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Dark Scribe of the 38th Company, Iron Warriors Legion, come to bring the glory of Chaos to the realm of Pony.


The Virgin Gaela vs The Chad Tellis · 12:22am May 4th, 2020

This came up in the Black Horizons replies, so I went ahead and had EZ draw it out.

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Yeah, I'm still here. Next chapter is almost ready too.

Just wanted to check and make sure you were still kicking about? Dangerous times we live in, plague and all that. Hope you're well and feeling creative.

he not a all star he a ork star now i want to hear a ork version of that song

Was he an All Star? :D

I was just reminded of one of my warhammer 40k ocs his name is ork warboss Smash Mouth he live in a swamp

The last chapter of Iron Hearts Book 4.

Which chapter does Luna get power armor?

The probe in your war hammer story sounds a lot my like friends


I have a little anger problem

More Ranma please

At the rate I'm progressing, it won't be a problem!
For real though, the nice thing about 40k lore is that the scale is so vast that I can easily construct something unique without having to spin it as an "alternate universe."
MLP, on the other hand...


Would it be better to wait for the new 9th edition to come out first before proceeding as it looks like it will cover sisters of Battle and may tweak their lore a bit or simply go ahead?

I guess I'm just curious on how you manage to handle any updates Games Workshop puts out. Do you try to incorporate every change or since the beginning when chaos cultists met pastel ponies this should all be considered an alternate universe?

It's unlikely to be more traumatic than the opening of the Circatrix Maledictum, certainly, which is the main tie-in that I'm considering.

Really enjoying your Age of Iron stories and your Ranma crosses. It was your fiction that got me interested in 40K, so I wanted to thank you for that. As I learn more about the lore, your stories get even better. I did want to ask, will the new Psychic Awakening lore get folded in? If so, I'm curious whether the Centaur system would even notice due to their stability and the constant warp storms?

Oh, I'm doing very well actually.
Not making great progress on the stories, unfortunately, but they're coming along.

I hope you are alright in these times worlds going mad.

40,000 vore hammers sounds like something straight out of the Warp:rainbowderp:.

40,000 is a lot of vore hammers :rainbowderp:

I told my friend I was reading an MLP x Warhammer 40k fanfic series.
He misheard it as MLP vore fanfic series.

I'm at the part where they finally make planet fall, plus I'm encapsulated by the "machine touched" aspect they brought into the subplot of one of the "workers".

I have! A fantastic 40k trilogy!
Also it's why I get upset now when I see a normal-sized Mechanicus ship in a game label an "Ark Mechanicus." Dude, no.

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