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Discord is up to his old tricks again...But he's noticed something. Something that he can't explain: Love.

And once finding out about it, he comes to the logical conclusion that he needs it...And unfortunately for Ponyville's local farm-mare, he's set his sights on her.

With Cadance's help, will he succeed? Or will Applejack buck him all the way to Tartarus?
And now with a TV Tropes page.
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Chapters (32)
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An unknown ship appears!

I will watch this.

Oh my... It's going to be good :pinkiehappy: Applecord is one of the most underappreciated ships in this fandom. I almost squealed when I saw this story!

Also, I loved this fragment:

I would never miss out on something so…chaotic as love.

Typical Discord. And it's actually very good explanation of his motives. I wonder how Applejack's reaction will look like... And what exactly Discord is going to do, knowing him it will be something big and absolutely unexpected. You've got my attention, upvote and fav :ajsmug: Can't wait to read the next chapter!

door to throughout

Awkward phrasing: door and throughout

down at her

Person/pony shift: down at me

Inside his claw laid a single, red apple

Let’s hope Discord hasn’t watched sleeping beauty! Also, Eris reference, maybe?

“What is love?”

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me…


Sorry Candy

Heh, love the nickname.

a ‘unamused’

an ‘unamused’, you probably don’t need the apostrophes either, but that’s up to you.

Nothing can ever keep me down

You’re the best arooound! Nothing's going to ever keep you down!

What is it with songs with me this morning?

something truly magnificent.”
Discord stared at the apple. “So what are you saying?”

Need a line break here.

Discord raised an eyebrow, which quickly grew and hit the ceiling.

*Snicker* Now where else have I read this? :raritywink:

First person worked fine except for the slip up I mentioned above.

Love Cadance’s characterization, and Discord was great, too. Looking forward to seeing how this pays out. I bet Disco is a bit harder to deal with than Trenderhoof.


a pair of glasses on my shout.

Should be snout, no?

yes, yes this intrigues me...ANOTHER! *smashes chapter on the ground*

Your premise had my attention, now your story has gained my interest. This is one tale I intend to follow through to the end.

A question though, will this story be told entirely from Cadance's point of view or will you be switching to tell the story from other POVs? A romance story told from the perspectives of everyone involved except those of the couple themselves, in this case Applejack and Discord, seems like it has some interesting potential.

4339878 I'll be switching perspectives. Some of the scenes and points in the story couldn't work if there had to be an outside perspective on all of them.

Hey, this has potential!

You're doing pretty good with first person, and I've enjoyed this chapter. Your cover-art is also great! I'd just say...you've made it work so far, but you might want to be careful with your 'comments to the audience', like "Little did I know..." I personally find them annoying, and they rarely add much to the story.

Other than that, great work!

A very original concept, a novel idea, and extremely smexy are all ways to describe this. And I certainly would describe them like that. :derpytongue2:

Alright, you've got me. I'll be watching this, and you.

But I don’t. I’m a lady and we don’t have outbursts. Conceal, don’t feel. Just let it go.


Edit: Gahhh I wanna downvote, but that is mean :/ Plus, if I do, I'm just hating the fact you quoted Frozen, and that's more personal LOL...


-skips away-

4345842 I don't know why I found this funny when I searched for gifs but you're like SG and I'm JB in this: lukewilliamsgossip.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/selena-gomez-was-e2809cuncomfortablee2809d-dating-justin-bieber.gif

Or the other way around, depending on how you see it :3

Heheh, upvoted. Let's see where this goes.

I'm writing this before I read your chapter, but I will read it later and write another comment at that point. I just wanted to say that I'm, generally, not a fan of Discord ships. His propensity for random behavior and impulsive whimsy isn't something that lends itself well to relationships that require a certain degree of stable behavior. *cough cough* romantic relationships *cough* THAT BEING SAID! You have caught my attention with the unexpected and, admittedly, hard to believe choice you made for who to ship him with. Even if I find that I don't really enjoy the story because of my views on Discord's character, I would like to applaud you for even attempting a ship that, to my knowledge, hasn't been tried before. This site, for all the wonderful stories that are here, tends to have a lot of stories that are just variants of the same story concept with a shift in the major cast members. *cough cough* League of Humans Acting Villainous *cough* It is always nice to see a story with premise that makes me say "huh" when I read it. Good on you, sir.

You sir, are a mad genius. Well done.:ajsmug:

So... it would be Freemane then woudn't it :pinkiecrazy:

Eh, haters gonna hate. Personally, I think doing Applejack's accent in her thoughts is a bit hard to read, but you made me laugh, and that's all I ask.

First person, Applejack. :applejackconfused:

Well done.

4353009 Couldn't have said it better myself. :twilightsmile:

Before, you but had my interest.

Now, you have my attention.

:twistnerd:I feel like such a nerd

Couple things:

This was absolutely sublime. Applejack in first person was nothing short of perfection.

And Discord? Oh my Celestia, Discord! :rainbowlaugh: Love the Q tie-in!

If you can keep up this level of quality you have nothing to worry about.

All I can do is laugh at whats there and have sky high hopes for whats to come.

Your new fan,
Perk unlocked: New Fan: +1 to Favorite and Followers.

Half life reference....YES! :pinkiehappy:

Oh you clever little asstard.

I'm an AppleCord shipper as it were. I have my own story up of this lovely pairing and I gotta say... Yes friend. Yes. Keep it up =w=

Weird shipping? I am all over that shit!

There's such a shortage of good Applecord fics and it's really a cryin' shame. Liked and faved. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

that there kids is how you make pop culture references correctly.
unobtrusive and completely fitting.
all of my yes you have gained oh author.

It's going to be interesting to see your take on this shipping and since Buck Off which uses the same bases as a story hasn't updated in a while I hope you don't leave us hanging for too long either.

Loving this. Your granny smith is made of epic.
My attention is well and truly gotten,for what it's worth,and i eagerly await more.

4363333 GET IT AWAY!
That discord was terrifying :pinkiegasp:

It's *MASSAGE*, not 'message'. For the love of Spa Ponies, will you people get it right?

I know what you mean I'm not the best writer ether but my story has not gotten as popular as yours

Oh, Applejack. You can be sure that he will try... :pinkiehappy:

I think I understand a little of your surprise at popularity. Just write what you want to write when you want to write it, ignore all of us. If it becomes a chore to you, you won't like it anymore. Don't feel like you owe us readers anything.

4363333 couldn't have said it better than that OMG love the pictures so funny more chapters!!! :D I need MORE

Whoa this is a first. :rainbowderp:

I love AJ centered romances and this is pretty original. I'll definitely dig into this! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting and entertaining story one I really enjoyed, but let me tell you something out of 150+ upvotes to the measly 8 downvotes don't worry about the negative.

You're obviously doing something right and with that said you can't please everyone some romances just doesn't sit well with some people. Sometimes it isn't the execution or writing skill, some people just don't like the idea. You're doing fine keep up the good work.

This is great fun. You write a really good Discord and a great AJ. Your Cadence is a little too crazy and self-aware for my taste, a little too meta with the Faust comment, but she is fun when the meta and over the top jokes aren't front and center. And I love that it was Discord in the dress, that is brilliant. Generally, you write his speech and his manners and constant magic use very well and that is something worthy of praise.

You have quite a few small mistakes here and there, confusing homophones like using "shown" (past tense of show) when you should use "shone" (past tense of shine). You also miss words here and there. I actually think you missed a critical word here and there in AJ's narrative, but I can't find it now. Overall, most of your mistakes ought to be easy to find with another read-through.

Good work. Love Discord when he is misunderstanding or at least mishandling love, that is how I've always imagined him, confused by such concepts as friendship and love. Now get going on the next chapter. Happy writing.

awesome!!! can't wait for the next chapter!

‘Oh, why must he be so shippable? I need to find that pony a marefriend stat before I go mad with ideas.’

:pinkiecrazy:I can hear the torches burning, the pitchforks being sharpened!


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