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Dark Scribe of the 38th Company, Iron Warriors Legion, come to bring the glory of Chaos to the realm of Pony.


Mo' Formats, Mo' Problems · 5:17am Dec 7th, 2018

So I think it's about time I get serious about standardizing the writing formats in my works.
I write and read fine with my stories single-spaced with an extra paragraph marker for every scene break, but apparently a lot of my readers hate that. Okay.
The issue is that FIMfiction has been getting worse and worse with its in-browser editor. Or maybe it's fine and I'm just using garbage word processors. I don't know.

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I refer to the comics occasionally, like Luna knowing Big Mac and Blackthorne's brief feature as a Centaur denizen. But I wouldn't base a chapter off of any.

Are any of the comics canon to this? In particular, did the Nightmare Rarity happen? I can already guess Eqg and all the alternate reality stuff isn’t, as that wouldn’t really be easily explainable; though I guess Warhammer 40k and Fantasy both technically take place in the same multiverse

Nothing is really happening with the Crystal Empire. As far as the 38th Company knows, or cares, it's a territory of Equestria and part of their alliance.
And frankly, if Cadence tried to claim differently, everyone would just ignore her and go on like it was.

The Nightmare was still The Nightmare. It was its own unique magical entity that needn't be explained through Warhammer canon.
But in Age of Iron all magic is fundamentally corrupt from its source in the Warp. So many magical creatures, items, and energies that seem to be fundamentally evil rather than intelligently evil (like say, the Alicorn Amulet) can blame their nature on Warp corruption.
Does that apply to the Nightmare? I don't know. But it wasn't a Chaos daemon, certainly.

So, two questions:

1. What’s happening with the Crystal Empire? Is Cadence going to great lengths to prevent notable contact or something? Is also guess they’d be the most reluctant to ally with the Iron Warriors do to their past with Sombra

2. What was Nightmare Moon in this? Did a Daemon possess Luna or something, which tends to be the explanation in Warhammer crossovers it was it something else?

I see, Thanks anyway.

Do you not get the voter information guide? Or are you looking for something that explains them in more detail/laymen's terms?
I don't have any special sources, I just have a clear stance on most issues (libertarian) so I can quickly tell if I like or don't like a policy.

Hi, your political savy and I was hoping you could help me. I'm from California and I was wondering if you knew of a site, youtube video, or whatever that could help me with the California propositions. I'd really like to avoid screwing over myself and my fellow Californians with conservative and special interest bullshit.

.....poke......poke..poke.......poke poke poke....I will keep poking you until we hear from you.:pinkiesmile:.....poke...poke poke.....POKE....poke poke poke.....

mmm perhaps, anyway all of this is up to the writer

I'll have to disagree; I think I could basically read any amount of this universe.

you already did an awesome job, really, when you manage to finish "Entrenchment" you can let it rest, or that's what i would do in your place... you know, when you elongate too much something ends losing the charm

Burn more essence and triple the litanies

It is a terrible precedent, but unfortunately it tends to work.

You know, this may be a horrible precedent to set. Would yelling at you about it make more Iron Hearts appear faster?

On one hand, I do like me some Chaos Ponies, on the other it seems a bit rude to yell at authors that are giving me things to read.

Okay, okay!
The next chapter is almost done. I'll kick it into high gear.


It's not a Warpstone, no. It's a gem of Eldar origin.
I may use it in the future, although it's up in the air.

So, I'm re-reading the series, and at the very beginning it mentions a strange gem. Two questions. One, it's a Warpstone, isn't it? And two, do you have any plans to make use if it in the future?

When you've told the guardsmen for the nth time to stop using the "love tap" technique to make the cogitator's machine spite to hurry up.

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So I've Entered the Tournament of Canterlot · 5:35am Mar 28th, 2015

Hi there!
If you're reading this, you surely know me as SFaccountant, that weirdo who writes silly stories about magic ponies teaming up with evil super-soldiers and spooky cults in complete defiance of their ethical alignment.
If that's the case, then you know that I'm a big fan of fake war, particularly when it involves lasers, and I love forming interesting personalities and anachronistic backstories around horrifically cruel and totally unsympathetic villains.

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