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Anon decides, despite every bit of logical sense, to boop an angelic pony after exploiting her for chores. This could only end well.

After all, boredom is overrated, and the temptation to boop a cute angel pony is too great! Who cares if you could potentially be smited by pony-God, right?

Now if only you weren't literally being sized up by God himself... And said angel is trying to convince him why you should marry.


Art stolen by Badumsquish. Give their adorable art some love~
Also obviously the angel pony is theirs, lmao, hope they enjoy the story

Oh hey, in featured on release day again!

Here's me quietly shilling my Ko-fi because I have someone to support, shhh.

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I just about died laughing at this. It was so good!!

This is too friggin' adorable. I am sure the Lord would not object.

this is adorable plz continue this it reminds me of ah my goddess good anime and manga i recommend checking it out

i i if thats ok with you:fluttercry:

This is the First Christian FiMFic I've seen, and I'm not disappointed. This is great. Anon almost faces Divine Judgement until Angel Pone forces his hand in marriage. Ahh, good old forced marriage fics. :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome...Simply awesome

This work is heresy. It's too cute and adorable.

Just adorbs this story is.

My book says it's heresy...

..but my body is telling me yes.

Okay, that's hilariously adorable. The oblivious ones always are.

One of the best fics I've read all month!

And there's no way this doesn't get a sequel. I could see a whole story come from this


Well, shit, back to tradition- Long reply time!

No u
I do my best~
He better not! I kept the lewd implications low for a reason!
I might continue this, who knows~ Depends, this was always meant to be a one-shot, just to get the brain-juices flowing.
I mean, it's more neutral than anything But yes- good old forced marriage! A classic! And a basis for a surprising amount of good romance stories on this site, at that...
No u
Well, I knew I was going to hell already, but I had to be sure, y'know? Heresy is the easy way!
No u
Listen to the sins of the fleeeeeesh~
They really are, they really are- which is why they must be protected as the precious beans they are!
Nahhhh, it ain't all that special- I just do my best~

As I said earlier, it was originally meant to be a one-shot, but maybe, maybe, no promises~

Yes!! Id love more!!

So good!!

She's so precious!!

And which ones oblivious, the angel or the oc??

Well I can only pray for more

I always knew my booping would get me into a bit of a pickle, but hey, this worked out marvelously.

This was really adorable. Any chance you can do a sequel where the angel tries to win Anon’s heart?

I love this. QT ponies deserve boops

I've seen Jesus stopping by Fluttershy's for tea. That's not even a joke, and there's a sequel where he goes to Rarity's.

Here, here! I second that motion!

Booping a pony in their sleep? Never before have I witnessed such shameless defilement! Now I'll never be innocent again!

I need to read that! Hahaha!

Beautifully adorable! :heart:

I guess you could say this story was so cute it was a...

sincere delight to read!

Oh my [Redacted] she’s eating devil’s food cake in the last two pictures :pinkiesmile:

Snoot boops are divine

I hope we get a squeal

This God is even worse than Trollesia.

Sequel...! This was too wholesomely adorable to not continue! :yay:

It's great God blessed him a high quality, Loyal and morally centered agnel wife. She will serve her husband well and be fruitful with offspring. I am envious of this man.

Good story.

I, too, shall pray for a sequel. That was a great read!

Aaaaaaa, cuteness overload! :rainbowkiss:

Sequel pls, need more cuteness.

He even said any and all of their offspring would be alicorns, and given how Flurry Heart was when she was born...


Very cute and hilarious, thanks for writing!

I dare say this needs some sort of sequel :trollestia:

It was ok, I just wish it didn’t have so many mistakes.

... Of all things, you didn't expect him to look impressed and lean back, before quietly sipping on his drink some more, waving a hand at you to continue.

Aw, come on, you messed up on not specifying God's exact ạ̶͚͇̀̈́̐p̶͈̻̜̀p̷̹̯͍̐̉e̵̤̕ṅ̴͇̫͎͊̏d̵̝̎ȧ̶̤͂͂g̵̘̰̓̑͆e̵͇͂s̷̺̈́́ there.

I still retain the opinion those ã̵͉̂ͅp̷͈̤͂̇p̸͎̗͍͊ȩ̸̦̐n̵̯̟̋̿̆d̵̼̣̰̒̍͘a̸̰̰̙̎g̸̨̛͔̓e̸͕̊͆̍s̵̭̊͒̋ͅ are noodly :raritywink:

It is said that men (and women) were in God's own image. Therefore...
The "noodly" thing sounds kinda weird.

Well, that's one way to get a wife!:rainbowlaugh:

But God mentioning "in my image" here wasn't about physical appearance at all, but about the way Anon was thinking.

If it had been referring to physical appearance, the whole thing about avoiding any description of God's appearance was moot anyway. Not to mention, the angel is pony shaped, and had no idea what Anon was even supposed to be, despite knowing God.

I love the fact that basically the whole time Anon had no idea what was going on, and just said fuck it. Then the marriage and babies part came in and he just blue screened! :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:

I think the funniest part is that he's supposed to do the thing every spring that could end with a lot of kids very quickly

As a Christian I approve this story the cutest of all time

Your righteous finger raises with righteous fury, and you righteously boople her snootle.

I think I have a new favorite sentence lol. Wonderful story, this was a load of fun!

This story is gold. Takes me back to the early days of the show.

Absolutely adorable and heartwarming! :twilightsmile: :yay:

Like many others have said, I think this deserves a sequel, maybe even a series



After a moment of pure judgement you had never felt before, she slaps it away, causing a silly sound as it vibrated in place. Your soul didn't seem to be through the entire thing yet, as it slips back into you from it.

Sounds like you got lucky here.

Though the sniggering the entire time from the pentagram's ashes doesn't help.

I guess that story keeps the demon world entertained for quite a while.

A quiet, self-muffled-in-fluff scream comes from beside you as the poor angel mare loses it.

Somehow this line made me chuckle.
"Self-muffled-in-fluff"? Sounds cool! I should remember that one.

"I-is there anything in particular thine soul finds to be outrageous to expect to do alone?" In a sort of Luna-esque way, the more excited she gets, the more ye-olde her voice starts to sound...

Maybe they come from the same generation or something?

Despite that, her serious expression is met with a gentle glow from her halo, as if this was some grand act of good from her that meant the world. She seemed to literally glow as she seemed to find her purpose, hastily fixing your wall of the damage that'd been inflicted. Or, the visual parts.

Good enough.

"A-aha! It is done! The work a demon would be required for, finished!"
You didn't have the heart to tell her that undoing the damage wasn't the same as doing the chores that you were sick of doing- but the way she glowed was still hard to ignore.

We don't want to un-glow her, do we?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Here is another picture of Zophiel, released a few days this the story:

This was goofy and fun

I’m finding all da funny little stories tonight! I want to see this become a full on story :P

Anyways thanks for the awesome read mate!

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