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Welcome to the Stormy Flare group!

Stormy Flare, also known as Spitfire's mother, first appeared in the episode "Rarity Investigates." Not much is known about her at the moment, but feel free to theorize about her character, add stories to the relevant folders, and post in the forums as long as they have something to do with Stormy Flare.

Folder Rules

1. Feel free to add stories to folders they fit into.

2. Stormy Flare must be a character in the story, whether she's a main character or a supporting character.

3. If a story is added to a folder it doesn't belong in, it may be removed.

As usual, all FiMFiction rules apply, and please be respectful in the forums. It's okay to disagree, after all!

I hope you enjoy being a part of this group.

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This bitch ruined my fannon!

Lol, I love her.:twilightsmile:

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