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This story is a sequel to To Be Loved

Fizzlepop and James go out on their date. Small talk and adorableness ensue.

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It's tough, living with your past mistakes. Even harder when no one else will let you forget. They say that's what the alcohol is for. Shame, really. Sometimes you don't want to drink anymore. Sometimes all you need is a hug.
-Fizzlepop BerryTwist

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This story is a sequel to Scars

*Note, the suicide/self harm tag is only there just to be safe. I can't say any more without spoiling a huge part of the story.

*Note #2, This story is prewritten and will be uploaded bi-weekly.

After returning to Twilight's castle, Tempest is eager to find her place among ponykind. However, most ponies still only see her as the villainous commander of the Storm King. Despite Twilight's best efforts, Tempest just doesn't feel like she belongs with the rest of Equestria.

Takes place the day after Scars. If you haven't read that story, I implore you to please read it first. A lot of what happens in the first couple chapters of this story are going to reflect on that story, and you won't really understand what's going on too well or why Tempest's mindset is the way that it is throughout this story unless you read that story first.

Edited by my buddy AJ, as always.

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This story is a sequel to The Discovery

After changing into a pony, David has to come to terms with the fact that he can't function as used to. He thought his greatest challenges were past him, however, the difficulties of his new body are quickly becoming a massive strain on him and Midnight.

The guilt of making the choice for him weighs heavily on the dark mare, and eventually, the two of them must learn to confront the issue or lose the only thing they hold dear anymore. Each other.

Takes place between chapter 19 and the epilogue of The Discovery. I know that this is going to be confusing timeline-wise, but for the sake of making it easier, this takes place about a month or so before the epilogue of The Discovery. Again, this is a first attempt at something new, and I hope that you guys can appreciate this story for what it is, and not what The Discovery was. There are some different themes here, and a significant amount of fluff just because I felt like their relationship called for it. I hope that you enjoy what I've written.

*As with The Discovery, this story is pre-written and will be uploaded weekly.

As always, edited by my best friend AJ.

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