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“This is a bizarre confluence of MLP and the Bible (and other mythologies) in a G1-scented wrapper. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also a deconstruction of the silliness of placing human societal constructs into the world of Equestria. And yet it still explores human religious thought. I just stand in slack-jawed amazement as the ponies refuse to rise to bait that would have ensnared the deepest human intellectual, and it all makes sense … the most amazing thing is Pinkie getting into a theological debate and not even knowing it.”
Present Perfect of RCL, regarding Appletheosis

"Just read your story. Very interesting, a little thought-provoking, and an ending that made me curse you for where it, well, ended. You terrible tease, you. I'm afraid I can't offer much in the way of advice or critical analysis in exchange for you giving me a good twenty minutes to blow off; my expertise lies in making bad into good, not great into excellent."
Ion-Sturm, regarding my story Erase and Rewind.

"Word-of-mouth doesn't work. Brilliant writing will not make you popular. (Case in point: DuncanR.) Get onto EqD or into the featured box if you want to be popular."
Bad Horse, name-dropping me during an interview for his story Mortality Report. Check it out!

"I'm not highlighting this review because it was slavish -- quite the opposite. Although DuncanR notes that he loved the story and recommends it, he spends the vast majority of the critique explaining what I did wrong. And believe me, there's a lot. That's the kind of critique authors need, regardless of what level they're at."
Cold in Gardez, mentioning my review of his "The Last Trumpet's Call"

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Greetings and welcome. My name is Duncan Rose, and I am a writer. I didn't have much choice in the matter, really. For some people, writing is what they do. For me, it's what I am. I'd do it for free, forever, even if I knew my stories would never be read. I hope to be a professional novelist in the future, but for now I write whatever catches my fancy.

For the last year or so several years, MLP:FIM has had a firm grasp of my fancy. I've been a fan of it from the very beginning, long before it became a thing, and it's given me no shortage of ideas to explore. My skills have improved tremendously since I started, but there's always more to learn.

I've decided to maintain a proper user page because... well, because. I knew there was a good reason. Ah yes! So I could talk about writing and stories and whatnot without having to subject my readers to pointless and insufferable Author's Notes. I hate those things. So if you have questions about my stories or my writing habits, please feel free to comment here.

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Well this ought to be interesting!

I'm going through and re-tagging a few of my old stories. Dont' be alarmed if you notice updates... if that's what happens, anyways.

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