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shy sad jaded shard

um well hmm i make futtershy look like the soul-shell butterfly (and yes i know my grammer and spelling are crimes agents the wrighting word i now this far better then you ever could thanks)


Anypony out there? · 8:59pm Oct 10th, 2017

just got back from seeing the mlp and have to say it was worth the money and the 8.6 miles i had to walk round trip but it was slightly depressing as well I figured i would be the only adult without kids there what i did not figure was i would be the only person there for that showing one is truly the loneliest number. (maybe going to the 1:20 pm showing on a tuesday was the problem?)

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It was a nice surprise to fine a eqg story set in fallout I have found like two others but one is just apocalypse style while the other had to remind you ever other line of the form pony or pony turn human and so for good story but that need to hold your hand was just Abit much for me sorry for the ramble

Thanks for adding Fallout Girls to your library, I try to update every two weeks!

thank you for the favorite :yay:

Thank you for favoriting A Tale of Two Suns.

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what I'm reading now? (I think)


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