a chair)

Celestia hold Anon close, rocking him.

“Your so warm.” She coos.

“....yeah...three hours of this warms a guy right up.”

She stops rocking and looks at him thoughtfully. “Anon?”


“Have you ever thought about children?”

“What kind of perverted person do you think...oh you mean....oh....you mean....”

This was cute. It was short and sweet, as this sort of idea tends to be, so good job!

As an aside, Ive generally always felt that stories that were 10:1 like:dislike were the “good” stories. And you’re at 110:5 or 22:1 at the moment, so you can look at this as your first published, and your first success!

This was sweet, you got yourself a follow.


Glad you enjoyed it!

Trust me, i was surprised beyond belief when i woke up to see it in featured. Even more when it got so many likes- i'm really happy to see it turned out well

You give me the happies. I give you the follows. You give me more happies. Deal? Deal.

I always love Celestia x Anon shipping/friendshipping fluff its always heartwarming

Awww, heartwarming goodness!:heart:



...All of my "Yes"

What a wonderful one-shot, and yet it begs for sequels and prequels!

Congratulations on creating a short yet spectacular story!

Good work mate,
Was a little fast paced, but that just means that you have lots of background already developed. Love to see a sequel, but don't be pressured to write one.
Good standalone story, everyone needs to be booped by somebody sometimes.


Don't let baked bean find out about anon...

over load on dawww meter




Oh don't worry- plans are a brewin'

Oh shit she just hugged you


*spaghetti falls out of pockets at rapid rate*

Emperor's tap-dancing thyroid gland!

Eh, another hour of this couldn't hurt, right?

Oh shit she just hugged you

*loud shrill scream*

Oh shit she just hugged you

Yep. That's it. I'm good. I'm done. Don't need anything else. *dies*

Everything I want to say has been said. Awesome Job. Especially for just under an hour of work.
Have some thanks.

ah yes the best (funny) thing to come out of WH40K that I know of. ( This is still THE best )


Can't win em' all, my friend

And trust me- i was surprised when i figured out who made it

Wow really good story to an image of one of my favorite artists, Congrats on getting featured too! I hope to see more in the future you do really good work. :trollestia:



Oh, how your words hurt my cold, black heart!


You'll return in time, just drown yourself in the lewd
It's a surefire way to come back running

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