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This story is a sequel to Cold

Time flows differently, in the multitude of plains that make up the universe. Seconds here can be hours there... and hours here can be decades over there. There is, however, one universal constant among all time and space: Time never stops. Perhaps I counted on time as my ally when I cast that spell and dove into the past... if only I'd know just how cruel and unwavering it can really be.

Thirty years, I've tried... in most other worlds, it's probably been hundreds, but I've managed to keep track. Thirty years of searching, trying and trying again, desperately doing everything in my power to bring you back... and all that I've learned is that unless I make this choice, it's simply not possible... I hope you'll forgive me. I know that'll be hard... but maybe given enough time, you'll understand... -Twilight Sparkle

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Heyyy it's the sequel to the story that I found you from! I read Cold just under a year ago so I haven't been waiting as long as others may have~ Looking forward to more of this :) :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to see more of this! I'm curious how the older Twilight will handle this, as well as Cooper and Younger Twilight!

Apt sequel name

Time travel can be harsh to person traveling constantly it appears

Mmmm, so, the old twilight will save cooper, but changing time, will make her disappear, so time is reset, and the story is about a twilight that never lost her cooper, unless she found a way to fuse with the young twilight; I DEFINETELY don't think old and new twilight will live together at the same time though.

Cute. So when’s the sequel “Room Temp”?

Can't wait to see where this goes. I remember reading Cold a few years ago and absolutely loving it. Glad to be apart of the Discord too!

i don't either, that would be a nasty Paradox.

I'm sure it's after: Hot! Too Hot!

My hype when I saw this story in the featured section was indescribable. So glad a sequel is being made!

Lets goooooo I've been waiting for this one. Discovered Cold last summer and that ending killed me dude. Looking forward to seeing how things go

Might be a little more steamy and call it “Hot”

I'm so glad that you finally started this I'm a little sad that you didn't use my ideas for it but I'm glad that you started this out nonetheless

Curious as I took here, I was browsing for something to read when I noticed this story, I had become strange because a few days before I had seen another story with exactly the same cover... But something was wrong, and then I realized that they weren’t the same covers, I was just drawn in such a way that I thought they were the same, and so I ended up reading their beautiful prequel and with the ending I wondered how I could keep a school, I was surprised that the idea that I use in my fics was the answer but I never thought haha

Saw this on the featured list today, so I decided to check out the prequel. I enjoyed it, and it kind of makes me want to write something similar except based on The Long Dark.

I wasn't expecting a sequel but man am I excited for it now! I'll be following this closely. Godspeed!

If you have to do time travel this is how you do it

Thanks again crimson for another great chapter. Good heartfelt emotion and drama this chapter. I'm really curious to see how this alternate timeline turns out with Cooper in equestria. Good luck with your next chapter. CHEERS!


yea, always take the Paradoxical nature of Time Travel into account.

I kind of assumed something like this would happen. Hopefully her friends won't attack Cooper under a false assumption.

Here's to Cooper's (hopefully) long retirement!

happy that she got what she wanted and I hope this continues

In that case, Twilight can do it all over again. . . and again. . . and again. Because she wants a happy ending. Because she loves her human. Because she never gives up. Isn't that delicious?

Not surprised that happened, but that's more or less what would happen in that situation with time travel, and all the other butterfly effect stuff that goes along with it.

Gabe fucked around and found out 🙏🙏🙏

fuck fuck fuck....! I need to find a relevant image!
Btdubs: good fic. read the first. I have my own nitpicks but that's neither here nor there. Anyway have a relevant pic for your fics!


I'd say that the time travel part here was done quite well. It's what I'd expect to happen if time travel was possible. You change the course of events that have already been set long ago, there's going to be harsh consequences.

Glad Gabe got what he deserved. Was way too satisfying.

I like that they get a second chance, the time travel shenanigans were handled well I feel. When I saw your notes in the first fic I figured that was the end but I’m glad to see ya came back!

Wait, how come chapter 3 is published 18 october 2023? Some more time traveling shenanigans are happening here.

I accidentally published it before I submitted the story lol. Not sure why fimfiction doesn't change the date if you take a chapter down but oh well.

That was a respectful way to let her go. Thank you.

More... more... MORE! Please good sir more!

Another amazing chapter. Can't wait till the next. :moustache:

"Only if they're in the hands of somebody trying to kill me." Cooper answered, flatly.

The last guy that tried to kill him:


"Still breathing." Twilight replied, dryly.

While the ponies around her frowned in further concern from the joke, Cooper let out a small chuckle, "You'll be alright. It's just a fleshwound." He smirked.

"A fleshwound!? Sir, this is critical. We need to get her to an operating room immediately." One of the nurses exclaimed.

'Tis but a scratch. A fleshwound.

However, her relief was perilously short lived, as the brashest of the bunch flared her wings and dropped into an aggressive posture.

Hah, called it! I'm glad it was resolved without further injury though.

"Woah... dude, why do your bones criss-cross like that? That looks... really painful." Rainbow spoke up, cringing slightly at the sight before her.

I read about this a few weeks ago. You can feel them twisting around if you concentrate. It's pretty freaky.

Great as always. Excited for the next one. :moustache:

Well, Rainbow is gonna have plenty of questions for Twilight once she recovers

Loving this! Please sir, may I have some more?

But of course. Every week 🙂

Finaly. Something good to read. This story is starting strong like the prequil ended.

Thank you for giving us something nice again!

Thank you. I'm very happy with how this story has turned out so far. I hope you continue to read and enjoy it 😊

These chapters feel too short man 😭😭

Thanks again Crimson for another great chapter. I'm excited to see the next one. Cheers!

"Watch out for nuclear attack!"


I am a very simple man...

However I felt this chapter... a bit too short.


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