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Art Commissions · 3:36am Dec 3rd, 2021

Hey guys, I know this is totally out of the blue and has nothing to really do with stories, but I have recently been in need of some extra money. I'm not starving or anything, but I'm trying to make some extra money these last couple months of school, and I've been having a hard time lately. I'm not the type to just ask for free money, so I've been doing art commissions for a while now.

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Keep up the good work. A+, will read again.

Hey C-W, I hope you doing well. In regards to your question I'd say stick with Gen 4 for a bit until more material is released for gen 5, which I've heard there coming out with soon in the form of 2-D animation I think. For new story idea's I would love to see a good HIE fic where Anon takes over ruling the Crystal empire. There's a couple out there but none of them are more than a few thousand words in length before being abandoned. The only other one of the same idea that is completed in any length is a bit of a crack fic. I would love to see a Human ruling over the crystal empire fic where you can use you talents to incorporate a bit of kingdom and world/lore building into it. Have your own unique twist to the history and culture of the crystal empire before it was taken over by Sombra. What would happen if changelings we're successfully incorporated into the empire by Anon, and how would the geopolitics of the world of Equis be affected by the sudden inclusion of another major power. There's a lot of ways a story like this can go with this topic and I would be excited to see your own take on it and how you would make a story that revolves around the idea. Thanks again for the all the hard work you put into your writings C-W, and as always have fun writing.

lol, I noticed. I respect the bluntness

That's aight.

I'm kinda fishin for your follow here lol

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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