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Every breath, every step, is towards a new dawn.

Idk even

Someone tried to get me to create a patreon or something, but because I'm a terrible amateur writer, plus I can't really offer any rewards, I only got lightly peer-pressured into making a Ko-fi

I literally see no reason why anybody would ever click that, much less donate anything, but someone will yell at me if I don't put it here.

Blog Posts

  • 2 weeks
    Starin' Down That Wall

    (Originally it was gonna be barrel, but that was a worrying title)

    Hey folks, L-Bozo here

    Kept you waiting, huh?

    Bah, what'm I kidding, I've been dead so long it hardly counts!

    Long story short, life's a bitch, and creativity ultimately comes secondary to sorting your shit out.

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  • 61 weeks
    Have you ever just...

    Have you ever just had like, 5 people in a day randomly invade your dms, two practical strangers and three friends, who start going on about you being genuine and nice and a good person or something?


    Just me?

    Okay, I'm gonna go die now-

    Internal screaming

    ... I might've needed that, but still-


    Uhhhhh... something-something, I've been writing, 5k words done so far, might come within a month I hope I dunno?

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  • 70 weeks
    *Comes from the depths*

    Weeeeelp, seems like another story of mine hit featured the day it was posted.


    Not sure if that means I have some talent of some sort, or a problem, either way I'll take it!

    Hey folks, L-N here. Some rando on the internet who came out of the depths again. To bring more tidings of story!

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  • 154 weeks
    The Big 400

    Well, I just logged in and saw I hit the 400 mark- knowing my luck, I'll drop under immediately, but it's a nice thought nonetheless.

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  • 162 weeks
    Catharsis - Trailing Thoughts

    The last few days have been good ones.

    Classes, which used to be literal hell on earth, have been made a much nicer affair due to a new facility opening up nearby to me.

    And let me put it this way: Two classes a semester, 4 semesters, free snacks, great teachers, and large, friendly class-discussions.

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