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Codex 38th Company (Part 5 - Revision) · 9:39pm October 25th

This part is all about them weasely gray critters, the Tau, and all their lovable tools friends working for the Greater Good!
Except not, because they're working for Chaos now. Ha! Updated for 8th Edition.

Codex 5 Supplemental - Detachment Xenis
This section contains rules for fielding Tau Empire units in a 38th Company army.

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Age of Iron

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I'm at the part where they finally make planet fall, plus I'm encapsulated by the "machine touched" aspect they brought into the subplot of one of the "workers".

I have! A fantastic 40k trilogy!
Also it's why I get upset now when I see a normal-sized Mechanicus ship in a game label an "Ark Mechanicus." Dude, no.

I've been wondering, have you by any chance read "Priest of Mars", "Lords of Mars" & "Gods of Mars" by Graham McNeill?

Well, now that you mention it, I could update the other Codices.
I was originally planning to re-do all of them for 8th Edition but the ones I revised took quite some time and didn't get much interest, so I stopped halfway or so.
As for Gears and Phage Squadron, they're largely represented through other unit types (Techpony, Plague Witch, etc.). They're not particularly strong or important enough to get a special profile, and I wouldn't want to do one for every pony lucky enough to have a name.

Sorry to be a bother but do you currently have any plans to update the rest of the 38th Company Codex to 8th edition? the lunar and darkmech units were really interesting in 7th ed, and I'd love to see your take on them in 8th! Also, did you ever intend to write specific rules and statblocks for Gear Works and Phage Squadron?

thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!

Whoah, good news :pinkiehappy:

Yes. A great deal, actually.
Just waiting on a piece of cover art...

Nah, just checking how's going over there... Something whirring in the cogitators?

Yes? Can I help you?

hello hello hello! somecreature over there?

I refer to the comics occasionally, like Luna knowing Big Mac and Blackthorne's brief feature as a Centaur denizen. But I wouldn't base a chapter off of any.

Are any of the comics canon to this? In particular, did the Nightmare Rarity happen? I can already guess Eqg and all the alternate reality stuff isn’t, as that wouldn’t really be easily explainable; though I guess Warhammer 40k and Fantasy both technically take place in the same multiverse

Nothing is really happening with the Crystal Empire. As far as the 38th Company knows, or cares, it's a territory of Equestria and part of their alliance.
And frankly, if Cadence tried to claim differently, everyone would just ignore her and go on like it was.

The Nightmare was still The Nightmare. It was its own unique magical entity that needn't be explained through Warhammer canon.
But in Age of Iron all magic is fundamentally corrupt from its source in the Warp. So many magical creatures, items, and energies that seem to be fundamentally evil rather than intelligently evil (like say, the Alicorn Amulet) can blame their nature on Warp corruption.
Does that apply to the Nightmare? I don't know. But it wasn't a Chaos daemon, certainly.

So, two questions:

1. What’s happening with the Crystal Empire? Is Cadence going to great lengths to prevent notable contact or something? Is also guess they’d be the most reluctant to ally with the Iron Warriors do to their past with Sombra

2. What was Nightmare Moon in this? Did a Daemon possess Luna or something, which tends to be the explanation in Warhammer crossovers it was it something else?

I see, Thanks anyway.

Do you not get the voter information guide? Or are you looking for something that explains them in more detail/laymen's terms?
I don't have any special sources, I just have a clear stance on most issues (libertarian) so I can quickly tell if I like or don't like a policy.

Hi, your political savy and I was hoping you could help me. I'm from California and I was wondering if you knew of a site, youtube video, or whatever that could help me with the California propositions. I'd really like to avoid screwing over myself and my fellow Californians with conservative and special interest bullshit.

.....poke......poke..poke.......poke poke poke....I will keep poking you until we hear from you.:pinkiesmile:.....poke...poke poke.....POKE....poke poke poke.....

mmm perhaps, anyway all of this is up to the writer

I'll have to disagree; I think I could basically read any amount of this universe.

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