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This story is a sequel to Home is Where Your Curse is

The sorcerers have been defeated. Their artifact stolen from their grasp, their partnership ruined, their presumptive "rebellion" stamped out, and their base destroyed. Although the revolutionaries were not captured, their every plan fell apart to nothing before the arcane wit of Trixie Lulamoon and the martial prowess of Ranma Saotome. Even the mighty dragon prince Kamikazan, the last gambit of the dastardly unicorns, fled before the conquering heroes.
Yet Ranma and Trixie return to Equestria not as heroes, but as fugitives from Equestrian law. The great Serpent King has been weakened and humbled, but still roams the sky once more, seeking his former glory. Blood Rite hides in the shadows, seething with new hatred, his list of grievances running longer as his patience withers. Ever more enemies join the struggle to bring down the mysterious stallion known as "Havoc," leaving a veritable trail of destruction across the countryside. As the old threats fall silent, new ones emerge at pace, and peace seems more distant than ever.
It's a week just like any other for the Wild Horse.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 381 )

Yes!!! My one true crack ship returns! I have noticed that "Havoc" is now wanted dead while "Calamity" is wanted alive. I wonder how long it will take before everyone realizes that they are somehow the same pony?

Whoot! Update! Will read with vigor later.

Great to see the continuation of this great story, I can't wait to see what will happen next. Did Ranma actually killed ponies or did he miss the salamander's earlier victims? I am glade that I had notice the mistake on the bounty when it first cam out on DA.

Oh sweet, sequel is finally out. Lovely first chapter as once more Ranma wrecks an entire crew of ponies (and gryphons) and zombie ponies and a zombie salamander. Eventually you figure Trixie is going to ask for a tip or two in fighting since she can't always rely on him to be there. Then you get the events of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Hooves.

At the rate of which the bandits and bounty hunters continue to attack Ranma as implied in this chapter, if he takes gold from each pony he defeats then sooner or later Havoc's bounty is going to be hiked to insane amounts of money, yet bounty hunters won't want to go after him anymore if he keeps taking their money. All good for bluehorse :trixieshiftleft:. Hopefully some more actual romance in the romcom action too :trixieshiftright:

I haven't read the chapter yet, but that cover art. *Drool*

Ranma didn't kill any ponies, no. He might have even spotted the dead ponies who were later turned into zombies, but figured it wasn't that big a deal to see bodies around creepy abandoned shacks in the woods.


Hopefully some more actual romance in the romcom action too

You're either going to love the first chapter (should be out tonight or tomorrow) or be completely horrified!

Woo! Back in the saddle again.

...Please don't put Ranma in a saddle. I think it might break his eggshell mind.

Heh, really funny how Havoc's list of criminal activities runs off the page.

Would Ranma be proud or annoyed that his bounty is way higher than anypony else?

Ranma learns the drawbacks and advantages of pegasi physiology. You got me wondering if he'll bring a cloud down to sleep on. Better than rocks!

Also nice to see that Trixie is finding ways to help out, even if it isn't her job. She's growing quite a collection of baubles and they don't even cause her to go crazy!

Oh, one last thing, is the title of this new story a reference to another well known Ranma 1/2 fanfic? Seems to be. Or could be a coincidence. Maybe...

As always, love the work and looking forward to more!

The madness continues, Yay:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy: If you really start to think about it, wings are overrated. If you really want to fly, gravity or magnetism powers are the way to go. Plus you get all kinds of bonus abilities with gravity or magnetism. Maybe Ranma could develop one or the other to fly as an Earth pony. Both magnetism and gravity have a ( at least modern) mystical connection to the earth element.

By the way, any chance of you going back and continuing some of your old Ranma stories?

He'd be proud. Like being a girl, he takes the attitude that if he's going to be a criminal insurgent, at least he's really good at it.
This title is not a reference to anything except the general plot of the story.

I think Ranma's got enough going on without turning him into an X-man (X-mare?) too.
As for the old Ranma fics, I'm afraid not. I'm done. I just want to get my current projects to an acceptable end point before I lose interest in them, too.

One notes (in reference to RanmaChaos's comment) that Ranma doesn't need to manipulate magnetism to improve-- once he gets a hang of the whole Earth Pony thing.

All he really needs to do is used the Earth magic to anchor himself to the ground, and the Hiryuu Shoten HA becomes easy for ponies. Well, one pony. Specifically one pony who has problems with water, and wings and bounty hunters, and love-struck princesses, and...

Now Ranma has a rap sheet across all three of his names. When all is said and done Celestia is going to need on heck of a stiff drink and that is before she finds out just how he got here. Plus Ranma is a better fit in the long run for Trixie the old Prince Blueblood.

Well this chapter was an interestingly pleasant respite and felt closer to the actual Ranma 1/2 series than a lot of the rest. I have to admit as a fan of Ranma 1/2 (both the manga and the anime) I find this and the previous story interesting but with a lot of issues. My main issue is that if you would rate Ranma's problems before in the anime/manga as normal then this feels like the dial got turned to 11(mostly due to the authorities). Also the way the characters are handled frustrates me to the point of disliking or outright hating almost everyone asides from our main protagonists and that's including the characters that should be or are normally liked. With the problems caused and how they're handled it loses most of it comedic effect and just gets annoying. It also feels like you've made Ranma into a bit of an idiot. While socially inept and in preference of physical solutions (only because it's easier) in certain cases he does know there's a time for tact he just chooses to avoid such situations if he can due to frustration. It feels like you're trying with the bigger is better deal for conflict with your story and while that may be true for the actual fights it's horrible for the comedy and hinders the story making it all feel rather forced, especially to someone who knows the source materials. The issues with the authorities are also stagnant with him only being recognized for the bad which is horribly obnoxious considering there are those of authority who know better. For a comedy it works better if the relationship with authority does more of a yoyo. If you keep it bad it just gets rather depressing and frustrating even if the hero can kick all the plot he likes. The relationship between Ranma and Trixie however is well handled and fits the Ranma 1/2 style while providing a female lead that is actually understanding of Ranma and his circumstance despite being frustrated with him which is a pleasant improvement over most Ranma stories (both official and fanfic) as that was the main thing that bothered people I knew who didn't like the anime or manga. Interestingly enough this story is written well so that none of the issues make or brake the story though over time they can wear it down.

TLDR: It's a good story but has grown a bit stagnant outside of combat in some things especially the comedy (this chapter being one of a few nice exceptions) .

I just noticed the Romance tag and I didn't think you had it in you to go that route. I'm sure there will be plenty of misunderstandings and at least one new love triangle. It seems Ranma is warming up to the fact that he'll be pony the rest of his existence.

I was wondering why Trixie wasn't part of the poster collection and can't wait to to have some PoV from any of the Princesses. And for how long would they allow Blueblood to fraternize with these two when(or if) they finally learn of it.

No, he managed to get away with this one.
"Mysterious gray pony with the funny name" isn't wanted just yet.

Interesting analysis.
I don't really have anything to say to defend myself, except that the persisting absence of law enforcement in Ranma 1/2 has long been a running joke of mine, and I enjoy subverting that. Also, punishing people for their crimes while ignoring their charitable deeds is exactly how law enforcement works (shrug).
I take it to a ridiculous extreme, of course, but I find that hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

The last arc had romance too! Swan Song was totally all over Ranma while all he really wanted to do was kick her in the head and take her stuff. That's Ranma 1/2 romance in its purest form!

I don't even want to try to discuss Japan's actual criminal punishment system and enforcement. However in a system with nobles and royalty like Equestria things can get convoluted. Let's not forget in a lot of cases in most law enforcement there are situational allowances especially in defense of oneself or others. Unless you're trying to paint either a tyranny and/or corrupted law enforcement for story purposes overkill is still overkill considering the lack of proper investigation. If not then as things get resolved you have a lot of ponies and others that deserve their comeuppance. Either way my main point is that after a while 'the law is after me for something I didn't do' shtick grows old when used for comedy. There are more things I want to say about it but you're trying to write a an adventure comedy with a dash of romance and a lot of things tend to get overlooked in most of those with the exception of ironic/karmic justice which I hope we shall start to see. The law enforcement thing probably wouldn't stand out as much if like in most comedies they actually got in trouble for their mistakes or incompetence such as disobeying direct orders, ignoring a witness's account, and adding false charges for the sake of getting peoples attention.

It's still a good story just some things stick out


Well, yeah, however, that romance was directed toward Ranma and him being the proverbial fish out of water. I've seen some hints this chapter that Ranma is reaching out a little without the end goal being feed and Trixie may have caught on to that. I don't think Blueblood would work out with Trixie as much as she thinks it does. I could be wrong.


So Blueblood didn't do a Kuno and decide that he must have Trixie and Ranma both. Kudos to you for avoiding turning him into a running gag.

This was a great chapter and I honestly didn't really miss the normal violence that usually follows. Excellent job with that and thank you. The comedy was great and Ranma did pull off a rather convoluted and implausible scheme. I honestly thought he'd ruin everything with his hotness and make Trixie look plain and boring next to him. I was happily surprised.

I don't really have a problem with Trixie and Blueblood having an on and off again long distance romance. This opens up opportunities of letting them have a friend in high places and more shenanigans. With Blueblood now familiar with the duo but not enough to have all the details I can imagine that things will only get more confusing in the royal court with Celestia now getting even more conflicting versions of the 'rebels' from Luna, Twilight and Spike, and now Blueblood. Oh Celestia, with so many different accounts on Ranma male, Ranma female, Havoc, Calamity, and now Trixie, who knows what sort of misinformed orders will be coming out of Canterlot?

It's great to see this continued and I hope you take care!

Another enjoyable chapter. Great job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Wow, that was a nice, massive chapter.

I suppose that Blueblood doesn't recognise Trixie's name as somepony to watch out for either means nopony has bothered to mention her as a pony of interest (perhaps Twilight decided not to have a notice out for her, especially since at least from what Spike would see, the only potential crimes Trixie might have committed were all aimed at freeing Twilight), or Blueblood just doesn't care about any wanted ponies, with only the name Havoc getting through to him because of how many times it's been repeated.

At some point, Ranma is going to have to beggar some bits off of Trixie to go to a regular buffet. Considering the amount they're travelling, by the time he gets kicked out of all the buffets in one city they can move on to the next :trixieshiftright: And now that you had Ranma steal an entire cake, I'm going to be disappointed if several chapters down the line we don't get a scene with Ranma swiping a whole cake right out from under Celestia's muzzle.

Honestly though I thought Prince Blueblood was going to steal Ranma's first kiss as a mare :pinkiegasp: It would have made for a neat callback to Mikado Sanzenin, whose name I still remember even though it's been 8 years since I read the manga. Blueblood seems to have enough sense to avoid the crazy in Ranma, though there's enough crazy in Trixie still, albeit of a different type.

At least Trixie didn't have self-esteem issues from Ranma possibly looking better than her as a mare and dressed up :trixieshiftleft:

... :trixieshiftleft:
... :trixieshiftright:
You're not wrong.


So Blueblood didn't do a Kuno and decide that he must have Trixie and Ranma both.  Kudos to you for avoiding turning him into a running gag.

I didn't even think of that.
I'm glad I didn't, because I probably would have gone and done it, too.

Trixie? Self-esteem issues? Never! :trixieshiftleft:

(Sees absolutely no shipping complaints and slowly emerges from bunker, surprised and just slightly disappointed)

Glad to see an update, I am hoping to see more interaction between Ranma and Mane 6 in this story compared to the last one.

You will not be disappointed*!

*by this specific aspect of the story arc

O my good Blueblood is the reincarnation of Kuno, if a lot smarter. I think Ranma and and Blueblood might actually find common grounds when it comes to unwanted attention and having woman pounce at them for what ever prestige they might bring to to them. I doubt that that would ever happen of having to compare notes with each other. I wander if Blueblood is going to run after Ranma for the getting his alter egos affections like Kuno did? that would be just like Ranma to get that sort of unwanted attention. Still it was a great chapter even if there wan't much action in it, but the inteaction between Ranma and Trixy was interesting, I don't know if it could ever blossom into anything but it was nice to see Ranma going out of his way to please her in someway.

Long chapters are great, but it makes pointing out standout moments much harder, especially when a standout moment happens every other paragraph.

Ah, this is classic Ranma shenanigans right here. The martial arts fights are great, but it's the downtime arcs that sometimes flesh out characters even more. You don't really know a person until they've schemed to crash a highbrow party, bluff their way in, lay low some guards, terrorize the upper class, and demolished their buffet table. You know, as you do.

Ranma Saotome: protégé martial artist, capable of inhuman acts against the laws of nature, and the greatest enemy to all pastry based delicacies.

One final word on Ranma is that I love how you showed how he can string together a clever act to get what he wants (or what his friends want).

Very interesting to see Trixie's thoughts on romance. She is the type I don't see settling down much, given her nomadic lifestyle. It makes sense that she'd be reluctant to give that up, even if that meant a luxurious life. You can't keep a good performer down!

Also funny to see Trixie feeling dumbfounded with all the events swirling around her. She was in a dazed funk through much of this chapter but still manages to be entertaining.

Looking forward to more!

Good new start.

.... why I have the feeling that sooner or later Trixie will join the Fianceé Brigade (even if all the rest are dead and buried under the sands of time)?

... I have the impression that Blueblood's personal dentists will be more than happy to see him in the near future.

Oh man, I absolutely adore Ranma's feminine side! Everything Ranma did in this chapter is gold! Additionally, I can't wait for the eventuality of Trixie and Ranma getting together. It's inevitable. They're so perfect for each other, given that they spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with each other and still enjoy the other without wanting to kill the other. Those kinds of relationships make for the best couples.


One final word on Ranma is that I love how you showed how he can string together a clever act to get what he wants (or what his friends want).

Ranma's hatched his share of clever plans.
Sometimes they're even clever enough that they work!

Very interesting to see Trixie's thoughts on romance. She is the type I don't see settling down much, given her nomadic lifestyle. It makes sense that she'd be reluctant to give that up, even if that meant a luxurious life. You can't keep a good performer down!

Trixie seems to me like the type who'd be tempted by the lifestyle of being some noble's trophy wife, but couldn't stand the indignity of it. She'd be bored and divorced within a year. :duck:

They go everywhere together, pool their resources, sleep in the same bed, and constantly make sarcastic jabs at each other. They're pretty much happily married, save a ring and some smooching.

At long last. I have been waiting for this sequel story since your finished the old one.

I can proudly say it was worth the wait.

I already feel a foreshadowed sympathy for Trixie. With how this chapter, it seems clear that Trixie will either begin to have or begin to admit (to herself) that she has feelings for Ranma. But with all she knows, she will realize that Ranma will never return those feelings ... unless you will have Ranma slowly accept his new life and species. If that is the case, then the possibility of a relationship between the two would be welcoming. Either way, love your story.

The only criticism I could think of off hand is that Trixie's ability to shrug off Ranma's weirdness seems to have backslid after realizing Ranma's talent for using his female form to that extent. She was fully non-responsive for minutes. Considering all that they went through in the first story, I don't think it would have been that surprising.

Can't wait to see if Trixie assaults Blueblood for potential sexual advances without her consent or if Ranma will do it for her.

I'll be honest; I was ready to launch a full defense of Trixie thinking Ranma was weird for embracing his female aspect, but after I sat down and thought about it you're right.
Ranma's behavior IS weird, because he has very traditional views of masculinity and loathes his curse. That's why it's jarring and funny in canon when he does act like a girl and actually seems good at it. But thinking back on what I've written so far, I'm pretty Trixie doesn't know that, so she has no particular frame of reference to be so stunned. Ranma hasn't been under any kind of pressure to prove his manliness or impress anypony. So it shouldn't be all that weird to her that somebody who's spent years turning into a female is used to acting like a female.

So this chapter was wrong. Oops :twilightblush:


Huh, and I thought Trixie would just come to the conclusion that Ranma was in denial about being gay and that's why she was stunned. He was very against sleeping with Swan Song, has fabulous wardrobe skills, admitted to having a harem but never did anything with them, really goes all out in female form, etc. In hindsight it really should have been obvious to her.

After all of Ranma's macho fighting and rough crudeness I just figured that this threw her for a loop a bit because it seems to contradict earlier Ranma weirdness at a time when she thought she was getting a handle on things. Plus if ponies have no problem with homosexuality then the idea that he could be in denial would be an alien concept to her at first and thus confusing. That and seeing this side to Ranma makes clear that she hasn't scratched the surface of the chaos around him and the sheer depth of unpredictability is actually a lot deeper than she thought even after all this time traveling together.

Of course this would be wrong, but she has no frame of reference and doesn't know his backstory so it's easy to come to the wrong conclusion. But she may also be feeling a bit conflicted right now as well if she's beginning to develop feeling for him but now thinks he's not available.

I've always saw the times when Ranma would willingly use his female form as him treating it like a disguise. And I mean, he treated it like a mask, as something that was not him. So he can dress up and eat 'girly' parfaits because he knows that he is a guy deep down and he's only using that form as a means to an end. If he wanted something or it would further a plan, then he would go all out being girly and be proud that if he did turn into a girl then at least it was a hot one, but at his core he was a guy and nothing could change that and he'd fight tooth and nail to prove it if challenged. A result I guess from being raised by Genma. A guy who talked so much about honor but was a giant thief and swindler. But when it came to the 'important' promises like the Tendo agreement, he'd actually fight to keep that one up. So it's all flexible until someone pushes too hard.

Anyway, we'll see where the story goes.

Also, just had another scene pop up.

A slow sip, elegant and refined, joined the soft melody of morning sounds as Princess Celestia took in her coffee and breakfast. This time of day following the raising of the sun was a time of quiet preparation as she took in sustenance, mentally organized her schedule, and spent time with her sister.

"Garbage! This Havoc MUST be a different pony than my eternal rival Ranma Saotome!" said sister bellowed as she slammed her hoof down upon the table as she read the morning paper.

As much of a relief it had been to Celestia to learn of the death of her sister's dreamy school filly crush on the pony in question, she was now filled with a new concern as Luna's interest in the mysterious pony took on a new form.

"He may be crude, and brash, and arrogant, and tactless, and rude, and foul, and infuriating, and vexing, and have a poopy face that makes me want to just pound it into the ground until there is but a red smear left behind!" the moon pony ranted, "but he is also a true warrior, a noble and savage combatant that does no indulge in petty destruction and mayhem. Nay! He would never flex his rippling musculature in an act of simple vandalism, nor aim his thunderous blows towards the innocent, or exert his powerful and barbaric thrusts of raw strength upon those that could not defend themselves. He truly is a worthy opponent and I will not stand for this baseless slander upon his stupid sexy self!"

Behind her iron mask of calm, the sun princess cringed as she missed her little sister's dreamy school filly crush. This NEW fascination with the stallion was even more worrying and it was taking everything she had on some days to keep her beloved baby sister from flying out alone and re-challenging the stallion. At this point she wasn't even sure anymore if Luna wanted to kill him or mate with him.

'Hate sex is best sex'.

Blasting that cancerous thought with a scorching beam of denial, Celestia went back to trying to restore her inner peace. The recent political rancor from the nobility had not been making her job trying to calm the populace down any easier. And the recent stories from her nephew and the Manehatten upper class were if anything even more disturbing. But still, that was all they were, stories. It was a sad but true fact that stories had a tendency to take on a life of their own and soon exaggerations of clearly impossible feats began circulating. Taking a deep breath, she began to mentally prepare herself once more to handle with the trials of the day.

Alas it would be for naught as the chamber doors swung open, a pair of guards escorting a lone mare into the room.

"We apologize your Majesties but this pony claims that ancient law permits her entry," a guard spoke as he and the others dropped down in a respectful bow.

Taking in the teal coated mare, the elder princess recognized the old but official badge that the pony wore. With pursed lips and a slight narrowing of her eyes, a small but powerful sense of concern settled within her. "Be at ease my little ponies, please return to your duties and leave us be."

"Sister, do you know this pony?" the other princess within the room asked.

Nodding her head, the solar monarch turned to the lead pony. "Rule Breaker, it is a pleasure to see you again after all this time, please, what news is so important that you would seek me out before the daily court?"

Wiping a bead of sweat from her brow, the lone pony looked as if she would rather be anywhere else but before her princess. With a hesitant voice she addressed the larger pony. "I'm very sorry to interrupt your personal time, your majesty - both your majesties!" she stammered as she also turned to bow to Luna. "It's just that, well, you see.... it's just that, and I'm very sorry about this, but according to the ancient laws passed nearly 1,000 years ago I need to inform you immediately, well not inform but-“

“Take a deep breath my little pony.”

Gulping down a mouthful of air the green maned pony blurted out, “I have come to strip you of your title!”

“FIEND! Has Blood Rite recruited another minion into his employ?” Rearing up, the lunar monarch charged her horn as she prepared to subdue the pony before her. But before she could launch her attack a gold shod hoof placed itself between her and her target.


With a beautiful smile gracing her lips, Princess Celestia gazed oddly intensely down upon Rule Breaker and ever so slightly tilted her head. “Why my dear pony, I had not known that you had joined in with the recent political turmoil. But I’m afraid that I will have to politely decline. Now if that is all I must insist that you go about your way.”

“Sister, I cannot help but feel as if I am missing something,” Luna spoke from beside her sibling.

“No no, Lulu, there is nothing else. I’m sure that poor Rule Breaker here is simply suffering from exhaustion and just needs to lay down,” Celestia replied as she turned quickly but gracefully away, walking purposefully towards the doors.

“Begging your pardon your Majesty, and I apologize for the confusion, but I must inform you that your title-“

“Is still intact. There had been no witnesses as I understand,” the alabaster ruler injected.

“Witnesses? Sister, is there something you wish to tell me?”

Looking between the two alicorns, Rule Breaker decided to address the one that had spoken first. “There was indeed a witness. On the night in question, a door guard spotted a certain pony as she made her way to the back of an unused garden shed. Questioning the individual as to their intentions, the guard was told, ‘Look buddy, I don’t care anymore, I earned this.’ It was then the guard witnessed, and I quote, ‘a scene of mastic-tic horror the likes no pony should ever have to see’. Follow up teams inspecting the site was able to corroborate the guard’s story with the physical evidence, or lack thereof, at the scene. “

“No,” Celestia shook her head in disbelief. “That pony is barely a quarter of my size, how can this be?”

“Seriously sister,” stepping up to her sister, Luna leaned in next to her giving support to her kin. “What is going on? Let me help you through this.”

“I’m sorry Princess Luna,” Rule Breaker sadly shook her head. “But this is something that bars outside help. Princess Celestia, as the head of the Gin-Neigh’s Book of Equestrian Records, I am obligated to inform you that our oldest record, the first ever record ever recorded in modern Equestrian history and the one believed to be truly unbreakable, has been broken. I remove you as the title holder for ‘Most Cake Eaten in One Sitting’ and hear by award the title to the pony, Ranma Saotome.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Her legs collapsing from under her, it was only by the support of her sister that the former record holder of 1,0002 years remained standing. “You can’t! I held that title for so long! I-I’m not a young mare anymore, my metabolism isn’t what it was. My… my best cake eating years are behind meeeeeeee-hhhheeee!” Celestia wailed as her voice broke down at the end.

Her face a droll mask of contempt Luna stepped away from her sibling and let the older alicorn fall to the ground in tears. “Really, that’s what this was about sister? You actually passed a law to let you know if anypony broke your stupid record in the hopes of re-challenging them?” Shaking her head the ruler of the night left the scene behind her as she trotted off to bed. “I really worry about your sometimes sister dear.”

Ha! Gay!
That's totally a reasonable conclusion, actually. Although Trixie would have no reason to think he's into stallions since he's still a human inside.
And yeah, the mask theory is a good one, but the fact that he enjoys some aspects of his girl form for giving him "freedom" from his masculine ego says a lot about him.

(Reads attached mini-chapter)
So what I got from that is Celestia went on a historic celebratory cake binge about a thousand years ago. What happened about a thousand years ago? :trollestia:


8003578 I was thinking it was a little more than 1000 years so right before NMM. Or it could be that she eats when she's upset.:derpytongue2:

Ice cream is for sad binging. :pinkiesad2:
Cake is for happy binging :pinkiehappy:


8004483 Are you saying that cake is not the be all and end all of foods?


Still holding out hope that Ranma eventually reclaims his rightful body as a mostly bald primate.

Surely one of those random effects is going to be 'Break Enchantment' eventually?

Wow. Ranma sure is good at getting ponies together.

It's a shame Ranma and Trixie are taking so long to see that they're perfect for each other. :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, not necessarily a complaint, but Blood Rite Looks like half his muzzle was lobbed off... was the image commissioned based on what he looked like after Ranma cow-punched him in the face? Also, not suggesting something akin to lenticular posters exist in Equestria or wherever but I would have thought a animated ephemeral poster of Trixie used as a flier in the middle would really sell the image.

I Also kind of pictured a wanted poster of Ranma looking more like Sombra without the horn and a Dick Dastardly or Fu Manchu 'stache. Otherwise he cannot be cleverly disguised with glasses.

too bad Trixie isn't a traveling executioner button sales pony or marshall prosecutor like in Turnabout Storm...

ha ha ha ha ha, Ranma will be fine on her own, but I'm surprised afluenza is so easily swayed by henpecked arrogance. I'm sorry, but that is absolutely laugh out loud funny. Although, I'm sure he's fantasizing about a manage a troi or starting a herd given the two mares were practically inseparable until he figured out which one was which. That was some good mind play on Ranma's part given how oblivious she is. She must have gained experience pairing up kuno and nabiki or akane and kuno as a distraction tactic.


8003578 Just responding to what you said about Trixie having no reason to assume that Ranma would not be into stallions as he is human inside.

It's already been shown that Trixie assumed that he'd have no problem sleeping with Swan Song despite being human inside. She could jut think that certain standards of beauty are universal. She'd be wrong, but still a reasonable assumption on her part.

Okay, but he's already corrected her on this point.
Besides, Trixie didn't really think about whether Ranma would find Swan attractive. She just assumed he'd be up to the task regardless (no pun intended).

i love this story.

by the way i don't remember if i said this or not in the last one, but wouldn't Ranma own the whole of Equestria if not the world. as the masses were wiped out with no heirs, wouldn't the properties fall to the custodianship of the governments. with Ranma being the sole survivor by default making him the prime minister if not the emperor of Japan. and as all the other countries fell their property would fall to the custodianship of the U. N. who's surviving member would be Japan. thus Ranma owns the world, and every pony is trespassing.

That is a completely reasonable take on the end of human civilization, albeit one that never occurred to Ranma himself.
Besides, he wouldn't want the world now. It's full of jerks and monster cats.

8088825 yeah that makes sense, but can you image the panic Celestia would be in if Discord pointed that out.

and i can't help but feel that Bloodrite already won, the moment he unleashed Ranma on the world.

"Dine and dash, cake theft-"

"Wait, cake theft is its own separate crime?"

"Celestia really likes cake."

"Well, sure. But mine doesn't mean anything, so I can ignore it." Ranma spread a wing and then lightly slapped the eight-pointed star on her flank.

Oh, Ranma, how little you know. I do hope that he meets Discord at some point, who explains that Ranma's mark represents Chaos-as-destruction or something and Trixie remembers that comment.

Kamikazan sounds like an interesting character so far and seem to be perfect to be part of the cast of characters for this kind of story. I hope
I wonder what was the other two suitors that Celestia felt it was necessary to seal away. I am guessing that the other two were Discord and probably Sombra, and they did tick her off so much? I wonder what she those two see in Celestia's cake filled crump. I was really hope to see I really hope to see Blood Right again soon.

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