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Hail & well met, herdmates...yes, I know how wrong that sounds. · 2:28pm Apr 22nd, 2013

Hey, all: just another half-baked ponefic reader hoping to find, support & generally pester actual writers. Developments I'd especially love to find:

1) Spike getting some-but not too much-respect; some authors jump from Rodney Dangerfield straight into Gary Stu-dom.

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Should be in the summary of the story.

Clearly no anti-fan of the Grating & Pretentious (though hardly Irredeemable) would give her such scenery to chew. The lead-up to that stinger oughta be a pip. :trixieshiftleft:

Anyhow, way to nail the crucial thematic difference between ham-horned torture-clop & the sort of action/horror I prefer: gazing into the Mouth of Madness(C), then kicking its teeth in with a little help from one's friends. Even-no, especially-if you'd be counted amongst the forces of the Pit were it not for them.

Thank you for the chucklesome preview, and keep writing from the heart....however much of it they scraped off that tree, anyway. :heart:

449697 Ah, so more along those lines where it came from? Excellent.

Well, it was part of a collab...


Oh hades. You're a keeper. I tend to post new material at a glacial pace, that's because my life is constantly gut-punching me with new surprises. I write as often as I can to keep my edge, and to help me deliver the best quality stories when I actually have time to sit down and spend the time to edit them properly for public consumption.

However... I have the next chapter of Bon Hadescream marked at 2nd draft status, almost ready to post, and hopefully I will be able to devote the majority of my next week to writing about ponies. One of my main motivations for writing BH was how much of a meme Cupcakes has become. MLP isn't about killing your friends and wearing them as a skirt. (Sorry for the mental image.) It's about facing the unspeakable horrors, admitting that you are too weak to face them, and triumphing in the face of all odds because you are not alone. It's about living in a world of manticores, hydras, dragons, evil tyrants made of living shadows, a fallen Princess of the Moon, and heavens only know what else, but instead of going mad from the revelation you just grit your teeth and hold the line.

And, I shouldn't pen this just yet, but one of the main reasons I was able to convince myself to start such an ambitious project as BH was... well:

"Gentlemares, the Great and Powerful Major commands your attention!

The click of thousands of jackboot heels echoed from cold steel walls.

At the head of the formation, their leader adjusted her high-topped hat and threw back her cape. "Gentlemares, we," she looked up, "are Equazis!"

"Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil!" They roared back with one vision, one purpose. Beneath their boots was the double cross, the symbol of Equestrian Socialism. Before them was their undying Leader, favored by the gods.

"And we," her voice rose with uncontainable glee, "shall have war!"

"Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil!"

"And we," her voice trembled. Many a mare and stallion felt tears in their own eyes, so close was their great triumph! "And we... Ah..." She seemed short of breath. "Ah... Ah-chooo!"

There was only one thing to be said, so the formation roared it back with one voice, one vision, one purpose. "Gesundheit, Gesundheit!"

No, I do not hate a certain blue unicorn. I rather find her quite amusing. This is why she is perfect Major material. A note, this particular scene is still quite a ways off, but the reward of writing it was enough to convince me the project had merit.

Thanks for the response, and I hope to bring you more enjoyment soon!

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