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Dark Scribe of the 38th Company, Iron Warriors Legion, come to bring the glory of Chaos to the realm of Pony.



This story is a sequel to Iron Hearts: Book 3 - The Sept Lamman

An MLP/Warhammer 40K crossover, part 4.

The Tau threat has passed. The fleet that once thought to sweep aside the tainted pirates of the 38th Company has fled the system. The Lamman Sept is broken, demoralized, leaderless...
... And victorious.

With Lamman's plan put into motion, an alien horde hurtles through the Warp toward the Centaur system, its soldiers without number and thirsting for violence. Equestria's heroes must find a way to stop them, or the entire planet will be overrun with ease and its inhabitants butchered. While they could afford some pretense of neutrality and disinterest in the fight between the Iron Warriors and the Tau, now it is their world that lay in the crosshairs of the foe. Ponykind will need help to survive, and they look to the forces of Chaos for aid. But is there any hope to be found in the darkness?


(Dark humor warning; mild grimdark)
(Cover Art by Ahrimatt)
(This series now has its own TVtropes page!)
(This series is a contestant in the Tournament of Canterlot, a charity event to raise money for Syrian refugees! Go here for details and donations!)

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I wonder... will this be the story when the Dark Gods finally claim Equestria for their own?

I am pleased that you managed to get this story written and posted so fast, SFaccountant. I found the Lunamac sections and Fluttershy's verbally-abusive, nervous breakdown to be my favourite sections of this chapter. Although Pinkie's riddle about the coming Orkpocalypse was also caused me to chuckle.

You know, every time I see Serith, I can't help but think of this:

Is he going to burst into song at any point?

You, uh, haven't read the rest of the story, have you?
There's a very specific reason the Tau left the planet. Besides getting their arses handed to them by the Iron Warriors.

Sweet Slaanesh, I hope not.
I confess I've considered having the Iron Warriors sing just for the lulz, but I'm awful at songs.
So I stick to having them hit things and making wry observations about ponies.

Writing Fluttershy and Tellis is a delicate balancing act, because a lot of readers hate seeing her mistreated in any way. But damn if it isn't fun.

I find the general fandom response to putting Fluttershy in any sort of inconvenience to be excessive. An author can beat up on any other pony, but if Fluttershy gets so much as a bruise, certain fans will go bonkers. It's ridiculous.

Also, I'd just like to compliment you on the cover art that you've acquired for the stories in this series. Every picture has been extremely badass.

Probably not the time to mention I'm from Canada then...

Well, this was another wonderful chapter! I really like the emotional drama quite a bit over the violent contrast of the last couple of chapters, though this one distinctly lacked comedy, which helped add the gravitas. I really liked this!

When you mentioned the Parasprites, well, considering their damage and multiplicative capabilities, if Twilight were to give them a taste for Orcish metal and flesh alike, starting them off in a few small encampments... Wouldn't be hard to imagine the damage they could do.

Excited to see where this is going!


Make friends with the Orks ,its as likely as you making friends with a big band of chaos marauders.

I thought the tau's plan was to have the Orks fight the Tyranids on the planet to a standstill ? no one seems bothered by the imminent tyranid invasion


From what I can tell, this is just a stepping stone towards the Tyranids. The Orks probably have a few more planets to get too before they cross the Tyranids, who're going a completely other direction.


You've quickly made me a LunaMac fan.

Glad to see more of Dest. Was really hoping for something with him since he was in Ponyville.
Also like seeing Discords responses to the situation. I think I actually half-way understood what he was trying to explain to Celestia. I attribute that to my reading of Terry Pratchett's works. Really looking forward to how those talks go.


Yup. This beacon is just one of many. All set up for the purpose of leading to Orks to the Nid fleet.

GLORY TO THE BLOOD GOD!:flutterrage:

Heitomos is correct. From the previous chapter:

Twilight frowned. The two red spots weren't anywhere near each other, nor were they anywhere near the Centaur system. "Okay... so, what does this have to do with us?"
"Explanatory: each of these alien forces are moving deep into Tau space, and destroying their new colonies. Both are of a scale that makes stopping either of them difficult, and can only be done at a severe cost to the Empire's army. Together, they represent an existential threat to the integrity of the Tau's supremacy in this region of space."
The Dark Magos paused. "Extrapolation: in facing two nearly unstoppable forces, the Lamman Sept considered the simple stratagem of letting Tyranid and Ork fight each other, and then destroying the victor. To this end, they have designed and placed several Warp beacons along a string of uncolonized worlds to lead the Ork warfleet on an expedited path directly into the Tyranid hive fleet. Notation: Warp beacon system placement."
Several new green lights appeared over the stars on the edge of the hololith, and Twilight felt a distinct tightness in her chest as one of them flickered into place over the Centaur system. Their system.
"Notation: Ork warfleet route, confirmed and estimated."
New markers appeared on the hololith, some of them representing splinter engagements and major battles that had been gleaned from Tau records, but the Equestrians were most obviously concerned with the arrows that strung together the Warp beacons carefully arranged throughout space.
Arrows that reached the Centaur system, and then continued beyond it.

So the hive fleet is cutting into Tau space, and the Tau are re-routing an Ork Waaaaugh through some backwater systems to crash into it. The hive fleet isn't heading for the Centaur system.


You've quickly made me a LunaMac fan.

A gift given to me by Andy Price and IDW comics, now passed on to you :raritywink:

"Ha! Looks like the Princess put ya through yer paces!" Applejack laughed as she trotted up to the elder Apple. "What'd she have ya do, anyway? Ya look like ya spent the whole day plowin' or somethin'!"

Or something all right :twilightblush:

Well.... the Ponies appear to be in a pinch. They should probably consider the benefits of Chaos Worship. It may not be the nicest thing, but Chaos is mutable I find... As much as it may corrupt the ponies, the ponies may corrupt it=)

4791683 All the Ponies have to do is plegde their lives to the Chaos Gods! The Chaos Gods could either turn their world into a Daemon World, or teleport them somewhere else!

The thing with Warhammer is that Hope is shit! There is no hope for the ponies, either:

The Imperium kills them
Orks kill them
Eldar used them to death
Dark Eldar... lets not think about it
Tau enslaves/kills them
Necrons enslave/kill them
Tyranids eat them!
Chaos corrupts them!

And that is just the major factions! And when their die, their souls are DEVOURED by the Chaos Gods!


Oh nonsense.

The Imperium would only kill them AFTER the Inquisition had cut them open, tormented, and studied the hell out of them. Yes, I'm fairly certain the Inquisition has ways to keep things alive no mater what they are doing to them. Because reasons.

The Orks would see if they could train them to do things like carry stikk bombs into buildings or see if they tasted good enough to keep around for food. Probably treat them like squiggs. If all that fails then yeah they would kill em all. They would loot the ponies shiny stuff no matter what though.

4826353 If the ponies convert to Chaos couldn't they just turn their world into a Daemon World? After all, Daemons are infinite, Orks are not.

10 billion isn't infinite, but it's pretty close...
And daemons aren't infinite at all. Powerful, unpredictable, and eternal, perhaps, but even Warpspawn have limits.

4827373 Well Orks aren't part of the Big 3:


These guys could easily take over WH40k no problem. The Orks may have their Waaghs! but simply killing the leader ends the problem.

The Chaos Gods are the Big Bads of Wh40k since nobody could defeat them in-universe.

God-Emperor couldn't beat a Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Most of the Eldar Gods are dead
The C'tan are long past their prime/glory days
Gork and Mork don't exist

Khrone is capable of wiping out all life planetside, he did it at one point.

4787576 Nope, that would be my story. Be warn, I am not a great writer.

Pfft. NECRONS rank as one of the "Big 3"? A list that doesn't even include the Imperium?
The Necrons are no longer unified, most of their army is sitting around in stasis or broken down waiting to be plundered, and their primary galactic opponent can see the future and travel across the galaxy almost instantaneously. They'll be lucky to make the list of "Scary stories human mothers tell their children to make them behave" while the galaxy is slowly being chewed up by Tyranids and Chaos eats away at the Galactic West.

Meanwhile, the Imperium is the still the power to beat in the galaxy. It holds by far the most planets, has the most resources, and has the most to lose. But that doesn't have much to do with this story...

4827519 Celestial Orrey, just one swipe of the finger on that table/device and bye-bye Solar System!

The Necrons can forsee the future and go back in time. If he wanted to Imotekh, the Necron Overlord who owns the biggest Necron army and largest amount of Necron territory, could easily destroy Terra or kill the God-Emperor.

All he has to do is bring his fleet to the Solar System and Exterminatus Earth and Mars!

If that doesn't work, he could teleport inside with his super-elite troops, that make short work of Custodes Terminators!

He could also wake up the Void Dragon on Mars and... Well can the Imperium stop a C'tan?

His Crypteks could just time travel during the Age of Apostasy and kill the God-Emperor while everyone is busy.

He has more Deathmarks than the Imperium has Grey Knights, Exorcists and Custodes!

The only reason he is not doing that approach is that the downfall of the Imperium would leave a power vacuum which Chaos, Tyranids, Orks... and Necrons would fight to fill. So rather than start the End Times early, he conquers more and more territories and solidifies his postion

I mean no one is stopping his empire from growing. Sure the Imperium and Eldar may slow it to an extent, but he hasn't lost a planet yet! Once he takes something, it cannot be taken back!

Could you imagine if he took Armageddon? Any Hive world or Forge World? Not even the entirety of the Black Templars, Deathwatch and Space Wolves could beat his army!

Yeah, the Necrons can see the future... really badly. The shiny, self-important Magic 8 Ball that does it spends as much time correcting for his mistakes as he does putting the information to any good use. And time travel? The Necrons don't use time travel for any really useful purpose. Either they can't (time travel is a pretty game-breaking power, so it would make sense for it to have strong limitations), or they don't have the information necessary to make it exceptionally useful (which I'm pretty sure isn't the case; is there like a crazy historian Necron?)

All he has to do is bring his fleet to the Solar System and Exterminatus Earth and Mars!

Sure. Just like "all" Abbadon has to do is bring his fleet into the Terra system and Exterminatus Earth and Mars. Except his fleet will be blown to vapor in the process. As would a Necron fleet. There's too much firepower in that system for any force to just roll in without a proper Empire-breaking armada. The Necrons may well have that, of course, but they would have a savage fight ahead of them, and could easily fail anyway. There would be nothing easy or simple about it.

If that doesn't work, he could teleport inside with his super-elite troops, that make short work of Custodes Terminators!

Not really buying that. Even if he could just teleport his troops into one of the most secure fortresses in the galaxy, I've never seen or heard of Necron super-elite troops that measured up to Imperial super-elite troops. Never mind all the average-elite troops and non-elite troops that would be in their way.

He could also wake up the Void Dragon on Mars and... Well can the Imperium stop a C'tan?

As far as I'm aware, the Void Dragon is restrained and subdued, not just sleeping (I read Mechanicum, but like much 40K lore, it was pretty vague about what exactly was going on). I'm fairly certain Imho-whatsit can't just roll in, clap his hands, and then back off while Puff goes nuclear. And yes, the Imperium can stop a C'tan. Why couldn't they? C'tan aren't all-powerful. Star gods, right? Imperial weaponry has broken stars before, and there is a shite-ton of it on and around Mars and Terra.

The only reason he is not doing that approach is that the downfall of the Imperium would leave a power vacuum which Chaos, Tyranids, Orks... and Necrons would fight to fill. So rather than start the End Times early, he conquers more and more territories and solidifies his postion

Yeah... I'm not buying that either.
A power vacuum rather SUITS someone who's trying to accumulate planets and consolidate power on a galactic scale. If he's not afraid of fighting a strong Imperium with a functioning military hierarchy and near-unlimited resources at its disposal, why would he be afraid of fighting a weak, scattered bunch of isolated human colonies without no centralized power to protect them? And assuming any of the other forces you listed make headway with the Imperium out of the way; so what? None of them are any harder to beat than a determined and properly prepared Imperial fleet.
So either Imho is a strategic nitwit by leaving the core of the Imperium alone when he could cripple it with laughable ease... or he can't, because Necron technology isn't actually as all-powerful or insurmountable as you suggest.
As for whether some of the most accomplished and vicious Space Marine Chapters could beat his army... I don't know. It depends on what context. Maybe the Necrons would win if they lined up all their troops and the Chapters in question lined up theirs and then they went at it, but that's not how Necrons or Space Marines fight, so that'll never happen. But I find the prospect of the Necrons being rated as a threat on par with the Imperium and Chaos - never mind the Tyranids - to be a joke.

But I would like to reiterate that this still has very little to do with the story.

4827715 Trazyn the Infinite?

"Oh? My little Pony? I must acquire a sample!"

"Give me 200 of everything and my fleet will get you to another habitable planet!"

I haven't read this chapter yet, but I just saw this go up and wanted to say thank you for one of my favorite 40k crossovers thus far! I am really looking forward to this!

Also... "THERE IS NO WARP STORM GENERATOR!" just made me burst out laughing and has become one of my favorite moments in the series thus far.


Also... also... (just finished the chapter) the mane-six actually joining the Iron Warriors? This has to be the best possible plot twist since the Chaos Mark Champions. I have to admit, that I consider it to be a sign of an excellent writer to be able to write these kind of narrative developments well. What I mean specifically is, rather than cheap throwaway 'twists' that, whilst completely unexpected, leave the reader scratching his or her head thinking, "Well... that was as unexpected as it was arbitrary and unnecessary..." the kind of plot developments that I really appreciate, and see in abundance in this story, are not ones that are necessarily completely unexpected, but rather ones that the reader is able to predict just enough of to be drawn further into the story, in a sort of, "Wait... this this isn't going to happen is it?Oh wow it just did! But, nonetheless, not in precisely the way I was expecting, thus, on the one hand confirming my suspicions and rewarding me for paying attention to the narrative, but, on the other still surprising me and furthering my investment in the narrative as it unfolds! What does that mean is going to happen next?!" (Yes, I do think in run-on sentences. I hope it is not offensive inscribing my stream-of-consciousness into the comments section. Although, considering that is what most commentators seem to do on the internet, I doubt I will be in too much trouble.) In any case, what I mean to say is that, I find the narrative of this story to be especially superb, and it manages to straddle brilliantly the massive differences in tone between the two fictional universes. That is to say, too many promising crossovers fall into the trap of simply bludgeoning the one universe to death with the other, where either MLP smothers the other to death with love and tolerance, or the new universe (Which is almost invariably darker... come to think of it... it would be an interesting challenge to think of a universe where the introduction of ponies makes the setting somehow darker...) simply takes the world of the ponies and continually inflicts unremitting horror upon it. Of course, this problem is especially true with 40k crossovers, as it is the setting that effectively coined the phrase "grimdark", it is nigh impossible to avoid exploring the vast difference in tone between it and MLP. Unfortunately, for most stories, this means one of two things. Either it means Space Marines/Tyranids/Orks/Warpspawn stomping all over the ponies, watching them cry, and laughing as their screams for mercy go unanswered... which stops being funny... eventually. Or, it has the 40k universe either be completely befuddled, confused by, or unable to inflict serious damage upon the ponies, the only joke being the irony of Space Marines/Tyanids/etc being unable to triumph over cute and cuddly ponies... which stops being funny... just slightly more quickly than the former. But this story, on the other hand, manages to actually make the conflict between the vastly different universes a meaningful part of the narrative, have the denizens of both be confronted by the results of the two very different worlds coming together, react accordingly, AND (most importantly in my opinion) does so while never losing the sense of scale or danger that makes such an encounter interesting, whilst not relying on pointless tragedy/loss to remind the reader of the danger it was too lazy to make evident.

Okay... I probably need to stop commenting for the time being. Again, please understand that reading Hegel has done terrible things to my ability to compose sentence structures approaching the realm of sanity. (Dialectics... not even once...) I ask for your indulgence.

Thank you again for a magnificent chapter! I look forward to reading what comes after!

Kind Regards,


Oh, Sliver, you're such a grimy goofball! :rainbowwild:

I kinda imagined something like this would be your macguffin, I just wasn't sure on the how. That was some deal and it explains a lot. One part of that deal that I was a little surprised that wasn't mentioned was taking ponies as sacrifices(Dark, I know) or the rest of the Tau.

I like what Celestia did to Voidsong in ruining her pose. :trollestia:

Luna will be terrifying when it comes to battle.

This chapter made me smile. Always nice to see Chaos working its insidious corruption on a population, though this population seems to be doing some corrupting of their own=) :yay:

Like the Sqaut reference.


"Sliver! The church of my own greatness is open to all!" Said Nurgle

"Just as planned!" Said Tzeentch

"This isn't good!" Said the God-Emperor

Why aren't these more popular? They similar to fics like fallout equestria don't really require much or any knowledge of ether series and are well paced and well written. This cannot stand I propose that we loyal fans spread this around mercilessly. My first proposal is that we figure out how to put a page on TV tropes and what tropes would be on it.

This is a rather interesting turn of events, one that I hadn't seen coming, and that I'm unsure how I feel about. Chaos most definitely seems to be winning out over the ponies and harmony, at least for now. There are seeds within the ranks of Chaos, the seeds of friendship, but will they grow in time, is the question.

4883871 Its hard putting a page and linking it. I suggest getting help, as for the tropes:

ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! Fits one particular character
Clap your hands if you believe
Several magic tropes
Magitek Chaos Duh!

4883336 "Just as planned, another race falls to Chaos. Well can't be rude considering that's how I began my journey!" Huron Blackheart

By the end of M41, the Imperium is facing the End of Times. The Terrible Six destroy the leader of the Ultramarines, Papa Smurfs (Marneus Calgar)

Daemon Prince Solon conquers the Tau Empire, the Iron Warriors and their new allies proved too powerful. Now the Iron Warriors are the second most advanced subfaction of Chaos!

A new terror stalks the grounds of Krieg, its name Derpy Hooves, champion of Nurgle

I like you stories so far, but one question is bugging me to the point I wanting to take a newspaper to it, but are more then Big Mac and Trixie going to get Powered suits? I wouldn't mind seeing what Solon would have cooked up for our favorite mares.

I found the character development of Sliver to be quite interesting. That all the characters that started the series as card-board cut-outs have become distinct individuals in their own rights pleases me mightily.

And I concur with the conclusion that this story needs more Likes.

Really? You're wondering about this?
Putting the Mane Six in power armor is the entire POINT of this story.
It kind of snowballed along the way (my writing tends to do that), but all 580,000 words so far have been in aid of eventually getting to power-armored ponies.

... Well, okay, it more "snowstormed" than "snowballed", but whatever. I had fun with it.

Well, shucks! Thanks!
I do try to play on the contrast between the two mediums rather than just letting one wreck the other, which has been the great plot challenge. I decided early on to stick to one side being underpowered and undermilitarized (MLP) and the other largely disinterested (Chaos) as they approach each new challenge, and let Friendship and Necessity glue them together. Not everyone thinks I've got the right balance, since some readers call me out for the lack of pony corpses and others want to see some Alicorn Lazers, but hey, at least they're interested enough to care.
Also, don't worry; comments aren't judged on technique, just content :derpytongue2:

Pony sacrifices? Where? Are you talking about the psykers?
Establishing the portal doesn't require the psykers to be sacrificed. It DOES require general blood sacrifices, because Chaos, but soon they'll have Orks lining up to die.
And yeah, I promised Heitomos I would set Luna loose this Book.

But... Luna used Friendship on Solon! It was super effective! Doesn't that count?
And Gaela's newfound sense of empathy is at least strong enough that she's pissed off about it. That has to be worth something.

Whoops! Never mind.
Apparently this story is too popular for Seattle's Angels. Or at least Book 1 is. 1000 views is their cut-off.
Oh wellz! It's actually quite enough that my story is too popular for SA to consider it.


Oh absolutely! And thank you for the promise of some good Luna combat action. :P

And I suppose I was looking at it more as a quantity rather than a quality. Gaela doesn't hold much weight (yet) within the Iron Warriors, but Solon is becoming more and more friendly with Luna, and as the head of the company, that does carry significant weight. I think I was talking more about Chaos winning because of the whole bargain they made, but it's still going to be amazing to see where it goes!

Thanks for the reply,


"Meh. Any way you slice it, it's still blood for me." Said Khorne as he chugged the contents of a bloody goblet.


That's what I meant: General pony sacrifices. I could see the agreement to be Earth pony mares because they're everywhere and and the 38th doesn't seem impressed with them.

Well, besides Pinkie and Applejack.

Yeah, I guess that probably would have been a good thing for Sliver to bring up, just to make the horses mad :twilightangry2:
I suppose you can attribute it to the pirate mentality: use your enemy's resources first when you can.


I was thinking Sliver, but didn't want to put a name to this madness. :pinkiecrazy:


Surely it won't just end there!

aren't friends a wonderful thing Fluttershy? :fluttershysad:

also ponies will become humans meaty meals!...
well we are nice evil guys so only half a mare or a third of a stallion :pinkiecrazy:

hey whats the deal with the nutritional sludge? how can it taste bad!? won't it be feel bad since is goo?
and can you make jelly or flan from it? it may help with the flavor (texture) :trixieshiftleft:

finally I think the Nethalican sounds good it should stay :pinkiehappy:

I imagine that to anyone (or anypony, in this case) used to choosing food based on taste, nutrient paste would be awful just for the texture and lack of flavor. They probably could make it into something more palatable, but that kind of ruins the convenience and strict nutritional value; if a pony is going to cook the paste into something tasty, they might as well just use normal ingredients and make real food.

4886286 well I was more on improve the texture than to give it flavor
but I see your point yet won't it be better just to add flavoring powder? anyway

can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work!
those green skins won't sacrifice themselves :derpytongue2:

4886286 Notable factions in Ultima Segmentum:

The Smurfs/Ultramarines: Their Chief Librarian may be a problem

Red Corsairs: Pirates

Tyranids: Fortunately, warp storms are a big No-no for the bugs

Word Bearers: The legion and their Primarch are rejoicing in the good news that another race has joined Chaos

Blood Ravens: Too busy recovering to be a threat

Blood Angels: Too busy dealing with both Tyranids and Daemons

White Scars: Committed their entire force on Cadia

Black Templars: Most of them are on Cadia, though they may be stupid enough to send a small strikeforce.

Raven Guard: Dealing with a Full scale Waagh!

Deathwatch: Definitely the biggest threat the Imperials could send, though the bulk of their forces are either on crusades, stopping the Hive Fleet, or on Cadia.

Grey Knights: Half a company is a big deal, anything bigger and Equestria is gone

By the way, does this dark portal transforms Equestria into a Daemon World? If so, does it make the planet immune from Exterminatus

I think the name "Nethalican" is a fine name for a dark portal. Sounds neat and cool.

I'm not sure where you got a snapshot of Imperial forces at the "present" time of 40K, but this story need not take place at the same time. If I need/want a certain faction to show up, then I'm not going to be worried about whether or not a Chapter is supposed to be in the area in sufficient strength.
I'm not sure why Grey Knights would be a "big deal" to the Iron Warriors. They're daemon hunters. They have a very specific niche in their combat focus, and it certainly ISN'T dealing with well-fortified, well-armed human soldiers with Astartes backup; the Iron Warriors don't use many daemons outside of their war machines. And the fact that they're all psykers loses a lot of potency when the Company has all the pykers they could ever want to suppress them.
The most obvious threat to the Centaur system, assuming that the Orks are seen off successfully, would be the Tau. It's in their space, they saved a lot of firepower by completing the Emerald Dawn project, and they don't even know what a Warp storm is, much less why they should care. There were also plenty of survivors from Sept Lamman to explain to the conclaves what happened, and any follow-up invasion would be far more prepared for Chaos Space Marines.

And to answer your last question, no. No daemon world Equestria.

4887430 The latest Hive Fleet arrive around 997.M41 The fact you characters talk about them tells me the time.

There are several IMPORTANT events happening during the end of M41

13th Black Crusade

Invasion of Ultramar

Night of a Thousand Rebellions

Hive Fleet Leviathan

Last stand of the Raven Guard against Orks

Last stand of the Blood Angels against Tyranids and Daemons

Octarius War

Third and Fourth Spheres of Expansion

Third Armageddon War

Fabius Bile cloning the God-Emperor, although it would take centuries to be completed

The Imperium is FUCKED!

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