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God created man; now it is man's turn to create works of art.

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Empty Box that I can't seem to find a use for, after about two years since it's birth...

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Three stories, if you count the one by Dirty Little Secret. :rainbowlaugh:

To be honest, if it has a character-developed Roseluck in it, it's in my favorites section, no questions asked. She's such an underutilized character, despite how adorable she is in 99% of her depictions. Considering you are basically the King of Roseluck fiction, your work was bound to be in my archive. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for faving two of my stories but two stories where Roseluck gets raped also get faved? You're killing me, bro! Why do people have to do her dirty like that?

I hope the new year goes well for you.

Hey there, thanks so much for reading and enjoying "Hugging It Out." I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

I’d like to ask:

As a person, how reasonable are you?

  • Viewing 87 - 91 of 91
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