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Because no one expects the Chimicherrychonga to attack.

The Random YouTube Song Section

The Obligatory Best Song Ever. Don't Deny It!

What can I say? It's catchy. Mwahahahahahaha...!

And the Beer Song for Biologists! Good Lord he's having so much fun. I wanna join him.

The song which I blast from my car stereo around town, because it's boss. *sunglasses*

I hope at least one song in my selection brightened your day. If so, I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment and brighten my day in turn.


Pseudo-Blog Post

I got a job at a Cannery for the next 2 months! Yay!
I am now working 11 hour Graveyard shifts 5 days a week.
Status: Exhausted.
Until I adjust, don't expect to much from me, thank you.

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You Still There?!
You alive?
You still alive in there?
Cause if not I'm just gonna start a little gif party.

Howdy, has been a fairly long while hasn't it? :moustache:

hi im new to this and i got something i want to write and a friend told me to come here after she turned me in to a brony :twilightsheepish::rainbowdetermined2: oh im 14

you alright?

Cool. :twilightsmile:
I've been reading up on writing as well. I didn't get much from my time reading Steven King's On Writing but more recently I've finished this astoundingly enlightening piece by Larry Brooks, called Story Engineering. I'd recommend it to anyone. On a less technical bent, I've been reading Contest by Matthew Reilly, and Colors of the Heart by Azu on Fimfiction.

I've also been keeping an eye on The School of Hard Knocks. I'm wondering where it's going to go once Hoopy starts the adventure plot.

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