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I generally write Equestria as if it was set in 1913, thought with a heavy dose of Roman Republic and the Germany of Grimms' Folklore.

Currently writing on:

House of the Rising Sun: HiE comedy clop
Secondary project at the moment. Chapters come out as the inspiration hits.


Stars Relit: Exploring some ideas.
In hiatus at the moment, but I fully intend to revisit this story.

Immutable: world building fun AU
In limbo, not sure if I'll figure this one out.

Stories I really want to write, but haven't started yet:

Affalon Dreams: Coming of age adventure.
What if the CMC don't understand their Mark? What if the gears of destiny have been waiting a very long time for them?
This is going to be my first serious attempt at a professional quality, novel-length story.

Moments in the Sun: SoL vignettes following Celestia's pregnancy with Mac's foal.
This will be 3 or 4 short humor pieces as a follow-up to, Filling a Hole in the Sun.

Crystal Resonance: World building, kinda AU
Alternative history of the Crystal Empire from what's shown in the comics. Also explains why Flury Heart is an alicorn.

The Red Claw Races: Dash becomes disillusioned with the reality of being a Wounderbolt. Then an old rival invites her to the Griffon races, Dash has to relearn what flying means to her.


Words for the dead. · 11:09pm Mar 15th, 2023

I've made a few friends on here. People I think of outside this site. People who's conversation I value, who's name and face I know.

One of these souls is no longer with us.

Late in February TheMyth passed away from medical complications due to an infection.

I wish you well my friend. Whatever is out there beyond the vial, I hope you find it peaceful.

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Super cool to see you back and updating. I thoroughly enjoy house of the rising Sun. Honestly the naughty bits, while fun, are less engaging to me than the character and general story. It's a good time.

I have several chapters in various states of outline. The last year has just been a bit of a ride, and I'm just now getting my writer's pants back on. :twilightsmile:

No more house? That's so sad such a great story.

Thank you for the expressed interest in "The Drake for Her". Hope you enjoy it.

  • Viewing 64 - 68 of 68
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