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I'm re-posting the roster with fixed links and a few updates.

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If you are open to PMs, I will tell you there so as to not give any spoilers out in the open that others may stumble across.



Although, I could politely ask one of the readers or even the author to explain what exactly happened. I don't care about the spoilers, I just want to go exactly why the Tau is so hated by the ponies?

Especially that the Tau are technically more "mortally good" than everybody else in WH40K galaxy.


Or maybe you shouldn't complain about stories you're not even going to read.


Agree to disagree.

Besides, I posted my comment last year, and another back in February. And now, you're commenting about it?


Says the guy complaining on an author's profile about the content of their story that they won't even read...


You don't have to be a total jerk, okay. :ajbemused:


"Whaaaa! I'm mad the ponies don't like the Tau, but I can't put in any effort into finding out why, so I'll whine about it instead. Whaaaaa!"


I actually don't want to read this very long series to get a small answer out of it.


Maybe you should read WHY they are mad at the Tau?


I'm not fully a Tau player. I'm just unnerved at the ponies for being too angry at a faction that is quite literally a "morally good/grey" than MOST of the WH40K factions combined. That it's luscious.

Tau player spotted

Besides that, this is just a bit of fun fiction. I never got why some ponies get angry about it. I for one think the story is fine.

I agree with you

If you're already mad at the plot before you've read the story, you should probably just move on.

I have questions to ask about.

Firstly, I haven't read this entire Pro-Chaos/Iron Warrior fan series.

But what I do know ( From your blogs and comment sections. ), is that I'm getting really tired of the ponies hating the Tau so damn frickin much!!??

Makes them no better, hypocritical, or just as biased/racist/xenophobic like the Imperium of Man against fellow Aliens/Xenos. ( Orks, Tyranids, and Dark Elder are the exceptions to be fully hated. While Chaos is just Chaos. )

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Them disliking Chaos instead. Because we know that Chaos itself is obviously the pure evil/bad in WH40K setting. Why do they side with undoubtedly more evil faction?

Are they that oblivious?

Sure, it's technically the Tau forces fault for bringing in the Orcs here. But, I doubt they did it on purpose to doom Equestria!?

Besides, even without the Tau.

Their little planet is gonna be find out eventually. I mean, our Iron Warrior "protagonists" find them too, so why doesn't a different faction miraculously got lucky as well?

And it's frickin ironic that these friendship loving and harmony ponies are hating on the only faction that is essentially more "morally good" than the other factions that are heavily morally grey, or different levels of evil ( Like say, Chaos!!! ) !!!???

Why is that?

P.S. The ponies are more better off with Farsight's Enclave, their the official purely GOOD faction.

P.S.S. I also heard that Celestia frickin sucks and nobody likes her too.

Anytime, my awesome possum dude! :rainbowdetermined2:

Always here if you need a friend. 😇

Anyways, love your age of iron stories. Bet the Imperial Guard just be like: Hmmmmm.... Not worth the effort.

That's too bad. I thought I might see you at the writer's forums there.

Nah, I don't attend many conventions these days. Getting too old for that sort of thing :raritydespair:

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