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Lateness and Sickness · 4:43pm May 27th

Work on my stories basically ground to a halt this week while I tried to take care of my sick mother and brother, which is only made worse by the fact that I've been cleaning up after the mess of three people alone for months. Guilt-trippery and gaslighting have defined my life for the past few years and it's getting exhausting. It goes without saying that I need to escape to a realm of fantasy more than ever now.

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Thanks for the watch!


Why thank you! I have to look to the fandom for inspiration these days, since this season is step down from the last, but there are plenty of good stories here to keep my going.

Thanks man. Took a lot to finish, so it's good to see it click with people. Been enjoying Power Princess too, keep it up. Also keep up the excellent fav's, because I've been out of the loop for ages and would have missed Fleeting Light otherwise.


It's one of the best, in my humble opinion.

Hey, thanks for the Fav! Glad some people are still finding/enjoying the story.

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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