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Welcome to the Twinkleshine group!

Twinkleshine has the honor of being one of the first ponies to speak in the show, but despite this, she sadly lacks the popularity that some of the other background ponies have. This group is here to serve as a collection of various Twinkleshine tales and as a place to discuss her character.

Folder Rules
1. Feel free to add stories into any folders that they fit into.
2. Twinkleshine must feature in some way as a character in the story.
3. Stories that do not fit in a folder that they are placed in may be removed.

Lastly, all FiMFiction rules apply, and be friendly toward each other in the forum even if someone has a different opinion.

Thanks to Leapingriver for the wonderful banner.

Without further ado, I hope that you enjoy being a part of this group.

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She's my favorite pony that gets screen time always but not really.:pinkiesmile:

I have a story being made with her and another in writing.:twilightsmile:
Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups. This was deserved because of its freshness.

Lumie! Good to see you! Here to praise another great background pony.

We all need a little Twinkleshine in our lives.

Twinkleshine is one of my favorite background ponies. Pale coloured ponies are best ponies.

Joined just for cute pictures.

This group's gotten member pretty quickly.:pinkiesmile:

I've never seen her before.. (I'm stoopid) :rainbowlaugh:

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