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Everypony wants a mirror pool clone.


Active Fic Cycle · 10:00am January 21st

Princess Power Boot Camp is one of only two major projects I'm working on, and which is currently "active" will switch from month to month depending on my inspiration level for the project in question. I'll still be working on both, but To Defy God And State, which isn't a pony fic and therefore isn't on this particular site, is my current active project. Previously neither were active because I was dealing with too much nonsense IRL, but now things will move much quicker. I'll make another

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Stuff in The Works

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heya, thank you for the follow :twilightsmile:

Much appreciated ^^

I see, thank you for your honesty :pinkiesmile:


I checked out the premises of your stories after you gave me a comment and now I'm interested. When I'm less busy I'll give them a read.

Hey there, thank you kindly for the follow. Can I ask what brought you to click that little button? :pinkiesmile:


I like to keep a watch on people who are interested in my stories, especially those working on stories of their own. I look forward to seeing how your collection of stories develops!

  • Viewing 70 - 74 of 74
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