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(This story occurs after the events of "Biased and Incomplete")

Rainbow Dash was astonished when she encountered the real life Derring-Do that inspired her favorite string of novels, but was crushed to learn that her hero wasn't what she expected at all. The two parted ways in anger, but Dash hasn't given up on her completely: When an opportunity arises to heal the professor's crippled wing, Dash and Derring go on a real life adventure... but adventures have a way of spiraling out of control. The bookish archeologist knows nothing about swinging from vines and swiping ancient idols (and she prefers it that way), but an unbreakable curse of death forces her to dive right into a frantic race for the greatest discovery of all time: the secret to immortality itself.

Whether she believes it or not, Derring-Do has only a few short weeks left to live. But with the incomparable Rainbow Dash by her side, that's more than enough time to save the world.

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The next chapter is gonna start with Dash saying
"I'm so booooooooored!!!"

A sequel to Biased and Incomplete!... An adventure story by DuncanR!
_______|_______________________________ That's the drool which is pooling on my keyboard. :heart:
And best of all, it's still incomplete *Squee* meaning this might become your longest story yet. I'm so excited to be here! The story description has a lot of spoilers for Biased and Incomplete, but I suppose that's unavoidable if you want people to start reading in the middle. I'm sorry, but no long review here even though I know you like them. I'll save my review for when its complete if that's OK with you. For now though, know that I love where you're going with this.

Of course she dies at the end.

Dude, spoilers! :raritydespair:

......she has wings......why is she climbing?

The Death of Daring Do. :pinkiegasp:

But the Death of Derring Do? :ajsmug:

Hehe. :twilightsmile:

Thanks to everyone who commented, and to everyone who Favorited... and especially to everyone who's decided to stick around and keep reading: there's plenty more where that came from. :raritywink:

Even her Squees are graceful! :yay: :coolphoto:

(Covers computer screen with arms)
Hey, stop reading ahead!

Wow... I have an actual fan! Neato!

I'm not quite sure how long it'll end up being, but I've already got six chapters in total. I intend to release them every few days, giving me time to write and polish the next. I've actually got a couple long (unrelated) stories saved up and waiting for a second draft, so I do know how to produce a lot of story in a hurry.

As for a full-length review, I can certainly wait. But do feel free to make wild conspiracy theories in the meantime! I'm also curious to know if this story will live up to the original: it certainly is a different mood and atmosphere, and I worry that readers who liked the poignant ending will be disappointed somehow.

Hm... maybe I should have gone with my original title: "Daring Do: The One Where She Dies at the End".

Kinda catchy. :twilightblush:

Lefty works just fine... righty, though, not so much. It takes two to tango.

The Prince opened his coat, rummaged in an inside pocket, and held up a pair of bright-white ingots  stamped with the seal of the Crystal Empire. "Take two hundred thousand. I like even numbers."

:rainbowlaugh: as if he has that kind of money on him

Indeed, nice catch... but the story description also references Derring-Do specifically.

They can't both die, can they? :rainbowdetermined2:

It's the Crystal Empire: a loaf of bread probably costs forty-thousand bucks.

ok just read all chapters all at once including the previous story....and i gotta say this is quite good! :rainbowdetermined2:

This is criminally underviewed. Great writing, strong, original plot.

Gallium stole the show with one line, but Derring with the pith helmet is also awesome.

Again more waiting :twilightangry2:
That airship reminds me of a German Zeblin that was built during WW1, I can't remember it's name but it could hold 7-8 aircraft underneath it. :twistnerd:

Thanks! I hope the ending lives up to the beginning.

I'm not too obsessed over view-counts... but if people were to spread the word a bit and recommend this to their friends, I certainly wouldn't complain.
Assuming you really do like it, of course. :pinkiehappy:

Also, which of Gallium's lines do you mean?

I actually have two complete chapters queued and ready to go... but barring delays, I'm releasing as fast as I can write. It's scary knowing I can't fix any plot-holes that might crop up.

The great war, eh? That does go way back. You might be thinking of the USS Akron and USS Macon: they were used as flying aircraft carriers, but didn't have big stabilizers with fancy interior hangars. To make things even more confusing, there was the Graf Zeppelin-class aircraft carrier: a naval carrier that happens to use the name "Zeppelin".

EDIT: Argh! I can't stop listening to this song.

2346573 yup I guess so....

Ideally have no idea how to respond

Rainbow Dash turned to the cockpit. "Hey, where are we going, exactly?"

"East," Derring-Do said.

"I mean where are we going to end up?"

You just made that reference... and it was beautiful!

:rainbowlaugh: ok this was good

The fact that Tootie Tales was also struck on the head by a falling zeppelin anchor while sitting on a crate of special-effects explosives the day before she was admitted to the hospital is a complete coincidence

*snicker* BWUHAHAHAHAH!!

Sounds legit.

Those of you familiar with the fanfiction industry’s recent history will no doubt know that this story is actually loosely-based on a much older story (a silent, black-and-white fanfiction from nineteen-twenty-three)

I lol'd, good sir... I lol'd.

Let us all take our top hats off gentleman...
And observe a moment of silence...

For the anchor. Poor thing. She killed it without a single speck of remorse. :raritydespair::raritycry:

Dude, that's cold. Have some respect, why don't you?

The anchor itself was actually rendered entirely in CG, since it only shows up in that one scene. Unfortunately, due to a filing error, one of the crewponies filled it with concrete. There's a big crack where it landed on her helmet, but a fresh coat of paint cleaned it up just fine.

That doesn't make Tootie's actions any less deplorable. How could she do such a thing to a poor innocent CG anchor. And I have no words for her accomplice, that dastardly Acme explosives crate. I hope the authorities catch him soon. He's a material witness.
Edit: ...and somepony give that crewpony a medal! His inadvertent action saved the life of an anchor!

I just love the relationship you're building between RD & DD. You are the very best at portraying characters. It unbelievable how real you make them. Do you have any tips?

The reports of her death were greatly exaggerated.

...By me. :rainbowwild:

Tips on characters? That's a tough one to answer, because I personally believe that characters are everything in a story. All the other stuff: plot, backstory, world-building, scenery, props, action, suspense, romance... these things should only exist to show us something new about a character, or to show a character changing... or to show the consequences when they refuse to change.

If I had to give you a tip, it'd be this: when planning a story, think of the characters first. Think of what they're like when they start out, how they interact with other characters, and how you want them to change over time. Once you have all that firmly in mind, then you can start planning out all the traditional story elements that most readers think of when they think "story".

We come back to find our heroines delving deep into the mountain, with mysteries unfolding on mysteries, and nothing clear enough to make sense... But they will never give up! Never Surrender!...

I'm loving this sooooo-:yay: much right now.

"Okay, Derring... you're gonna have to let go eventually."
Derring's voice was soft and uneven. "Nope nope nope nope nope nope..."

:rainbowlaugh: loving this fic

It's a philosopher's stone."

SHIT where Voldemort? :rainbowderp:

Damn another cliffhanger!

This... is... AWESOME! Things are picking up for sure... but I can't seem to find the brown colored fan I was carrying... oh yeah, I left it behind when the GIANT ASS DISTILLERY ACTIVATED. oops... found it again as I we all begin falling to our doom! Your love of writing translates into my love of reading. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

I'm like an druggy, waiting for his next fix! Or chapter in this case :rainbowlaugh:

Old-Fashioned Whodunnit. Tension increase measured in macro-Rads. Cries for MOAR inbound. Activate Wild-Conspiracy: I think Prince Gallium's behind it all!

by celestias own shit this is really good!
i gotta say for what i read so far this is at least the 3rd maybe 2nd greatest fic ive read so far!

Didn't even read yet , already faved and thumbed up (is that even a real word ?) , just because the original story was fantastic.

...you could say I'm biased toward an incomplete story...


There being abducted! :pinkiegasp: now there probably gonna be tied up over a spit and cooked alive! :rainbowlaugh:

"You know what I'm going to do as soon as we get back home? The very first thing I'll do? I'm gonna find out whoever published those stupid, wretched novels, and I'm going to sue them for every penny they have!"
"You wouldn't!"

I'm slightly confused by this conversation, since both of them should know who wrote the books. It was mentioned in Biased and Incomplete.

She's talking about the publisher rather than the author... though I'm also trying to avoid spoiling B&I's true ending. Either way, you're right: it's not the most efficacious wording... might have to go back and edit.

Wait a minute, how did the elder suddenly learn Equiish? Something's going on here... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Spot on characterisation of Rainbow Dash at the end. And in the entire story in fact :twilightsmile:
Did the elder use some kind of weird vodoo like trick to speak Dash language or was she able to from the start and just didn't want to ? Dash doesn't care anyway :rainbowlaugh:

The relationship between Derring and Dash is kind of complicated , like a Love/Hate relationship but without love....yet. I really want to see how it's going to evolve over time.

Sorañxa Batgana

Typed that in Google, only 1 result....

Rainbow Dash back at her, watching a strange new gleam in her eyes

/\ What?

This is what I get for editing chapters only three times. :twilightoops:
*quick fix*
There we go. Thanks for the catch!

2425709 also getting a sense of India Jones and the raiders of the lost ark vibe here, and Rainbow Dash is that little Asain kid :rainbowlaugh: 'ok Dr Jones! I won't touch nothing!' *leans on trap*

No, no no: Dash would be Indy, and Scootaloo would be Short Round.

2425918 not in this story though
Derring-Do is obviously Dr Jones
So that must mean that Dash is Short Round!, unless she's that woman that ends up having Indy's son, who is later shown in t
the Temple of the Crystal Skull......

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