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for me minuette and the name
and colgate the childhood nickname / nickname

Minuette is one of my favourite ponies. :heart:


It's a shock that these two haven't been put into some sort of romance story, by now. Seeing as Minuette and Pinkie Pie are basically the same pony, in a personality kind of way.

Ah Minuette, she is just so cheerful. Is it any wonder she and Pinkie Pie hang out?

Sure, I'll call her Minuette, but I'll call them Minuette, Colgate and whatever else seems to fit.


but they are all of her using the name of Colgate.

actually i know a lot of stories that use minuette

though mainly they are doctor whooves stories

Yeah Minuette is definitely her true name, that we now know for sure. Do I have stories involving her? Yes, but they are all of her using the name of Colgate. With my stories I am thinking that perhaps the name Minuette could be used with her true personality, which she has now just been given while Colgate could be used for stories where she is OOC.

Honestly, I like both of her names, I like them as much as I loved the most recent Episode and her as a character.


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