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Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, accidentally travels to Equestria after being attacked in the Nevernever. Twilight is none too amused with their newest 'guest', but trouble is brewing. Somepony is planning something sinister and the mane six may need Dresden's help however little some of them want it.

Story Image by: Lynxgriffin
Cover arrangement by: Novel Idea

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Always nice to see a story stored in multiple locations.

Wizards? IN MAH PONY VILLE? It's more likely then you think!

Take my stars you crazy fool!:flutterrage:

What the hay TOOK you so long to post this HERE?!? :rainbowwild:

*Fav'd, Track'd, 5 Star'd, Watch'd*

Goddamit, I was gonna write a Dresden FIles-MLP crossover, too...
Ah well, you beat me to it, fair and square...:pinkiesmile:
This had better be the best damn thing I’ll ever read, or else!:pinkiecrazy:

Glad to see this got posted here!

i fantasize about mab........ too soon?:derpyderp2:

I enjoyed this cross over quite a bit, even though I've never seen The Dresden Files.

I would recomend the books of it over the tv show if you were to start getting into it.

I've only seen a little bit of the show, but this seems great!

Oh dear, I can see this going very very wrong so very very quickly.
Still a wonderful crossover although I am wondering where that pony pic you have comes in and what possible disguise rarity could come up with for Harry, he is rather distinctive even among humans.
Twilight's face when soulgaze ==> :twilightoops:


I actually wasn't planning on it, but a friend asked me to; thus it came to be.
From what I've seen on the site, though, it's way better than fanfiction.net
Y'all can expect dual uploads from now on.

Really well done, and with two of my favorite things to boot. Looking forward to reading more.

While I have no clue what Dresden Files is, I really like this story. I'm-a tracking! :pinkiehappy:

I don't know about "Dresden Files", but this is a good crossover. I laughed at Pinkie's question. 4,5/5 Tracking. Congratulations.

Any of you folks who haven't heard of The Dresden Files are missing out on an AWESOME series of books. Just sayin'. :ajsmug:

i see a flaming tornado also wouldn't the burning whatsit then burn rainbow after the cloud?


The fire didn't hit her cloud, the heat just evaporated it.

You broke the naming convention. "Strange" and "Friends" don't have the same number of letters. I'll probably spend a week or two considering alternate names and get back to you. Not out of charity or pity or anything; my brain just won't let these things go.

Edit: The above is, as anypony with proper counting ability can determine, an epic-level derp on my part.

Also "Dresden Fillies," while a truly clever pun that I myself would be proud to have come up with, sounds kind of like Harry has a harem.

Unrelated but important: I like what I see so far, and will probably end up tracking this story, because it's a crossover that I hadn't thought of and you seem to have Harry's voice down pretty well already.

"Pony Tale: a fanfic of the Dresden Fillies", maybe?

oh gawds.... -reads title- a Dresden pony fic? hmm this is gonna be.. random.

Step 1: Ctrl+F "adorable".

Step 2: Die laughing.

You're on my lists, sir or madam.

I've always wondered how Harry knows things like the Evil Overlord List when he messes up computers by standing near them for too long.

That said, I don't care. It's hilarious.


I'm not sure how to tell you this, but I did stick to the naming convention. Both 'Strange' and 'Friends' have seven letters.

And who's to say Dresden doesn't have a harem? :trixieshiftright:

Glad to hear you like it, though! More will be updated tomorrow.



Well, now I just feel silly. But I did earn it.:twilightsheepish:

Ooh, more! I love more, it's always better than less. Well, most of the time, anyway. Don't mind me; I've been reading Number 12 and now I think I'm speaking in Doctor. I'm easily influenced that way.

This is on Fimfic now? Hell yes.

sooo awesome!!:rainbowkiss: i love the Dresden file books, you have earned a track and 5 stars:moustache:

confound you! now i want to read dresden files

170544 there is a tv show? I only knew about the books, to Wikipedia!

MLP + Dresden Files = Endless Win.:yay:

Harry Dresden + ponies = epic

Alright, you have managed to merge my two absolute favorite fictional universes.

Keep up the awesome work.

*Pops out of Pokeball* ... What the heck?... :rainbowderp: Where am I? Hey is that Plot charging at m*CHRASH*
-Glassed (... is blasting off again!)

NOOOO! Why isn't the rest uploaded yet?!?
Theres 11 chapters on fanfiction!


Sorry, I have to reformat them when I post here and thus far I've managed about two per day.

Don't worry the rest will be up soon, I promise. :scootangel:

Saw the title while browsing. Being an Avid Jim Butcher fan,I just haaaaad to read this :twilightsmile:

I like this so far. You capture Dresden pretty darn well (little toned down, cause gawd forbid his smart ass mouth gets him into more trouble.) Slight suggestion. As Jim Butcher has done it with his spells in the books, could you perhaps do the same when Dresden casts his spells and Italize? them.

Other then that, I look forward to reading the next chapter :)

I demand more chapters for the sake of awesome :rainbowdetermined2: this is one of the best crossovers ever

Two per day? More today? Yes please.

Heh, Cornelius.

"I set phasers to snark and opened fire."

Dude. No, seriously. Dude. Listen to the words that are about to enter your brain via your optical sensory orbs. That. Was. The. Most. Amazingly. Perfect. Characterization. Of. Harry. Blackstone. Copperfield. Dresden. EVER. Butcher himself would be proud, man. Butcher would shed a TEAR at how perfect that was. You... Okay, for that, you have a fan. Watching, tracking, five-stars, the works--the next time you sneeze, I'm going to know about it. :rainbowderp:


Yeah, this title actually works; I derped up counting letters. (Though I still don't think anything could top Pony Tale!) And I love the naming convention; it's neat to see the letters always line up at the bottom of the book covers. Also it made really convenient shorthand when Butcher needed everybody to freak out about Changes: "There is only one word in this title. Sh!t's about to go down."

First? but anyway, this is an amazing story. Trix are for kids, Trixe. :twilightangry2:

put out all the chapters already!

It gets more exposure this way by being bumped to the top of the "recent updates" list every day.:moustache:

Well, it seems I have officially hit the literary jackpot

I :heart: this story already. I need moar!

Holy awesome story telling Batman!:rainbowlaugh:

Getting better and better with each chapter. Kinda pity Trixie now. She has NO idea what kind of damage Dresden can do (when he's provoked enough that is.)

The books were WWWAAAYYYY better.

Coltenhagen? Copenhagen? Denmark!!!!!!!!

Cant wait to see this crusade happen...

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