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Iron Arts · 3:06am April 22nd

Look, you know what's up. Let's get right to it. Starting with our favorite cultist ponies :pinkiesick:


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Age of Iron

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Anyways, love your age of iron stories. Bet the Imperial Guard just be like: Hmmmmm.... Not worth the effort.

That's too bad. I thought I might see you at the writer's forums there.

Nah, I don't attend many conventions these days. Getting too old for that sort of thing :raritydespair:

Based on your name, I'm guessing your in the Bay area. Going to BABSCON?

The Ranma crossover has been difficult to work on due my job (and the way COVID-19 cut a bunch of our staff). I'm not writing it off though.

Finished rereading you Pony-Ranma series and was wondering if we could get a new chapter soon(tm). I truly enjoy you writing, and Ranma has always held a special place is my heart.
Now to reread Age of Iron.

Hey just wondering if we will be geting anymore ranma.

One of my biggest smiles in the past months was realizing I hadn't seen anything from you in awhile, then finding out it was because I'd accidentally unfollowed you somehow and actually had like seven chapters of stuff to read.

Thank you for your stories!

Yeah, I'm still here. Next chapter is almost ready too.

Just wanted to check and make sure you were still kicking about? Dangerous times we live in, plague and all that. Hope you're well and feeling creative.

he not a all star he a ork star now i want to hear a ork version of that song

Was he an All Star? :D

I was just reminded of one of my warhammer 40k ocs his name is ork warboss Smash Mouth he live in a swamp

The last chapter of Iron Hearts Book 4.

Which chapter does Luna get power armor?

The probe in your war hammer story sounds a lot my like friends


I have a little anger problem

More Ranma please

At the rate I'm progressing, it won't be a problem!
For real though, the nice thing about 40k lore is that the scale is so vast that I can easily construct something unique without having to spin it as an "alternate universe."
MLP, on the other hand...


Would it be better to wait for the new 9th edition to come out first before proceeding as it looks like it will cover sisters of Battle and may tweak their lore a bit or simply go ahead?

I guess I'm just curious on how you manage to handle any updates Games Workshop puts out. Do you try to incorporate every change or since the beginning when chaos cultists met pastel ponies this should all be considered an alternate universe?

It's unlikely to be more traumatic than the opening of the Circatrix Maledictum, certainly, which is the main tie-in that I'm considering.

  • Viewing 181 - 200 of 200
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