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This is the group for the goofy, chubby, and lovable fatpony from the newest episode!

And she is a lot like a Fakie: She's got neon colors, off-color eyes, a different body type, a strange cutie mark, but we love her nonetheless. And who knows? Maybe she isn't!

So let's give her a hug!

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402753 Yeah. Didn't Apple Bloom have one just like it in the nightmare shared with her friends at one instance?
402754 Certainly is the most pony.
402807 Love and Tolerate. The core of MLP and FiM soul.
Wasn't she the mare who was the first not to be permitted to buy the Princess Dress?

The existence of this group pleases me.

Best pony right there *claps*

Holy shit.

She has a cutie mark of herself.

Of herself.

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