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Not much to say about myself -- I'm an Irish guy whose interests include MLP, video games, and occasionally writing fanfics.

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Dear Sony... · 9:15pm August 3rd

What the fuck is this fucking bullshit about fucking needing to be fucking online to play a fucking single-player fucking game? A fucking PS2 game from fucking 2005 doesn't fucking need a fucking Internet connection to fucking play it. And as for your fucking bullshit about fucking verifying a fucking licence, I already fucking paid for the fucking thing on the fucking PS Store so you can fucking fuck right off with that. I shouldn't be fucking locked out of a fucking single-player fucking game

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I might have. Watch this space.

Any plans for a Butterscotch story? You elaborate on how big he got, but you don't make a story about him unlike what you did w/ Blitz and Dusk.

Heh, no problem~

Thanks for another fave! Glad you enjoyed "I Feel Beautiful"! :pinkiehappy:

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