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Dark Scribe of the 38th Company, Iron Warriors Legion, come to bring the glory of Chaos to the realm of Pony.


Codex: 38th Company (Part 3 - Revision 2) · 6:12am Dec 11th, 2017

So here's the part with all the Codex-specific rules and pony-oriented wargear. With this you can use the Pony Captain template to make your own totally illegal OC profile for use in... well, your head, I guess. There are worse ways to kill an afternoon.
I guess next would be the human and Iron Warrior special characters, and then units that are unique to the 38th Company detachment, but that doesn't seem as much fun. Ah, well.

Codex: 38th Company

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.....poke......poke..poke.......poke poke poke....I will keep poking you until we hear from you.:pinkiesmile:.....poke...poke poke.....POKE....poke poke poke.....

mmm perhaps, anyway all of this is up to the writer

I'll have to disagree; I think I could basically read any amount of this universe.

you already did an awesome job, really, when you manage to finish "Entrenchment" you can let it rest, or that's what i would do in your place... you know, when you elongate too much something ends losing the charm

Burn more essence and triple the litanies

It is a terrible precedent, but unfortunately it tends to work.

You know, this may be a horrible precedent to set. Would yelling at you about it make more Iron Hearts appear faster?

On one hand, I do like me some Chaos Ponies, on the other it seems a bit rude to yell at authors that are giving me things to read.

Okay, okay!
The next chapter is almost done. I'll kick it into high gear.


It's not a Warpstone, no. It's a gem of Eldar origin.
I may use it in the future, although it's up in the air.

So, I'm re-reading the series, and at the very beginning it mentions a strange gem. Two questions. One, it's a Warpstone, isn't it? And two, do you have any plans to make use if it in the future?

When you've told the guardsmen for the nth time to stop using the "love tap" technique to make the cogitator's machine spite to hurry up.

Well, let's see...
Book One mentions the destroyers Crimson Dagger and Athal. Entrenchment called one of them the Triumph of Baal. I don't believe I've named the other ships, so I may as well do so now:
Ether Wind
Golden Tide

The names are deliberately non-Chaos based and not particularly military themed. Also, here's a picture of part of the fleet.

So, I'm running a game of Black Crusade based on your Iron Hearts series, and I have a question. What are the names of the other ships in Solon's fleet?

I think that's not enough information.
What's the story about, and who are the characters?
More importantly, what are you hoping I can bring to the table here?

2494872 This is a human in Equestria story taking place during the time Nightmare Rarity takes over Ponyville. I'll go into details sometime later today in PM, but anyways what do you think?

I haven't had good experiences with collaborations in the past, but I'll hear you out.

Would you be interested in a Collaboration?

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So I've Entered the Tournament of Canterlot · 5:35am Mar 28th, 2015

Hi there!
If you're reading this, you surely know me as SFaccountant, that weirdo who writes silly stories about magic ponies teaming up with evil super-soldiers and spooky cults in complete defiance of their ethical alignment.
If that's the case, then you know that I'm a big fan of fake war, particularly when it involves lasers, and I love forming interesting personalities and anachronistic backstories around horrifically cruel and totally unsympathetic villains.

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