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After five years, a new story! · 8:09am Nov 18th, 2016


I blow the dust off this blog button to let you know that I have posted a new story! I appreciate you following me despite my lack of output. In the five years since my last story I have created a ton of incomplete stories, but I finally got one across the finish line.


It's an AU where Rainbow Dash is a human in Equestria, but has still become the Element of Loyalty.

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Thank you for the watch! :duck:

2367515 I made the mistake of releasing this story all at once, so it was on and off the main page in about two days, so after that it was a matter of out of sight, out of mind, except for people who noticed it in the groups it belonged to. In the future I plan to release in chapters rather than as a complete story.

I have submitted it to EQD and am waiting to hear if its been accepted.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)

How do you not have more followers? This is quality.

1928656 Aight. Well, you take care.

1928629 I actually haven't read it yet. I fav'd it since the feedback from others looked positive I thought I'd give it a go when I have time to get caught up.

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