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Mary had made the most of her strange new world: a house, a job, and friends to share a meal with. When she find a young griffon stripped of all this and more, she begins to see the one things she hasn't found yet.

Editing by: ErsMiller, and my favorite German, m1nf4n

Cover art by: Exelzior

Chapters (16)
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Not bad so far. Adding some explanation as to why a human is in Equestria could help peoples relate more to the main character.

Interesting, eagerly awaiting ore. Thanks!

Definitely a unique story. I don't think there are many about griffions. There's most likely less about child frictions, and even less about children griffions with human parents.

Excuse me, author? Author? If you don't mind, I'd really like to have my heart back. I sort of need it. :fluttershysad:

No? Well, um, okay....

Give me the child

If he doesn't crawl into her bed because he's scared of the thunder or something, I'll have to declare you a horrible author

I forgive you for making me wait one chapter :moustache:

7519885 I second that motion... :moustache:

I know its kind of a "my little dashie" spin off but its a very good spin off.


I have never read MLD, but you're the second person that's compared this to it.

In all honesty, My Filly Nightshine, is the story that got the "human adopts" idea in my head.

Lambert! :twilightsmile:

liking the story so far , i did find a mistake somewhere tho

“Of course! What’s the point of a room, if you never use it?” I was determined to not completely my turn into my mother.

Mary makes a good mom.:twilightsmile:

One thing I want to see is Lambert in school... meeting the CMC... Scootaloo X Lambert anyone?

7520435 im not calling you out but im saying its a good story. cant wait to read more.

This is shaping up to be a really sweet, heart-warming tale. :twilightsmile: More please!


Here here. This story is on its way into my favourites with one chapter.

You had me til your ship.

I'm sad that I ran out of chapters, please produce more.

12 chapters are on the pipe for final copy editing. 2 maybe 3 more chapters yet to be written.


I am eagerly awaiting for it! You're writing had me invested in the first half of chapter 1.

I think the too loud part will definitely go up because of the CMC.

I like the premise, look forward to seeing it continued. It'll be interesting to see if young griffons have any quirks. The quip about milk is neat, it makes sense.

He seems to be warming to her quickly but then it occurred to me. Strange, friendly creature who takes care of him, but most importantly - big enough to chase away monsters.

Sweet Jesus this is so adorable, and sad, but mostly adorable. I want to read more!

Where are the bodies? I'm not saying he's lying but he never approached any adults before this. I'm just saying that living in a cheery tree is suspicion.

We always hear the avian aspects of the griffons, but not their feline aspects. Aside from their predatory instincts, I wonder if griffons like catnip and playing with yarn?


It's been months since the attack, there wouldn't be much to find.


As someone who likes the CMC when they are separated, I would think one on one with Lambert would be better. The CMC feed into each other with bad ideas.


Don't forget this one too, Mary is a meat eater as well. There is a bond forged by that alone.


That would be adorable!


I like how the foster proses is still broken even in Equestria, it almost like someone wants Lambert to stay with Mary...

Keep up the good work!

7523333 That reminds me; mind mentioning me in the description? :3

Thunderlane x Mary = Can't wait for a Cloudsdale outing with Willow and Rumble

Good to see Lambert is making some friends. Apple Bloom is a good friend for the shy Lambert.

This is great! I require more Mary x Thunderlane to pull my jaded and bitter heart of the edge of the Edge Lord cliff.

It's really refreshing to see an HiE adoption story that doesn't move way too fast and takes some of the realities of the situation seriously. Also really nice to see the need for counseling acknowledged.

so... saw a few errors. here is one.

Lambert didn't have ether to pull him from the torment,

if you would like a quick look thru let me know.

This is quite heartwarming and nice. Do keep up the good work, I'm certainly following now :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to the next chapter.

My parents did not sigh the form to this feels-trip

:pinkiesad2: *sniff* Aww. This chapter was sad and cute and sweet all at once. My heart goes out to both of them.

Sob Sob All aboard the feels train...

Good work on this chapter.


Hwær cwom mearg? Hwær cwom mago?
Hwær cwom maþþumgyfa?
Hwær cwom symbla gesetu?
Hwær sindon seledreamas?
Eala beorht bune!
Eala byrnwiga!
Eala þeodnes þrym!
Hu seo þrag gewat,
genap under nihthelm,
swa heo no wære.
Stondeð nu on laste
leofre duguþe
weal wundrum heah,
wyrmlicum fah.
Eorlas fornoman
asca þryþe,
wæpen wælgifru,
wyrd seo mære,
ond þas stanhleoþu
stormas cnyssað,
hrið hreosende
hrusan bindeð,
wintres woma,
þonne won cymeð,
nipeð nihtscua,
norþan onsendeð
hreo hæglfare
hæleþum on andan.
Eall is earfoðlic
eorþan rice,
onwendeð wyrda gesceaft
weoruld under heofonum.
Her bið feoh læne,
her bið freond læne,
her bið mon læne,
her bið mæg læne,
eal þis eorþan gesteal
idel weorþeð!

Swa cwæð snottor on mode,
gesæt him sundor æt rune.
Til biþ se þe his treowe gehealdeþ,
ne sceal næfre his torn to rycene
beorn of his breostum acyþan,
nemþe he ær þa bote cunne,
eorl mid elne gefremman.
Wel bið þam þe him are seceð,
frofre to Fæder on heofonum,
þær us eal seo fæstnung stondeð.


Do gryphons have semi-hollow bones like a bird?

Most gyms won't let kids lift without at least an orientation from a trainer and that's for solid-boned mammals.


Excellent quote. Thank you.


Just my head canon, but no. Griffons are far more cat than bird.

Bulk is standing beside him the entire time.

Lifting too young stunts growth

mayo clinic

I can see where that idea comes from. Too much weight and poor technique could result in damaged growth plates. Not to mention the rather complicated issue of nutrition. A properly trained coach will be able to avoid the problems though.

Well, excuse me. Ponyville is not a hamlet, it is a village they have a Mcpone's. Get it right uncultured mud monkey. :trollestia:

Please someone get this. :twilightblush:

"My name is Lambert"

The sheepish lion?

God, this is cute.
Huge fan, keep it up!

I love it! Keep up with the good work!


Idk, do Pegasus have hollow bones?

Who could ever give this a downvote? This is a wonderful little fluff of slice of life mixed with bittersweet recovery from a recent tragedy for a young griffin...

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