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Happy Trails, and a note on fanfiction about fanfiction · 5:37am Nov 9th, 2015

Howdy readers,

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Hey, check this out!


NM is a Dalek and her rebellion lasted all of two and a half minutes.


Dead? As in "no Ollanius Pius in Equestria or GI Joe crossover" dead, or as in "poor Nightmare Moon, she was just fighting for FREEDOM against that evil tyrant Celestia" dead?

The first I can deal with. :pinkiesmile: Waxing Moon was penned back in February, and I should have posted it long ago. The second is disgusting. :pinkiesick:

Oi oi oi!

Thanks for the blog post, I'm flattered.

Also, I'm glad you posted Waxing Moon BEFORE the premiere, because your headcannon is pretty much dead.


By the gods, you're a literary vampire! Off me, foul demon!

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