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Sometimes a cow is just the solution to everything.

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You affect an effect. Say it in your head. Memorize it. When you affect something, you do something to it which changes it in some way. Your effect is what happens afterwards.

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Send me a message with the following:
-Story length (current)
-Story length (projected)
-A 3-paragraph (maximum) summary—shorter is good too
-A link to the GDoc
-Commenting privileges

Unlike most proofreaders, I don't prioritize my proofreading by what order it gets to me. If your story is interesting, I'll probably finish it before the others. That being said, if I've somehow forgotten about your story, it doesn't mean it's boring—on the contrary, it probably means it was interesting enough that I decided to proofread it, then got buried by all my other requests.

Please, PLEASE proofread your own story before you send it to me. I, along with every other proofreader out there, do not like slogging through terrible sentences and punctuation.


I write stories! I've got one out right now and another on the way, so be sure to check those out. I'm an admin for The Proofreader Group, so if you have any questions regarding our policies, feel free to comment here or PM me.

My Xbox LIVE gamertag is Nyx the Fallen. Include 'Fimfiction' in the friend request and I'll accept it. I mostly play Halo and CoD, but I'll probably play a crapton of Destiny when it finally comes out.

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SO you're buds with GnPSB, play Xbox, and you're a FoE fan and you love MNS.

That's cool enough for me. Fallout- I mean, follow. :twilightblush:


Sorry 'bout the long reply wait. I'm working a 55 hour week and doing coursework at the moment.

I remember that story, and uh... *searches for something constructive to say...* At least it wasn't the worst story I've read! :derpytongue2:

I'll be able to afford an Xbox One in a month or so. For now I just play CoDs on my 360.


*Tries very hard to remember what story he commented on*

Regardless, welcome to my herd! I'm glad you enjoy my tastes. My XBL is Nyx the Fallen if you wish to shoot me a friend request.


I'll only donate sperm to whales. Sorry.

As for that, I just... remember words well, I guess. Granted all of it wasn't precisely word for word, but I had it down well enough that I sat down and wrote it in about twenty-thirty minutes.

I can only visually remember one short word in my mind, and even that is blurry at best. Your ability to form and visually remember 2000 words in your mind counts as a superpower in my book.

Have you considered donating sperm? We could use more people with your ability in this world. :unsuresweetie:

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