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I generally write Equestria as if it was set in 1913, thought with a heavy dose of Roman Republic and the Germany of Grimms' Folklore.

Currently writing on:

House of the Rising Sun: HiE comedy clop
Secondary project at the moment. Chapters come out as the inspiration hits.


Stars Relit: Exploring some ideas.
In hiatus at the moment, but I fully intend to revisit this story.

Immutable: world building fun AU
In limbo, not sure if I'll figure this one out.

Stories I really want to write, but haven't started yet:

Affalon Dreams: Coming of age adventure.
What if the CMC don't understand their Mark? What if the gears of destiny have been waiting a very long time for them?
This is going to be my first serious attempt at a professional quality, novel-length story.

Moments in the Sun: SoL vignettes following Celestia's pregnancy with Mac's foal.
This will be 3 or 4 short humor pieces as a follow-up to, Filling a Hole in the Sun.

Crystal Resonance: World building, kinda AU
Alternative history of the Crystal Empire from what's shown in the comics. Also explains why Flury Heart is an alicorn.

The Red Claw Races: Dash becomes disillusioned with the reality of being a Wounderbolt. Then an old rival invites her to the Griffon races, Dash has to relearn what flying means to her.

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  • Off The Edge Of The Map Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy journey through unknown lands. by Daetrin 34,894 words · 23,730 views · 1,919 likes · 28 dislikes
  • The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian Twilight believes the new unicorn magic school teacher is a pretentious royal jerk. Green Grass thinks the town’s librarian is an interfering, arrogant brat. Can they teach each other differently before somepony gets killed, or worse, married by Georg 103,969 words · 10,803 views · 978 likes · 29 dislikes
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Watches and Writing · 2:31pm March 21st

It's a beautiful spring morning, and I'm catching up on watch work. Which is to say I'm working with a smile on my face.


But enough about how I need to clean my bench. I wanted to ask your opinion on something.

Once I get my backlog caught up, I'm going to bring a few old antiques in my parts-bin back to life so they can go up on ebay. While I'm at it, do you think MLP themed antique pocket watches would sell? These aren't collector's items by any means, so I don't feel bad about altering them. I could make special hands, paint/enamel the dial, maybe engrave the case. That represents a lot of work. I'd need north of $300 to make it worth my time. What do you think? Big-ticket items still selling in the fandom?

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Hmm... You know I should write that. I did do an outline for it. Need to finish a few open projects first.

So will we ever see what the 'dumbest thing' the Hazards have ever done is? :P

Hey! How have you been?

I just saw you add A Thousand Roses to your read later list and thought I'd come by and say hello. It's been a while. Hope things are going well for you. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the read later!


Not really, I have a massive backlog of outlines and half-started stories. But, feel free to throw me ideas. It may make it's was into the mix.

  • Viewing 57 - 61 of 61
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